Life and Me

I have interest for visual arts and I always wanted to do photography. Throughout these pages, I will be sharing some of the photographs I have taken of anything and everything about Ilocos (and everything and anything not!). Taking photographs of subjects as they are and in their purest form is very inspiring and enlightening. The photos I have taken have given me reasons to appreciate life more than what I thought I should have.

What you will see is simply about life(“biag“) and me(“siak“).

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7 Responses to Life and Me

  1. waptarise24 says:

    The images are incredible.Looks like I recognize some especially the people.Do you know that tjhose flowers grow in the Dominican republic,too?–>

  2. Superglow, thanks for visiting and appreciating the photos posted so far. I hope you can visit again sometime. Live on…

  3. superglow says:

    Very Eye Catching…I love all the photos…

  4. Henry, thanks for visiting. I don’t think you can grow the plants in Tokyo because of the climate. You can at anytime link my blog to yur site. I already linked you yo mine.

  5. MHTS says:

    Great blog! Very nice pictures and grat overall!


  6. JoN says:

    Good to see you here!

  7. Henry says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging my friend. Love the photos… especially of the interesting looking flowers! I wonder if I can grow them here in Tokyo…

    Anyway, rest assured I’ll always be reading your post. In fact, can I link your blog to my site?


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