My Sister’s Collection


These are just some of about 50 varieties of a certain plant which my sister call “Euforbia”. This succulent grow abundantly in Ilocos because of the warm (or should I say hot!) climate. Everytime I go home, I always take pictures of these flowers as they are so bright and the colors are so real. They last for several months that in fact, the flowers I have seen in my last vacation lasts to my next. They are quite expensive because originally, they are imported from Thailand but local growers have started to propagate (there is not much decline in the price though). A small one (about 2-inches tall) may costs Php250-Php500, depending on the variety. The more established the variety is, the more expensive it becomes and it may cost up to a thousand or more. My sister know the names of each one and it may really become a tongue twister because of some Thai words, although there are some names which refers to the appearance of the flower itself like “mickey mouse” because the flower appears to be in the form of a mouse’s ear.

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