Ilocos Norte Online says Ilocos Norte is not just churches…it’s true!


I was surfing thru Ilocos Norte Online and I was struck by its tagline which goes “Ilocos Norte, not just churches!” That’s true. While many of my friends who have gone to Ilocos or plans to go there recalls Ilocos with grand and majestic churches, the province is really more than what it’s alluded to. I was very lucky to capture a rare flower (well, in my sight; somewhere in Burgos going to Pagudpud) in the family of the lilies in one of my vacations there, which I have uploaded here. While the province offers great historical insights because of its century old churches, the flower I have captured stands out among the rest. In a place where you thought what you’ll see are all the same, think not. The next time you go to Ilocos (or anywhere for that matter), do not ignore the small things because they are as great as the big ones!

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3 Responses to Ilocos Norte Online says Ilocos Norte is not just churches…it’s true!

  1. gr8t one, MTHS:

    Big thanks for visiting and appreciating the blog!

    I try my very best to update regularly and present more of the other side of Ilocos Norte (and Sur).

    Again, thank you. Live on…

  2. MHTS says:

    Great entry… not because it includes Ilocos Norte Online website, but sure shows how beautiful Ilocos Norte is. Sure is, not only just churches.

    I like the message that although there are small things that may seem so small that we are unable to see it float, yet these are rare beauties that make Ilocos a really rare beauty.

    Like gr8-one mentioned, great site. I will also be coming back & forth to check out “Biag ken Siak”…


  3. gr8-one says:

    Thank you for the kind words, ‘glad you liked that…

    Well, you sure have something going on in here, I must say.

    Finding a great site by a fellow ilokano is certainly one of those rarities in life…

    I will surely be coming back & forth to check out “biag ken siak”.

    Kind Regards,

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