In the middle of a “Runway”


To those who have gone to “Patapat” coming from the poblacion of Pagudpud, you may have noticed a long, wide and straight road which my local friends refer to as “runway” for obvious reasons. Ajing, a friend who visited Ilocos obliged to pose for my camera in the middle of the highway, long enough for me to have a good shot and short enough not to disturb traffic, if any at all. You can’t do that in NLEX, SLEX or EDSA without fearing for your life! As a child and up to now, I always wanted to have my picture taken in the middle of a highway for reasons not so vivid to me. I always thought of the “rush” that creeps everytime I felt like doing it. Having someone do it is as good as I have done it myself. Speaking of highways, friends who have visited Ilocos noticed among others, the good road condition in the region. No potholes and appears to be well maintained compared to some regions they may have gone to which makes driving around Ilocos car and driver friendly. When you take your pictures the same as I did to Ajing, make sure there’s no fast running vehicle behind you, otherwise, you might run away and you’ll not have your picture in the runway!

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2 Responses to In the middle of a “Runway”

  1. Jon, great you liked it. Big thanks!

  2. JoN says:

    nice shot!

    Hey Boie, I added you on my vlog site.

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