My guidance counsellor in college told me…


I saw this plant in a sari-sari store in Piddig. I don’t know how is it called, I am not even sure if it belongs to the fern family (although it looks like one) but I was sure that it was a good subject for my lens. I have noticed that in Ilocos, it is as if there in an unwritten rule that every household must at least have a plant to grow, and if they do, they do it really well. They may not have manicured lawns and gardens (except those who can afford), but if they have even just a pot of a plant, they see to it that they take care of it, nourish it, until they are able to propagate it into several pots. I remember my guidance counsellor in college telling me that “how you take care of your things reflect how to take care of your friends.” If she is correct, then I must believe that Ilocanos take care of their friends the way that they take care of their plants. I hope others will discover the “friend” in every Ilocano when they visit the place.

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