Window grills of the “Balay ti Amianan” started it all


I took this shot in Summer of 2000 when my hands were still starting to get acquainted with the camera (and continous to be so). I was used to “instamatic” cameras before that, and this was one of the shots I took which made me realize that taking pictures must be an art and not merely pressing the shutter. My sister Amy, who’s in the picture, is my mentor having introduced me the fun and the art of taking pictures. She entrusted me the operation of her camera which appeared to me then as (very) complicated; she didn’t mind wasting rolls of films and developing fees for me to learn. Above all, she told me that one of the best ways to learn photography is to just makes shots as many as I can and learn from the shots I have taken. I took this picture in one of the window grills of the “Malacanang of the North” or “Balay ti Amianan” to Ilocanos. “Balay” means house and “amianan” means north. Being the youngest of four siblings, I trusted my sister so much, she being the eldest. From then on, I started to take pictures as an art and not merely pressing the shutter.

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