“Yes Tito, in three days!” – Laoag


One of my regular visits to Ilocos is this time of the year. Not only because it is the Holy Week but also to spend time with my family. I arrived yesterday morning by bus and I was surprised to know that the fare for super deluxe bus (of Maria De Leon Trans) is now Php 850.00. The last time I paid, about two years ago, it was only at Php 500.00 or so. On second thought, this is better than taking the plane (it is more expensive!) or using the car especially when you’re alone (it is deadly boring!). Its Good Friday yesterday and this was the time when Jesus Christ died on the cross. I have witnessed the procession of the Roman Catholic Church of Laoag City and as in any other procession around the country; it chronicles the death of Jesus Christ. I was with my nephew, 6-year old Jordan.More than looking at the statues of saints and the body of Jesus Christ dead, I wanted him to know why we Filipinos remember Holy Week and how and why Jesus died. He was aware of what was going on and when I asked him if Jesus will live again, he said, “Yes, Tito, after three days!” I asked him how did he know and he said his Lola Salin (my mom) told him so. From that moment, I told myself that even if I did not get the picture I wanted, my day ended well because Jordan knew something about our Jesus Christ. That was enough for me on Good Friday.

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4 Responses to “Yes Tito, in three days!” – Laoag

  1. Jon and to “anonymous”, thanks for your comments. In Pampanga, foreigners even come here during the holy week to have themselves nailed on the cross! The latest this holy week was a Brit!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Taking the bus is fun,you know.You get to “people watch” and scene watch.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Half a world away,the Tv news featured how Filipinos celebrate Good Friday.The carrying of the cross,etc. The most amazing was some Filipinos are really nailed to the cross;and to North American eyes,it is very unreal.In calgary,there is a Catholic Church called St.Mary’s.A filipino started the carrying of the cross many years ago which just attracted a few people. Now,as I speak,the few people has grown into a huge crowd every Good Friday.This event has trancended nationalities,languages and age.It is a time where we do all remember how the Lord suffered for our sins.

  4. JoN says:

    hey, nice story. Si hans naman pinanood ko ng DVD – yung the Greatest story ever told (about JC)…ayun after an hour naghihilik na..

    Kinuwentuhan ko na lang siya about Him…

    I miss the traditional procession.

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