Needle in a Haystack


“Finding a needle in a haystack” – this is what comes to my mind whenever I see a haystack. Ilocanos pile hay (not to put a needle and ask somebody to find it!) but it has something to do with their way of living especially to farmers. Hay are abundant after the harvest season which is about the middle of the year and towards the end. I thought it was useless after separating the grains of rice from it but I was wrong. I found out that farmers do haystack for several reasons: (1) to feed their animals like horses, cows and carabaos, during the dry season; (2) to serve as sow bed for garlics and unions (to prevent moisture from evaporating, the region being dry); and (3) to serve as material for roof of cottages. So, the next time you see haystack, it’s not where the needle is, but it’s where the farmer’s life depends.

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2 Responses to Needle in a Haystack

  1. dorky says:

    Looks like the grass huts in Africa-if you now the masai Tribes…

  2. Henry says:

    Monet painted this same scenery several times. Lovely photos Boie

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