Side by side


If you’re going to Ilocos by land, you may notice some public cemeteries along the highway. Having traveled many times from and to the province, they have become a familiar sight to me. One place caught my attention lately and I have published a picture hereto. In the picture is a “hotel” but a closer look below it reveals a grave – it’s not one, but there are a lot, in fact it’s a public cemetery. It could have been better if the location is in a populated area, but it is not. If you are a first time traveler in the place, you may have second thoughts of spending a night here; or you may not check-in at all because it’s always “fully booked!” – I understand that! From outside, the hotel looks neat, I just don’t know what goes on inside (after midnight 🙂 ). If you have stayed in the hotel, let me know of your experience. If you’re still planning to stay, you’re welcome and good luck!(I’m now blogging from Manila but I will be publishing pictures I have taken in Ilocos during the Holy Week)

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4 Responses to Side by side

  1. Thanks for your comments. I find the scene interesting! There may be more like this elsewhere.

  2. superglow says:

    Siguro if I’m really tired and NO PLACE to go…I don’t mind checking in….

  3. corinna corinna says:

    That actually means,that if you die for whatever reason at the hotel,there is a very accessible plot next door. So,maybe-just a promotion “a hop and a skip” down the road!

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