One-stop-laundry shop


People here want their clothes “river-washed and river-dried.” By simply smelling, they can identify if it is not. They say, if it is river-washed and dried, it has a distinct smell, it is as if it’s cleaner, fresher and more “sanitized!” Washing clothes in the river is fun.


They go in the morning (with some members of the family or neighbors), wash the clothes, spread them to dry in the riverbank, take their lunch while waiting for the clothes to dry, swim and bathe (after a tiring laundry session), take the clothes, then they go home. It’s convenient for them to do this because rivers are accessible here. This is a showcase of hard work and fun at the same time! I hope they use environment-friendly detergents, soap and shampoo so as not to hurt other creatures of the waters.

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10 Responses to One-stop-laundry shop

  1. JoN says:


    ganun ka astig ang paglalaba sa ilog! Wow!

  2. ar arusip says:

    nakain ko nga yung pillowcase ko minsan…

  3. Jon, try mo pag punta mo Ilocos, hehe!

  4. JoN says:

    ganun..pwede bang kainin..hahaha

  5. That’s exactly the reason why they wash their clothes in the river, the smell is so clean (but i never thought it can be eaten! hehe).

  6. Anonymous says:

    haven’t smelled that for a long time. it usedto smell so good you can eat it!

  7. Jon, tagal na nun ah!; John, observant!!

  8. John says:

    Ayos ah! Pati sa pag-bi-bilad, hiwalay ang PUTI sa DE-COLOR! hehehehe


  9. JoN says:

    nice photos..naalala ko tuloy yung mga old movies ng 1960’s- 1970’s na pinapalabas sa TV kasama sila dolphy..

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