Something fishy – Solsona

To those who may not know and to those who may have forgotten, let’s have a guessing game. The two men below are transporting what appear to be dried branches: Question: What do you think will they use it for?


Answer: “Rama!” If you don’t know what that means, it’s the Ilocano word for “fish nest.” These dried branches will be stack in waters where there are fish (i.e. river or lake). They usually look for a place where the water is shallow, shallow enough that fish can still swim, otherwise, if it’s deep, they may need tons of these branches. They stack them up is such a way that the top is a little over the water level for easy identification, then put a weight on top like stones to make it steady. By the way, I remember my Dad telling me that “tamarind” branches are the best. During harvest, which is this time of the year, and about a month or so after putting it up, the poor fish will now be evicted from its nest and served in the table!


When they harvest, what they usually do is to put up a net around the nest, take out the branches, then catch the fish inside. I was not able to get a better picture on how they harvest, but just to let you know how it looks like in water, I’m publishing the picture above. The boy here is trying to catch a fish. I don’t even know if the nest is his. Be that as it may, at least the boy knows how to fish. 🙂

By the way, the two men above are using what they call here as “kuliglig”. There are so many of these in Ilocos that you must be careful when driving especially at night because they do not have reflectors. I remember a friend who almost met an accident in Ilocos Sur because of a “kuliglig.” It is supposed to be used for farming (see picture below) but can be converted into a mode of transportation (like the first picture above). When used for farming, the carriage is taken out and the front wheel is substituted with that “round thing” that directly contacts with the land.


What a versatile machine!

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5 Responses to Something fishy – Solsona

  1. JoN says:

    nabasa ko sa friendster…har har har,.,

  2. Jon, thx for remembering? O nabasa mo lang sa previous comment, hehe. Thx all for your comments.

  3. siak a says:

    Not as easy as buying fish from a grocery store. But the locals have their own ways.

  4. Anonymous says:

    what a work to cach those freshwater fish! only to geta few as big as a thumb!

  5. JoN says:

    Hey Boie, Happy birthday!

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