Too Sexy – Sarrat

For my first month of blogging, I have invited my first guest blogger to write an article of an image I have sent her. She has been living in Alberta, Canada for almost two decades now and like me, she continous to explore her culture and heritage which her husband have fallen in love with since their visit to us in 2004. She’s my mentor in photoraphy, she’s my number one reader and she’s my sister, Amy. Read on…


“Who says that only models and beauty queens can handle themselves with poise! Look at this ladies here-most especially the two who swing their hands freely while the “lasona” (spring onions!) securely sit in the bag. Sure it takes skill to carry what’s going to be lunch on your head while your feet negotiate the gravel and unevenness of the road plus what the farm animals may have left behind.The other lady is another story- her determination to give the photographer a Mona Lisa smile equals her sheer will not make the contents of the goody bag not spill all over her. So, she holds it a little bit or else it’s going be the talk of the neighborhood for a while. Gotta save face sometimes!

This is the beauty of the locals -live simply and make do with what you have. Not much but not having much connects you to the joy of inner self and that’s priceless.”

My annotation: Why are the pro’s always in front? The two behind appeared merely as poor chuwariwaps! 🙂 The second lady has her right hand on her pocket, cool! Trying to prove that she has more talent than the first?:)

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10 Responses to Too Sexy – Sarrat

  1. jrramos says:

    nice shoots bro… are you from sarrat ? I am.

  2. Lesha says:

    nothing. doing I’ve just around been sitting ,

  3. Tarah says:

    guess doesn’t I me. bother it ,

  4. Greta says:

    can’t anything. I with bothered be ,

  5. TestName says:

    Test myfunction comment

  6. John says:

    IGtxGF bhsdrjkvbfjksbhfsvkbdhfkv

  7. Thx for your comments guys. Henry, the last is a “manual?!” Haha!

  8. Henry says:

    Are they high-efficiency front-loaders or top-loading washing machines? From the looks of it, the first one looks like a Maytag, the 2nd is a Whirlpool, the 3rd a GE and the last one… Hmmm, Im not sure about her overall capacity & efficiency… a Kenmore perhaps?

  9. amsky says:

    Either thatt-trying to prove she has more talent or just holding on to something she does not want to fall off!

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