Take some, eat some – Sarrat

“Alin , alin, alin, ang naiba, piliin kung alin ang naiba! Piliing mabuti, piliin kung alin, piliin kung alin ang naiba!” Whew! Having such a difficult time choosing! 🙂


Watermelon is perfect for summer to provide brief relief from the Ilocos sun! This is one among many highway businesses that comes out only during summer. They build makeshift stalls made of light materials where they can sell their watermelons to motorists. It’s considerably cheaper than those in the market.


You might be wondering who’s tending the store but a closer look behind the tree would reveal who the seller is. If you have a hard time identifying, it’s because the boy, about 9-years old, is only the size of the tree trunk. His “shy-meter” probably shoot-up to high heavens when he saw me taking a picture. At night, they keep the watermelons in what appears to be a compartment at the base of the store and just leave it there. I was telling the boy that I will go back at night to take some but he told me that if the next day his watermelons are gone, he knows who took them. Wow, he’s not only witty but also hardworking as such an early age.

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4 Responses to Take some, eat some – Sarrat

  1. Constantine says:

    Thx for your comments guys! Jon, i will send you some, kaya lang baka pagdating diyan “butong pakwan” nalang! Haha!

  2. ar arusip says:

    Ana met aya, nagrigat get ti agpilin! I’ve been to situations like this where the watermelons are so enticng that-you pick the best,or the one which you think is the best;and once it’s in your hands then you look at the array of fruits and voila! you see a better one.So you put that down and pick a “better” one. And the thing goes,you pick one,then look
    further and there’s a better one. And we do this over a few times until you get to te first one you pick anyway.Tawar tawar-hala justify justify why the price is too high. Sometimes we say we were there yesterday and it was cheaper. Oh boy,we try everything! Sometimes it works in our favor-sometimes not.The joy of open market. Or way too open market!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Watermelons are sure part of a real hot day. But why? why is it so stressful to pick one? maybe after the watermelon feast, everything will be cooler…

  4. JoN says:

    I like watermelon! wow! sarap!

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