It’s not in the size (or smell), it’s in the taste – Pasuquin

When you stop by this hut, all you need is your meat or fish then you’ll have a sumptuous dish! You have your salt to taste, (sugarcane) vinegar, red onions and garlic to spice it up.


A little advice though, exercise a bit of caution when adding these ingredients because they are flavorfully strong (hope I got the right term for that!). Garlic known as “taiwan” and onions that sell in Manila are nothing compared to those that grow in Ilocos. They may be smaller in size but it’s not in the size, it’s in the taste (Ops!). Ilocos vinegar on the other hand, tastes, smells and looks like no other. I remember when I gave Ilocos vinegar, also known as “sukang iloko” (that doesn’t sound nice!) as “pasalubong” to my friends in Manila, they were surprised (or dismayed maybe because of the dark color?!) when I told them it’s vinegar because for the longest time, they always thought of vinegar as white, maybe because “datu puti” is the only one they know who makes vinegar!

I don’t know if they still practice this in Ilocos but when I was a child, I remember my mother dipping a piece of cloth in ilocos vinegar then puts it in my forehead whenever I have fever. It also served as “antiseptic” for small cuts but those with braver souls, it may serve well for bigger cuts. When I was in Ilocos in December of last year, the local doctor prescribed me lukewarm ilocos vinegar gargle for my inflamed tonsils twice a day and it proved very effective. You may find it strange, but true. For the salt, I know that it can be used as natural exfoliant – you may have second thoughts using the salt here because it’s “rock salt”. You may just try it for experience anyway. For garlic, I remember one of my law professors, a retired judge now, coming to class with burnt skin near his lips. Cause: he put crushed garlic on his “tinea infection” or “an-an” overnight. He should have tried onions for lesser effect. 🙂

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11 Responses to It’s not in the size (or smell), it’s in the taste – Pasuquin

  1. Delores says:

    Hey, that’s the grsetaet! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

  2. edgar says:

    jfi, taga sinaitak ket kasla agkabagian ta ta adu taga sinait dita lasam. da auntie ising agbayani kabaggiak dita lasam.

  3. edgar says:

    jfi, taga sinaitak ket kasla agkabagian ta ta adu taga sinait dita lasam. da auntie ising agbayani kabaggiak dita lasam. adu talaga bawang ditoy sinait

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  5. cath says:

    naapgad ti asin ti pasuquin hahaha

    asin da ket aggapu talaga ti baybay

    the other product of pasuquin ay yung masarap nilang biskutso!!!!!hmmmmnnnn…..yummy biskutso hahaha

  6. Constantine says:

    Wooo!! that garlic has no identity at all! It’s taiwan, elephant, what’s next? Great barrier reef?!! Haha…

  7. Anonymous says:

    funny you call it taiwan garlic. in canada,they call it,elephant garlic.

  8. jfi says:

    the smell of Ilocos garlic is different from those of Taiwans. They(taiwan)are big only. But I still prefer the Ilocos product.

  9. Constantine says:

    Jfi, that’s true, Sinait (Ilocos Sur)is known for it’s garlic, in fact they have an annual festival for (ilocos) garlic.

    Manang Biday, sorry for the sudden increase in the price but I hope your husband understood that 🙂

  10. manang biday says:

    Me and my husband visited the Philippines in 2004 and this is one of his favorite sights! He bought garlic just because he wants to stop at the sidestreet vendors. The problem is,when I got out of the car to ask the lady, it was 25 pesos but hen my caucasian husband got out of the car,the price shot up to 70 pesos!Magical!
    However,we bought it anyway. Now that we are back home,we use nothing but Philippine garlic,which is actually running out almost (time to go back home for more!) He also fell head over heels with our peanuts-we bought tons when we were home an dnow,we almost don’t have any left.
    It was a great experience for my Ron. Being someone who has travelled the world but never being able to see the locals.All of these were business related so time is limited and hotels are his habitat for that time.

  11. jfi says:

    maysa kadagiti produkto ti taga Ilocos…

    malagip ko idi ubbing kami, addaak pay laeng idi idiay Lasam. Nu umay ni Anti mi a taga Sinait ket adda awitna a bawang, lasuna, suka, tagapulot ken pangpakbet…

    nagimasman…Sinait ti maysa kadagiti kadaklan nga agprodproduce ti bawang ken lasuna iti intero nga Region 1

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