The Ilokano Hospitality and their “Kasilias”

This is another post by another guest blogger. I’ve known him since college with then girlfriend, Benz.They have travelled to Ilocos several times and he constantly helps in the layout of this blog. He is a friend, he is John Rana.

Below is a picture in one of their trips in December of 1996 by the Quirino Bridge of Santa Ilocos Sur before one of its “spans” was badly damaged by a typhoon in 2000.


Read on…

“Benz & I have been to Ilocos a number of times already. Aside from the scenic sites the region has to offer, it’s the kind hospitality we experience from the Agustin family that kept us coming back — not to mention the “kasilias” in their old house that’s a conversation piece on it’s own. It’s actually just an odd-looking concrete hole that one would squat over to answer nature’s call. A roll of toilet paper on a twig and just a trickle of water could flush one’s entire ‘load’. Coco leaves and tin roof serve as cover and actual usage takes some getting use to. How I wished they retained that depite the renovation.” =)

“Last year was the first time we brought our daugher Kite (then only 5 years young) and we were quite anxious how she’d react with the more than eight-hour road trip. Amazingly, the trip was a breeze with her. If she wasn’t playing, she is either sleeping or singing with us to survive the long (but nevertheless smooth) journey. I think she enjoyed Pagudpud beach the most. She still couldn’t understand what beauty we find in an old church such as Paoay.


Above is a souvenir pic of Kite & me from the trip that we display in our home. Taken by this blog’s owner, it was a shot by the courtyard of Sarrat Church (trivia: that’s where Irene Marcos & Greggy Araneta had their grand weddingback in the 80’s).”

Postcript: I was excited to read the post by John. I never thought he would notice and give so much attention to something which I think is just an ordinary thing. I did not know that he finds it so interesting. Now, I started to realize that it may have been a mistake taking that out of the new house.It’s so unfortunate that I do not have any image of the “kasilias” he is referring to. I will exert best efforts to upload an image as soon as I get one for the pleasure of those who may not have any idea.

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7 Responses to The Ilokano Hospitality and their “Kasilias”

  1. John Rana says:

    Hey peeeps!

    Thanks for the funny comments and responses. I actually missed “it” more now with your vivid descriptions. LOL!


    Thanks for the kind words. Visited your blog to and saw you and your family. Mukang hiyang ka dyan sa Canada ah…hehehe

    Keep blogging everyone! =)


  2. hey john! cool write up!


  3. ar arusip says:

    this is just so funny! good if there is a roof an stuff- but some? it just has a 3 ft tall galvanized iron around it so your head will be sticking out while you’re doing your business.hold the facial expression and sounds. worst is,when you are on the “throne” and your neighbor happens to make a shortcut through your yard…

  4. MHTS says:

    I think I may have see one of those. And yeah, I bet it would be more interesting to see those “kasilias” that I call it “drop the bomb”. Just a hole in the ground and you can hear the bomb drop to the ground inside, hehe! Nice post, keep it up!

  5. Constantine says:

    I will really look for one soon. Good he didn’t see that one which does not need flushing, otherwise, he should have made a feature for that too! Hahaha!

  6. Marya D. says:

    now that is a photo to look forward to! hehehe how about the kasilyas that doesnt need any flushing? hehehehe

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