Whose bum it kissed – Batac

Hard wood furniture that comes from Ilocos are often referred to as “Vigan Furniture” even if they are not actually from Vigan. This kind of furniture may have been referred to as “Vigan” because of its distinct style inspired by “Old Ilocos” and that’s what Vigan is known for. However, not all hard-wood furniture in Ilocos come from Vigan. Many come from Cagayan Valley, Abra and Isabela because of their mountainous terrain where hard wood are abundant. The store below is not an exception. Their furnitures actually come from Isabela but sells well in Ilocos.


They sell well because of it’s quality. In fact, the “sala-set” in my sister’s house in Ilocos have witnessed many generations. If only it could tell stories on whose bum it kissed, it may have told terrible stories! While there are furniture shops in the city, there are also many just along the road like the one above where it sells at par or maybe even better than the shops in the city. The price is expensive (that if you don’t have a sponsor or enough savings, you may end up repairing your old furniture everytime!) depending on the wood used and on the design executed. The more intricate it is, the higher the price. They are also deadly heavy that it may pose danger to your limbs when moving or carrying them. They are not only for home but may even be borrowed during fiestas where the Miss Fiesta Queen and Mister Fiesta King shall seat the entire duration of their coronation!

(Notice the scooters at the background? That’s what’s “in” in Ilocos now. Just read through the banner (if you can 🙂) to know more. They took the place of the “chop-chops” from Ilocos Sur.)

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2 Responses to Whose bum it kissed – Batac

  1. Constantine says:

    I personally prefer simple wood furnitures too but you’ll be surprised many Ilocanos still prefer those with intricate designs…:)

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love looking at these furnitures! I thought they are rather amusing though. To my taste,they are so “frilly” they look like a “where’s Waldo?” maze. But bless the hands who carve these stuff. They have the patience of Job. We do have hardwood furnitures in our home and my whole family love them;but we have it plain and simple-more of lineal slats. It must be difficult to dust the intricate designs…

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