The dear meat of a deer!

This is how a (Philippine) deer looks like when still alive:


And this is how it looks like when sold in the market!


The deer meat (“ugsa” to Ilocanos) is indeed dear. It’s quite expensive. The last time I have checked, three thin strips of dried meat costs about P300.00 – that is P100.00 per strip. It is only in Ilocos that I find this kind of meat. In Manila, I’ve yet to see a resto which offers deer meat in its menu.

When I was still in college, I brought to Manila pre-cooked deer meat once. When I heated it for lunch, I heard my next door neighbor shouting, “What’s that, it stinks!” I knew very well that he was referring to what I was cooking but I was sure he didn’t know where it’s coming from. I was torn between halting the cooking or just let the potent gas of the deer meat takes its course. I choose the later. I can take the smell protest but I cannot take not eat my precious deer soup. Sometimes, I can’t understand why edibles with the most undesirable smell tastes the best! That’s the dear meat of a deer which I have come to like very dearly… 🙂

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4 Responses to The dear meat of a deer!

  1. Atha hussain says:

    i want deer meat i am from pakistan you can send to me i will pay for it

  2. Atha hussain says:

    Hello sir i want dear meat please sir how much i i have to pay please send me your address i am from pakistan

  3. Constantine says:

    Same here jfi, I consider it a feast whenever I get to eat that…:)

  4. jfi says:

    when I’m working in Cauayan, Isabela (now a city) I have a friend who was living in Palanan (same province) and he always gave me a meat of “Ugsa” whenever he took his vacation.

    The taste is good. Better that the goat meat. It taste like a mixed carabeef (meat of carabao) and beef (cow). When you chew it, it seems like a rubber.

    Hmm! I hope I can taste again. I’m here in Manila right now maybe it took a lot of year when I can eat again…

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