Viaje del Sol: sunny experience on a rainy day (Part II)

Third Stop: Casa San Pablo
We spent the night at Casa San Pablo, in San Pablo City. The main cottage has eleven country inspired bedrooms of different themes and sizes. We stayed at the “Birdhouse” while the “Hotwheels” is also very cozy, among other themes. Aside from the main cottage, there is also a “honeymoon cottage” for newlyweds as well as forever “honeymooners.”

(Fascade of the main cottage)

(“Duyan” with the house of Vin Alcantara in the background)

I had the “sleep of my life” in Casa San Pablo. Something I experience everytime I go to Ilocos. I have not slept the way I did in the casa for a long time and it was just so rewarding. I may have been tired but whatever it is, the casa sent me to the deepest slumber which anybody would envy. In fact, as Ajing observed, Kite (7-yrs old) would like to stay another night despite the fact that there was no TV in the room.

(The dining and function cottage)


(Entrance of the honeymoon cottage)


The place has the feel of Baguio because of the pine trees around but when I was there, it was more of the “hacienda” feeling where guests were treated very well by the host and her people.During our stay, we were able to meet and chat with the matriach of the “casa”, Vin Alcantara. We got lucky that she gave us a tour of her house which was very awesome.



Lastly, I learned that the place grants special residency to artists for the purpose of finishing their work.

Contacts: 0917-5268628 or
See more of Casa San Pablo.

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8 Responses to Viaje del Sol: sunny experience on a rainy day (Part II)

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  2. Constantine says:

    Benz, I’ll let amy know of your comment baka meron pa isang intarsia. Haha! Especially when she’ll know that the travel was on yours!!! Haha!

  3. benz says:

    ayy na lost ako sa conversation. haha na lang din.

    diyos ko dahil pala sa blog mo, monitored tayo ni amy kung saan saan tayo nagpupunta. hahaha. (hi amy! and a bigger HI to Ron hahaha *vested interest* cant wait to see the intarsia)

    miss u na boarder. manonood kami ng erik mana tom! u can come over na afterward if like mo.

  4. Constantine says:

    Yup, goog idea, mabalin pay nga iyakar diay kalsada, haha!!

  5. siak manen a! says:

    kitam man kunak! nagmayat ngata ti aginana dita nga indayonen.mayat gayam ti kasta nga pagibitinan tapno dimo ibitbitin idiay lanai baka matukkol. agpawelding tayo a!

  6. Constantine says:

    Wo! That’s why I missed your commments you were waiting for the last installment, huh! Good you like the place now there is already a place for us to go on your next visit. Don’t worry, bananas will be free!!!

  7. amy says:

    Now that I’ve read the Part III of this trip,I can not say enough how much I want to go there… like NOW! It seem o much of a nice place most especially the duyan. The treehouse is a treat (it will serve me right since sometimes, I feel like I’m half ape!) due to unavoidable daily stresses. All I need is a banana. I can handle the pocketing ans scratchin’…

  8. Constantine says:

    I’m posting another comment in the forum of Ilocos Norte Online…

    “Thanks for the info …I checked cagustin’s site…goooood!”

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