Viaje del Sol: sunny experience on a rainy day (Part III)

Fourth Stop: Carlito’s Workshop:
This is located in Barrio Sta. Ana, San Pablo City. Carlito Ortega is a sculptor whose medium include welded steel, brass and hard wood. He is also known for his landcape. His residence/worshop/gallery in San Pablo is a showcase of his well rounded talent. Below are some of his works of art you can find in his backyard. He has also a gallery at the Megamall.




I am not qualified to review his works because I do not have the talent to do so. However, personally, I saw his sculptures as very elaborate in emotions, and that for me is enough to appreciate what Carlito is trying to impart.
Contact Numbers: (0919) 837-77-55 or (049) 246-33-29

Fifth Stop: Sitio de Amor Farm Resort:
This is near Carlito’s Workshop. “Amor” is the wife of the owner, George, both of whom we met and personally attended to us when we visited. The place is a “rambutan” and “lazones” plantation and resort in one. Several huts are scattered all over the place which George plans to be massage sanctuaries like in Bali he says. The lagoon is huge and the infinity pool is breathtaking. The pool was almost done when we visited and can’t wait to see it finally done. It has platforms for water massage which makes it more exciting.



Tree House:


A tree house was also being finished and it’s comparable to a five star hotel room because of its architecture and planned interior. The bathroom has a jacuzi overlooking a river and the greeneries. There are a lot of activities being planned by the owners once the resort is finally done. However, visitors are now welcomed to visit the place and you can stay over if you wish to.

Floor Tiles in the Huts:


One of Amor’s Collections:


Contact Numbers: (02) 550-1275 or (0918) 927-4346 or

Sixth Stop: Kinabuhayan Cafe:
Located in the Poblacion of Dolores,Quezon, this cafe is suppose to be the jump off point for trekkers of Mt. Banahaw. However, Mt. Banahaw is temporarily closed to trekkers but even then, Kinabuhayan Cafe offers meals and picnics to Kubli Springs upon prior arrangements. They also offer massage for the tired body.

Entrance of Kinabuhayan Cafe:



The name “Kinabuhayan” may have been taken from “Brgy. Kinabuhayan,” the place where Mt. Banahaw is located. A word of advice, when you go to the place, don’t ask directions to (just) “Kinabuhayan,” otherwise, you will be lead to Brgy. Kinabuhayan which is way too far to the mountains from the Poblacion. Reiterate on the “Cafe,” not the village. The Cafe should be within the poblacion only.Better yet, ask for the place of Jay Herrera, because not many locals as of this moment know it as |Kinabuhayan Cafe yet.



Contact Numbers: (0917)327-1106 or (0917) 368-0054 or (o42) 565-6828
See more of Kinabuhayan Cafe.

Here ends my series on “Viaje del Sol.” It’s advisable to plan your travel and that you call the establishments first because most of them require reservations. Calling for reservations is already an experience because you get to talk to the owners themselves and you will be surprised how warm and helpful they are. Once you get to any of them, make sure you get the brouchure of Viaje del Sol to guide and give you more information about your travel “to the sun…”

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5 Responses to Viaje del Sol: sunny experience on a rainy day (Part III)

  1. thank u says:

    Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams.mp3&height=20&width=200&showeq=true&autostart=true&repeat=true&shuffle=false&volume=100″>Green Day – Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

  2. liz says:

    Hi Constantine,

    I’ve read your viaje del sol series and I’m interested in taking a road trip this summer. Hmm… do you think we can do the trip and visit the important places for a day? Wala kasing balak mag overnight eh.

    Dios ti kumuyog!

  3. yung blogger..hahhahaa..joke..siyempre..yung place..

  4. Constantine says:

    Yung place(s) o yung blog? Hehe…

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