Is the “Barrel Man” gone?

This is just for laughs – On our way back to Manila from our “Viaje del Sol” trip (Disclaimer: the image may be offensive), I was looking for a nursery to check out some “herbs” which I can grow in my apartment to help drive insects away (and so they say, which I believe anyway). And so we pulled over one. I crossed upon these statues in the nursery which I thought was just one of those wooden ornaments for the garden.


Because of it’s worn out appearance and I thought it was neatly done, I held one until I noticed that the “thing” it front of the statue was moving. I was a bit scared because I thought I have broken it and the owner may demand payment for something which I did not intend to buy in the first place. The caretaker approached me which made me more scared but he was helpful enough to lend a hand and took out the “thing” that was moving to reveal this…


I remember the “barrel man” from Baguio, a tiny statue (of a native of Baguio) inside a barrel; if you take out the barrel it will reveal a “very proud, hard and shaky man”! Is the barrel man gone? Did this shy, flaccid but long man took its place? If there was a barrel man, how do you call this? The Peanutman?

I was informed that the finer version is for export, I just don’t know where. It reminded me of Japan where they have this yearly festival of the “phallic” (nicer word for you know what…) for fertility.

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4 Responses to Is the “Barrel Man” gone?

  1. Bobby says:

    I was actually in the philippines in june… The barrel guy is still in baguio, i bought 8 for around 40 pesos each! haha. Haggling helps. :p Although I dont even know the proper name for them.. i just go by barrel guy.

    … I actually stumbled across your site on google.. lol looking for what the barrel guy is really called.

  2. Constantine says:

    Funny isn’t it? Those peanuts are great but behind them are even greater, huh? Haha

  3. amy says:

    Those peanuts sure can balance themselves!I read about this posting and had to laugh. My husband Ron thought they were interesting and was wondering what those ” things” were-until I scrolled down …

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