“A taste of Laoag” in SM Mall of Asia

A day after SM Mall of Asia opened to the public last May 20(I was in “viaje del sol” that time, besides I was not lucky to get an invite from Henry Sy!)I was able to roam around the biggest SM in the country (no longer the Megamall) and one of the biggest shopping malls in Asia!

Fascade of the Mall at Night:


When I go to the mall (which I do usually for leisure and never to shop) I often stop by the food court for some fuddies and drinks. I was surprised to see a fastfood along the line of many others called “A taste of Laoag.” It was not noticeable at first because its neon sign was off.I thought that the owner might be saving on electricity but upon verification with the cashier, I was informed that it “sparked” earlier, thus they put it off.


When I checked the menu, it was indeed very Ilocano. It includes “Bibingka” (but not the sticky rice cake; it’s more of the puffed one which made me think it’s not the Ilocos bibingka), “Laoag canton,” “Batac miki,” “Batac empanada” (the orange one, not the white because the white comes from Vigan-there’s one in Tiendesitas; haven’t tried it but I was told it was “oily”), “longanisa,” “crispy dinuguan,” “sinanglaw” and their best seller “bagnet.” Oh, one thing more which I almost forgot to include.(DISCLAIMER: some words may be offensive) I was definitely surprised because for the longest time I never thought that this food is called the “puqui-puqui!” Who could forget that! It’s not one but two “puquis!” It’s the “inihaw na talong salad.” I did not order not because I didn’t like it but because I might be asked later how my “puqui-puqui” tasted!…And the other dialogues are at your discretion for If I will continue, I may run out of space.


I learned that there are already four branches of this fastfood. Two in Baguio, one in Valenzuela, another in the SM Mall of Asia and their Subic branch is coming up.There must really be something great in the menu why they keep growing, huh!

Speaking of SM Mall of Asia, I am posting hereunder some shots I took with a little bit of information about the place.

Inside the mall; View of the ceiling:


View of the Makati skyline from the deck parking:


This is SM’s 25th mall, 21 years after the first was established. It seats on a 6-hectare reclaimed area along Manila Bay. It is presently composed of four buildings (with provisions for expansion) which are the main mall, the north and south parking, and the entertainment area. Advice: for now, take the south parking because there are more shops open in that area and it’s where the department store is. Otherwise, you may have a difficult time navigating from the north parking to the south and back after a tiring shopping.

Entertainment Area:


Imax Theater from outside at Night:


The entertainment area includes the IMAX Theater which has the biggest screen in the world at 22 by 33 square meters. Press realeases say that the screen is as high as an 8-storey building but by the looks of it, the structure itself is just as tall as the main building which is only 2-storey (unless the screen is from the floor to the wall to the roof and back to the floor, then they are right!)


It has an olympic size ice-skating rink and golf carts roaming inside (yes, inside) and outside the mall primarily to serve the oldies (but as I noticed, people ride for leisure; they might be thinking they went to an amusement park.)

Sunset from the Mall:


Ceiling of the Main Lobby:


There, when you go visit the place make sure you have enough energy to explore the place. More than shopping, now there is a better place to view the famous sunset of Manila Bay; there is enough space for everyone. Parking is never a problem. And don’t forget to check “A Taste of Laoag” to see how the “puqui=puqui” looks like and tastes like. 🙂

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13 Responses to “A taste of Laoag” in SM Mall of Asia

  1. fast foods are of course very popular these days because the price is cheap and there are lots of menu to choose from “”

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  3. balasang says:

    siak may saak nga ilocana, na iyanakak pasuquin ilocos norte, na ipadpadak manila, nag adal ti secondarya ken nakalpas ti kurso nga nursing. adu nga rigat ken tuok nga sinagrap iti manu nga tawtawen nga pinag adal ti eskuela. nag abroad ti manu nga tawen, ket ita… dimteng manen ti iaasideg ti pinakaepeksak ti iliw ko agawidak sadyay naka iya nakak ta innak tongpalen tay karik kadaydi inak… Ilocos Norte lugar nga naka iyanakak, awan ti pangi sukatak…na dalus nga presko nga angin, nateng, prutas kada sida kenka webmaster… nalaing ka ta adda kastoy nga inaramid mo. DATAYO AMIN NGA ILOCANO…. AG BIAG TAYO!!!

  4. Constantine says:

    Elghee, thx for visiting and more thx for liking it…:)

  5. elghee says:

    Ni garampangski gayan deytoy.. bwehehe… nagpintas gayam ta mall of asia.. daldalanak lang no mapanak dita baclaran ta makapasadot agikot dita.. angdakkel to met ngamin…

  6. elghee says:

    Impressed ak kadeytoy blog mo ah

  7. Constantine says:

    Hope they can fix that soon, Jake. Let’s give Henry Sy a chance to better his place, Hehe.

  8. jfi says:

    One thing more. When I had a meeting in their corporate office (building infront of the mall) I smell hose foul odor coming from Manila Bay. Wooh! every foreign visit might even experience that. Well they don’t care that what matters to them is the business! I know it will employ also and help those people who are tired of searching job around the Metro.

    These is a landmark also that makes the architectural business uplifting their image. A good investment LOL!

  9. Constantine says:

    Jon, na-miss nga kita eh, kaw yung mahilig sa mga opening..Hehe!!

  10. Constantine says:

    Jake, I share the same observation. Actually if you visit Mall of Asia now, the outdoor area needs some cleaning and maintainance. Hope they put some attention to that soon especially that they intend it to be a tourist destination for shoppers.

  11. jfi says:

    One of my observation about Sy’s Malls is that it always lack of landscaping. Purely building without intergration the beauty of nature. Unlike Ayala they always come up with a nice and impressive landscaping. Like those of Greenbelt. The newly opened Market!Market and Gateway Mall and soon to open The Serendra particularly the commercial area.

  12. wow! iba na talaga ang PINAS! Saludo ako Henry Sy..sayang walang kang imbitasyon..hindi mo napuntaghan ang inauguration…di bale nakadalo ka naman sa SM Manila- ribbon cutting..hehehe

  13. siak manen ah! says:

    Sometimes, I think should not be showing this blog to my husband so much (joke!) because it’s like sa ying to him ” we missed lots of the good parts when we went there!”.And he might feel cheated and just want to go back like-right now. Good for him because he’s retired so he’s less busy (so I thought-everytime I call home when I’m at work;he’s either at the gym or somewhere else!) but forme, I have to really schedule my holidays because of the type of industry I am in.e schedule our holidays months and months before and if not,the previous year- witl about 400 nurses and LPNs working.
    These places are really worth seeing and eating at (see how I miss real food?) I definitely have to see it/them next time I come home!i would like to bring my 2 nephews and niece with me minus the adults (they are pretty hard to handle! (joke again)Well, maybe my brother will escort us around to make sure we don’t go astray…(LOL!)

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