Life’s a Beach – Pasuquin

I have published a couple of pictures reflecting Ilocanos’ love of the beach. Here’s another one.


I was thinking if there was a disaster that just hit Ilocos when I took this image. They took the pain of building a shelter and at closer look, have several provisions to last them for a couple of days, complete with table and chairs. I would understand if someone presumes that they have been displaced from their abode.

Evacuees? Seems like but not quite. They are actually having a good time at the beach. Ilocanos love to do this especially during summer. They usually do it when a relative comes home especially from abroad or during special occasions like birthday and graduation. I noticed that when they go out for picnic, they do not only bring their immediate family but also its “extensions” — a trait which is not only Ilocano but very Filipino. You miss it don’t you! 🙂

So, the next time you visit Ilocos and you see something like this, then you know that most probably, there is someone in the family who arrived from abroad or they are just celebrating a special occasion.

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3 Responses to Life’s a Beach – Pasuquin

  1. Constantine says:

    Jake, we will be in Cagayan Valley next weekend. I will post the images soon thereafter. We’ll see if we can check out Sta. Ana.

  2. jfi says:

    when will you post those photos that was taken in Cagayan?

    Have you been to Sta. Ana?

  3. My S. Elf says:

    This photo sure warms my heart! My husband and have travelled to some of the finest beaches but no one beats thi sone. It oozes with warmth and camaraderie.Bet these are all relatives and what a day…

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