Ilocos…a history class that’s not boring – Pagudpud, Pansian

I have invited another guest blogger to share his personal account of his visit to Ilocos. He is Bong Sare, a wedding videographer, who first came to Ilocos “single” and wants to go back with his own family soon…Read on…

“It was December of 1996 when John, Benz & I decided to spend christmas and new year with a good friend (Constantine) in Ilocos. An eventful 12 hour drive, we would occasionally stop to take pictures (as well as rest and answer nature’s calls) of places I can only describe as picturesque.


I’m no church-goer nor a critic of architectural structures, but Ilocos’ old churches left me in awe. It’s like being in a history class with one slight difference, it was never boring.

Ilocos is not only about churches, up to this day, Pagudpud, is still one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen.


Clear blue water and fine white sand, it was an undiscovered haven for beach lovers (like me) back then. I never had the chance to go there again, but I am pretty sure that Ilocanos would never let something as beautiful as Pagudpud be ruined by commercialism.

You’ll always find something different, unique and interesting in Ilocos. Historical churches, beautiful beaches, yummy food, name it and you might just find it there.In fact, we even chanced upon a shipwreck docked in one of Ilocos’ beaches.


And now that I’m married with two beautiful daughters, I would never deprive them of experiencing something as wonderful as Ilocos. It’s one place we’ll surely visit.”

Postscript: The “shipwreck” was found in ”Pansian” near the boundary of Pagudpud and Cagayan Valley. It’s so unfortunate that it may no longer be there because the last time I passed by the place about two years ago, there was only an iron pole left, the lone remnant of the shipwreck. You wouldn’t know that it was once as seen in the picture above (I presume it was ransacked by modern-day pirates because of the growing demand for steel in the market.)

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5 Responses to Ilocos…a history class that’s not boring – Pagudpud, Pansian

  1. Anonymous says:

    The remains are so few (re:shipwreck). Local government is getting the steel and selling it for Election purposes i bet

  2. Gate Latch says:

    well, there are so many tourist attractions that you find on asia and europe. i would really love to travel a lot *,~

  3. Constantine says:

    Unfortunately, this shipwreck in Ilocos may have been gone even before it can become a tourist attraction…sad…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Look at the shipwreck! When we went to the Dominican Republic,there was an identical sight at the beach we went to. I think the history of that was a tanker that came too close to shore and hit a huge rock. that was in the 1960s;it was stranded there and never mover ad it has become a tourist attraction. Every morning when we go for a walk,the ship seem to be either sinking or above water more..n and of course my husband and me are always wondering why. One night,we overheard a couple talking about it;andthe guy said the ship does not change position,it’s the tide.

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