Creativity floats – Piddig

One thing which you may enjoy in Ilocos is the parade (“parada” in Ilocos) of interesting little prince/princesses and little kings/queens aboard their equally exciting floats that go around town in the heat of the sun. This is usually a fund-raising activity during fiestas or towards the end of the year. The order of the parade: the first float contributed the least, and the last, the most!Effect: people will know who has the fat, the fatter and the fattest purse!.I don’t have a problem with that, it’s for a good cause anyway.


The night before the parade, families of whoever shall be in the float are busy decorating up to pass midnight to make sure that “theirs is the best” on the day of the parade. They can decorate a tricycle, a jeep (or “oner” to Ilocanos), or those who have more may make use of a 6 or 8-wheeler truck.

(The Tricycle)


Unfortunately these days, I don’t see floats using the “karison” (the cow-driven carriage) or the “calesa” (horse-driven carriage) anymore. In my opinion, the rule is, the bigger the float , the better; the taller, the more thrilling; the more decorations, the more fascinating. 

(The “Oner”)


Be that as it may, what astonishes me is the fact in occasions like this, the creativity of the Ilocanos come out. Notwithstanding the fact that they (usually) make use of materials native to the place, they surprisingly come out with better ideas. In the end, it’s the group effort that matters most, more than how the float looks like.

(The 6/8-Wheeler)


If you happen to chance upon a “parade” like this, make sure you are in the front line to have a share of whatever they toss from the float, the most popular are candies, though there are some who would give out coins, small tokens, and if you’re lucky, you may be able to get a shirt. Exercise a bit of vigilance though; they may even throw the container if all candies are gone! – Joke!!! See you at the “parada!”

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5 Responses to Creativity floats – Piddig

  1. Rizalie Tingson says:

    it’s more fun in the PHILIPPINES!

  2. Constantine says:

    The parada is indeed, fun! Puro fun :)–>

  3. Sistah says:

    This “parada” is so fun. It stirred back a lot of memories most especially way before I left the Philippines.I remember- whatever I was doing at home-in the middle of something-when I hear that familiar drumbeat,it’s almost like an emergency to me. Run like hell to see the “parada”. That’s exactly what happened when I went home in Dec 2005,only this time, I was with my nephew, Jordan. He enjoyed scrambling for the candies that the “kings and queens” toss out. To my surpise,it’s not just the young kids who would scramble for the candies but also adults-I mean,the real adults!I was tempted too.But oh well,I held back…

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