“Cebu” is in Laoag!

The newly acquired Airbus 319 of Cebu Pacific made its inaugural flight to Laoag City on June 8, 2006, Thursday. I was one of the 150 passengers to have first tried flying Cebu Pacific’s newly acquired airbus.

The new A319 bound for Laoag:


Leis made of shell for passengers:

The flight was short, approximately 45 minutes. After take off, the crew served snacks. “Games” which Cebu Pacific is known for, were conducted immediately thereafter. Then, we were told to get ready for descent. Wow! Even before I can get over the rigors of checking in at the airport, I was told to get ready for landing. Travel time to the airport was even longer then going to Ilocos by air!

In our descent, I have seen spectacular views of Ilocos’ skies and landscape which I can only describe as breathtaking!

Badoc Island:




On touchdown, fellow Ilocanos greeted us with their grace of dance and flair for sounds. The moment was festive, complemented by the warm smiles of wellwishers. It was then I realized that I have now landed in the Sunshine City, Laoag!

“The moves”


“The sounds”


“The smiles”


“Cebu has landed in Laoag”


“Welcome to Laoag”


Inspite of the 25 minutes delay, the experience of an inaugural flight was worth it. The flight was pleasant. You can fly Cebu Pacific to Laoag every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

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2 Responses to “Cebu” is in Laoag!

  1. marya d. says:

    great pictures! lets go ilocos!

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