On the road to Tuguegarao, Cagayan

It was already past 12 noon when we reached the first town of Cagayan Valley, Sta. Praxedes. We were relieved to know that we’re already within Cagayan and sooner, we are now in our destination. That’s what we thought.

In Claveria, we made a stop in a unfinished “viewdeck” with a view of the of Sta Praxedes and Claveria coast:


It was already past one in the afternoon when I felt I need to be fed. Being unfamiliar to the place, I did not know where to make a stop and eat, until we passed by this place in Sanchez Mira:


The specialty of the house is “pancit batil patong” which we learned from the chef is the specialty noodle of Cagayan.

pancit batil patong

Well, at least “one of the” because on your way back, we stopped by another place that serves another specialty noodle of Cagayan, the “Pancit Cabagan.” They tasted the same except a tiny difference on the appearance. “Pansit batil patong” looks like the ordinary pansit guisado with fresh egg on top, while “pansit cabagan” looks more of a “pansit palabok” with chicharon and boiled eggs on top.

pancit cabagan

After lunch, we continued driving, still clueless on how near or far are we from Tuguegarao City. Along the road, are locals planting rice which by the looks of it entails massive talent to make the lines (of the rice) straight (almost, at least) and extreme will-power to stay in the mud and under the sun for the whole day! I have nothing but pure admiration for these people because I know that they may never be wealthy by harvesting rice for themselves but they keep on doing this all year round to feed their families. I know, my father was a part-time farmer and we were religiously fed.


By the way, I’ve posted drying rice on roadside before and finally, I got the best evidence that it’s prohibited to do so which I want to share with you:


Further down the road, in Alacapan, if I’m not mistaken, we passed by this suspension bridge called the “Magapit Suspension Bridge.”


The bridge is claimed to be “one of the firsts” suspension bridges in Asia and it is after the bridge that we took a right turn to Tuguegarao City. I thought we were already very near but when we saw a road sign which says “Tuguegarao – 64 kms,” my energy dramatically went down to its lowest level! Even then, we did not have a choice but to drive yet farther and faster because we still have to look for a place to stay when we reach Tuguegarao. In Gattaran, we passed by this tiny watchtower which resembles that of a castle. At first I thought it was in my history books which merited our stop but upon closer observation, it was not. It was just a part of the front lawn of a residence. Cool! The owner may have been fascinated by watchtowers in fairy tale books.


Finally, at about five in the afternoon, we reached Tuguegarao City. What caught my attention upon our entrance is their version of the “calesa.” The wheels are not the same with the calesa’s of Vigan or Laoag. Here, the wheels appear to be with “interiors” or maybe tubeless perhaps? 🙂 That would make the ride smoother on humps and potholes!


We also have to stop by this “pagoda” made of bamboo. This is actually a shop that sells plants. We wanted to stop again and check their merchandise on our way back to Ilocos but it was closed, maybe because it was Sunday then.


Hope you enjoyed some of the images I was able to take in Cagayan Valley, as much as I did. In my next post, I will be uploading images of our spelunking in Callao Caves. Do come back to check it out… Postcript: The”Magapit Suspension Bridge” is located in Lal-lo,Cagayan.The correction was supplied by Jake of Lasam,Cagayan.

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75 Responses to On the road to Tuguegarao, Cagayan

  1. Anonymous says:

    Just cruising the net and stumble on this site. I’m from Conception, Amulung,Cagayay and will be always be my home sweet home. I’ll be coming home this coming March Fiesta in Conception 🙂
    I’ve taken that route Apparri, Pagudpod the Ilocos Region Baguio to Manila in the past but never stop in Sta Ana. It’ll be a fun place to take the whole family for a big celebration . Cagayan! here I come 🙂 can’t wait.

  2. Ruby says:

    Dear Constantine,

    I’ve read your blogs about your trip to Cagayan and it was really amazing..You made me feel like I’m home. I am from Allacapan Cagayan and currently working here in Shanghai, China.. I would like to see all of your photos from Cagayan and read your views about our place. I am encouraging you to visit our site http://iloho.com/li and register as this is a home for travellers like you and for these i will always see and monitor all your trips especially your trip to Cagayan. I hope to see you on our site.

    Have a great day!!



  3. Cobie says:

    There is a new resort in town called Chateau Leonor. It’s in caggay. It’s been compared to the “tagaytay” of tuguegarao or cagayan valley. Some called it mt Olympus. Check it out. People go there to swim, or hang out in one of the huts for karaoke or for lunch/dinner. You may also check in for the night. But there is only 2 rooms available. People love the place because it’s very clean and the food is good.

  4. Anne Tamayao says:

    After viewing all the pictures and reading all the comments posted, I found myself being so proud of being a Cagayano and a native of Tuguegarao. Thank you so much for featuring our hometown. I hope many people can still visit our town turned city. hehe.. God bless.

  5. garland says:

    wwwhheeewwww!!! im here again,, hehehe,, hhhaaayyssss kakamisss tlga ang place namin,, i was there last august, taking my vecation. the sad thing is i was not able to visit callao cave coz i dont have enough time na huhuh. pero at least nakapag jam nman with friends and family sa tabing ilog called pinacanauan river which is i think one of the clearest river, and if im not wrong one of the kayak spot in the philippines too, o diba! astig!!!! 2 days two nights yunnn.. haayysss saya saya ever,, tara na! btahe tayo

  6. MRacela says:

    My husband is a native of Tuguegarao and he brought me there last year to spend Christmas with his entire family. I can say I love the place, the view is just spectacular my camera was not able to justify its beauty. Unfortunately I was not able to see the Callao Caves but he brought me to the miraculous church of our Lady of Piat and also visited a few other places. Hopefully we’ll be able to visit again. Btw, I love the pictures 🙂

  7. Jun Buco says:

    Nice pics…

    Indeed, there are still many places waiting to be discovered in Cagayan…

    Was ecstatic when I saw a photo of Bluewater cave in Baggao, Cagayan featured in one of the posters of the Dept. of Tourism two years ago…Hope this spot will be advertised the more…It’s promising…Accessibility is only a problem…I hope I could do a travel story on it soon (I am a journalist writing for a leading business newspaper).
    By the way, my parents live in Baggao, Cagayan…

  8. analyn says:

    I was just browsing and found this. I was amazed with the photo posted in this site.

    I was born and raised in Solana, Cagayan. Solana is a nearby town of Tuguegarao. I finished my elementary and secondary education in Solana South central and San Vincente Institute, respectively. I grew up in this province but I did’nt see how fantastic and amazing this place, maybe simply because I’m not fond trek.

    nakasta nga agaw cagayan.
    naimbag nga aldaw cagayan.
    madalang lang ako kung umuwi sa cagayan pero kada uwi ko I make it sure na bago ako bumalik ng manila eh natikman ko ang papaitan at dinakdakan na luto sa cagayan at syempre nagpapaluto din ako ng pansit batil patong. my father will always remind me na bawal sa akin ang mga yun. pero syampre wala sila magawa kaya ipinagluluto nila ako.

    As far as I remember, during my childhood days, every semana santa eh umaakyat kami sa bundok sa maddarulug. tapos my pinupuntahan kaming rancho dun sa taas ng bundok which was owned by General Felix di ko lang sure kung sya pa rin ang owner nun. malapit lang din sa rancho yung twin falls. sabi ng mga friends ko patay na daw yung falls na yun. when you reach that place makikita mo ang buong tuguegarao including the cagayan river and buntun bridge. Then when I was in high school hindi kami nag-attend ng intrams together with my friends pinuntahan namin yung newly discovered site sa amin, they called it “WIRAWIR”. after those wala na kong alam tungkol sa cagayan kasi I decided to stay na here in manila.

    I really miss cagayan kasi matagal na din akong di nakaka-uwi maybe after graduation mapupuntahan ko din yung mga lugar na naka-post sa site na ito together with my friends here in manila.

  9. analyn says:

    I was just browsing and found this. I was amazed with the photo posted in this site.

    I was born and raised in Solana, Cagayan. Solana is a nearby town of Tuguegarao. I finished my elementary and secondary education in Solana South central and San Vincente Institute, respectively. I grew up in this province but I did’nt see how fantastic and amazing this place, maybe simply because I’m not fond trek.

    madalang lang ako kung umuwi sa cagayan pero kada uwi ko I make it sure na bago ako bumalik ng manila eh natikman ko ang papaitan at dinakdakan na luto sa cagayan at syempre nagpapaluto din ako ng pansit batil patong. my father will always remind me na bawal sa akin ang mga yun. pero syampre wala sila magawa kaya ipinagluluto nila ako.

    As far as I remember, during my childhood days, every semana santa eh umaakyat kami sa bundok sa maddarulug. tapos my pinupuntahan kaming rancho dun sa taas ng bundok which was owned by General Felix di ko lang sure kung sya pa rin ang owner nun. malapit lang din sa rancho yung twin falls. sabi ng mga friends ko patay na daw yung falls na yun. when you reach that place makikita mo ang buong tuguegarao including the cagayan river and buntun bridge. Then when I was in high school hindi kami nag-attend ng intrams together with my friends pinuntahan namin yung newly discovered site sa amin, they called it “WIRAWIR”. after those wala na kong alam tungkol sa cagayan kasi I decided to stay na here in manila.

    I really miss cagayan kasi matagal na din akong di nakaka-uwi maybe after graduation mapupuntahan ko din yung mga lugar na naka-post sa site na ito together with my friends here in manila.

  10. rod says:

    To james , you are correct when you said that the place is unmaintained as vandalisms can be be seen anywhere in the cave, no shops and boats are unorganized. In my opinion it is the responsibility of the local government to maintain cleanliness and strict implementation of rules and regulation for people who visits the place, dami kasing mga maepal, tama bang magtapon ng lata ng coke at magsusulat sa loob ng kweba. However, by saying that is so hot to travel, i think you not really aware that tuguegarao which is very near to callao cave was once recorded as the hottest place in the philippines. Di lang naman cagayan ang may ganyang bruhaha issue, lastly di lang callao cave ang pwedeng puntahan sa cagayan, marami pang magagandang lugar like santa ana, the shrine of our lady of piat, pansiterias etc…….. Peace to you my friend, hayaan mo kapag nagbakasyon ako sa pilipinas this coming january 2010 ipapasyal kita sa rancho namin at sa mga magagandang tanawin na nakapalibot sa rancho nasa tuktok kasi ng bundok overlooking the city of tuguegarao. Same as tagaytay.

  11. James says:

    Very nice, impressive pictures! I visited Callao Caves 2 months ago. The pictures are a big contrast to what I experienced. The place is unmaintained. Untidy and unorganized. No places to spend overnight nearby. Services- food shops is almost inexistent, and there is almost no option for food except pork floating in oil. Ferry to cross the river is unorganized that boat people have to move us from boat to boat when one has already seated us. You feel sorry for the caves- the stalagmites and stalactites are wearing out by human abuse and mismanagement. I don’t want to go back to that place agaian. Besides it so hot to travel, the place is not as exciting as one expects. This is a sad reality that reflects the values and character of Cagayanos. I don’t recommend the place to tourist. I regret to have spent time going to that cave.

    • Cyjay says:

      Hi James..

      malas mo lang..we can not really avoid such things like the one you had experienced in the boat..its happening everywhere anyway..
      And by the way..Thank you so much for insulting the Cagayanos.. I just wish you are kind enough para naman magkaroon ng saysay ang panglalait mo sa mga taga Cagayan..
      Care to know that Tuguegarao City was once recorded as the hottest place in the Philippines..are you reading articles anyway?

  12. chezzanet says:

    I love Gattaran the most!!!!

  13. rod says:

    Im a Cagayano too and i finish my college in ST PAUL UNIVERSITY batch 2002. seeing these pictures reminds me of my childhood days in cagayan. kanayun nak nga agpansit idi college nak dijay triangle ken budjoks. Cant wait to come home again and visit the beautiful places in cagayan specially in down stream, where can you find a black sand beach and white sand beach, sa sta ana cagayan lang meron nyan. ohhhhh palaui island can’t wait to seeing you again.

  14. sheryl ann says:

    ..ka miz npo tuguegarao……sana mka balik aq dyann…….

  15. rick campos says:

    Hi, we are a company that offers travel packages to Cagayan Valley. May i ask your permission if we could use some of your write ups about Cagayan on our site for us to promote more the packages we are offering. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

  16. jethie_lasam says:

    it was a great job to the one who posted these pics. they were all fantastic!!!!

    cagayan is indeed an awesome place to live in. namiss ko 2loy ang 2gegarao,i wonder kung meron pang budyoks near SPUP coz we used to eat there with my friends after class. Wanna say hi to all paulinians BSED batch 2003.

  17. sana magpost ka ng maraming pictures ng aparri..

    Aparri.. where the river meets the sea…

  18. ken says:

    wow! what a spectacular presentation! i love it!

  19. achie8275 says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I was googling tuguegarao and saw your blogsite. I was born and raised in tuguegarao. I studied there from elementary to college and even work in Aparri for 2 years until I left for abroad and travelling since then. Seeing all these pictures brings back lovely memories. These pictures were all so beautiful, like you, I have explored most if not all of these places when I was still back home but I never thought that seeing them again would make me feel soooo homesick or so proud of my hometown. You made me want to hope on a plane and go home again!!!I will be looking forward to your pictures of Callao Cave, last time I was there, it was college with friends (sigh). You haven’t taken pictures of pagudpud in Ilocos and the long winding road along the side of the mountain with the pacific ocean on the other side? that a site for a sore eye!!!

  20. Regulus R. Miranda, Sr says:

    Hi I am Reg Miranda of Paddaya, Aparri, Cagayan.

    In case one does not know there are two ways to go to Manila from Aparri. One is from Aparri turn right through Magapit bridge and follow that road to Sanchez Mira, Claveria, Pagudpud in Ilocos Norte. Then all the way to Ilocos Sur, Pangasinan, Pampanga, Bulacan then eventually Manila.

    The other route is from Aparri, Lal-lo, Gattaran and all the towns in between then Tuguegarao. Just follow the National highway to Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya passing the famous santa Fe zig-zag road, Nueva Ecija, Bulacan then Manila. This route is a little shorter than the Ilocos route but they are both scenic. At present however, the highway thru Ilocos area is more maintained to my opinion.

    I took the tour around on my last visit to Aparri for the 80th Anniversary and class reunion of ASAT. It is worth the trip especially when you have an ample time to taste the specialty foods that are offered along the highways.

    Just want to mention here by the way that on one occasion when we went to Piat from Aparri via Tuguegarao, between Tuguegarao and Piat there is this eatery where they offer freshly caught tilapia from their fishpond. They will cook it to your liking. The tinuno comes foremost to me. With rice and bagoong for sawsawan and I ate with my bare hands, oh my golly what an experience I never forget. I am looking forward to go there again next time around. I thought I enjoy the sceneries here in Canada and States for the last 33 years but it is just dawning on me that there are also so many beautiful places in the Philippines that I have not seen. Sorry me. I am looking forward to retire in the Philippines half of the year (during winter storm here in Canada) and half of the year here in during summer.

    Dyos ti agngina Apo fellow cagayanos ken mabbalo mga kokkufun.

  21. Maps says:

    Wow sounds exciting.I cant wait my upcoming vacation in Cagayan and also to meet my inlaws for the first time. I am already excited to see the place which i’ve been waiting for the long time. Nwie can someone tell me also how far the Ilocos Sur from Tuguegarao by taking a public transportation. wanted to know since i am planning to go there on my way back to Manila. Just have a clue. thanks…

  22. Roger Joshua says:

    This pictures really reminds me of my early age. I grew up and went to high school in baggao but did not graduated there. I finished my high school in the states. Half of it was in CCT. (1st & 2nd year). Pancit was one of my favorite food (love batil patong). I went back recently for my cousin wedding and got a chance to holla to some of my friends. we went to sta. ana and spent a night there together with my ex-gf……
    For me, it does not matter how pretty USA is, there’s no place like home!! I will be going back again in 6 weeks from now to meet this girl that goes to saint paul univ. and hopefully i can add some pics to this site.

  23. Rachel Navarra-Klinefelter says:

    I was just browsing and found this! This part of the Philippines I have not visited. The farthest I’ve been in the Northern Region was in Pagudpud (?) Ilocos Norte. I was born and raised in Quezon City with Ilocano & Vsayan parents. I left my dear country 32 years ago but comes homes often. I had a lot of relatives married to Cagayano’s and also once in my Government workplace department is about 98% from the Valley. As a matter of fact one of my dear friend Mon Gorospe is from Tuguegarao. (If anyone knows him please forward my e-mail address, rachel.klinefelter@navy.mil, I was formerly Rachel Navarra) Me and my husband goes home to the Philippines every year and maybe this time will find time to go up the Valley. Also the pancit sounds yum yum. Does anyone has the recipe to it?
    Hats off to you Constantine. Thanks for sharing.

  24. minette says:

    i was impressed on the pictures that you have captured in cagayan..i was born and raised also in baggao, cagayan but i am not as lucky as you because i have not yet seen some of these scenic places like the Magapit Bridge..i though, our place is just a typical province..wow, i got to find a way to pass by that way going to Manila since it has been one of my dream is to see the beauty of Ilocos region…thanks for featuring cagayan beauty.

  25. nollie flores says:

    i’m a tractor/trailer truck driver, and i do really frequently plying those route you have mentioned.. but, it’s only now that i am beginning to notice and appreciate the beauty of the province of cagayan.. thank you.. you have just taught me to appreciate the beauty of nature around us..

  26. Egay says:

    hi! i just came from tuguegarao about an hour ago via cebu pacific.
    about this suspension bridge – i am not that sure if it was/is really a suspension bridge – it does look like it because of the cables and all, but i think there are columns below… oh well, no big deal… but it was lonnng 🙂

    i did not see much of tuguegarao as i was there for a quick business trip… perhaps next time, then i’ll try those caves and the other “places to see” there.

    one thing i noticed, though: ALL shops are closed by 6PM; 7PM looks & feels like 12MN… i didn’t realize people still sleep early 😉 … interesting, too, if those noisy tricycles would be banned into the crevices of the city and then the city would be clean!

    just me.


  27. bg says:

    Cagayan,….. Isabela…. these places are great!! I have a lot of great memories of them. I was born in Cabagan Isabela and live less than a mile from the place where they make the famous pansit cabagan. We use to go there early in the morning(you have to go there early or else you won’t be able to get anything) and buy a lot of pansit to send to our relatives in Manila or other places. The best pansit cabagan is made out of the fresh noodles.

    I love your blogs… and thanks for the pictures.. it brings back a lot of memories in the philippines. Keep up the good work..

  28. Corrie says:

    Hello everyone,

    TO MELINDA, I also finished my High School in Lal-lo, what year we’re you there? i Graduated in 1992. I’m now living in England, i just got back from home last February, planning to go back by January if God’s will. my email ad if you want to get in touch is
    corywright82@hotmail.co.uk My maiden name is Argonza, hope to hear from you, many thanks.

    TO LHEN, Hi to you, can you please email me, if it’s not to much to ask you? i have a friend who’s in Cyprus as well at the moment some of my friend is also from Gattaran
    you might know them? thanks, i look forward to hearing from you.

  29. annette says:

    hi!!! I love Gattaran,,,, my hometown.

    I miss Tuguegarao City,,,where i studied (high school n college n graduate school)
    (find time also to feature the excellent schools of Tuguegarao, particularly USL,SPUP,CSU)

    how i wish i will have time to visit all my friends when i get home.

    heavenscent_net@yahoo.com.ph ……..if u want to keep in touch.



  30. hay napakaganda talaga ng Cagayan Valley specially sa La-lo. mga former clasm8s q jan sa lal-lo i email nyo naman ako crisaldo77@yahoo.com

  31. Melinda says:

    dear fellow Cagayanos!- i am from Allacapan, finished elementary and high school in Lal-lo, and YES there are a lot of things to be proud of about Cagayan… basilica minore in Piat, the famous way of the cross in Iguig – life size statues -, great beaches in Claveria, Sta Ana and Palau Island. The oldest bell in the Far East is found in Camalaniugan! There is a ferry that goes to Calayan Island – if you are adventurous enough!! Callao caves in Penablanca! An old Spanish church in Lal-lo. Allacapan is famous for rice plantation (harvest can be very abundant! – and it is home to Florida Bus Line!! The towns to watch are Lal-lo and Sta Ana. An airport will be built in Sta Ana. Food is just great and very cheap — from seafoods to vegetables!! May Jollibee na sa Aparri – hehehe!! Cebu Pacific flies from Manila to Tuguegarao everyday at very cheap rates if booked early – P 3000 both ways !! A first class bus service is also available managed by Florida —- from Manila to Tuguegarao (10 hrs trip) – first class as in more than business class in an aircraft -i.e.- bed in the bus!!!!
    I’ve been living in Vienna, Austria for almost 20 years now but I could never exchange the simplicity of life the Ilocanos have!! Niambag nga aldaw yu amin!!

    • narag fredie camayang says:

      tnx kabayan right wherever we are if we get far from our beloved province of cagayan…nka2home an bayan natin pag iniisip.but what we can do?kelangan mg abroad for the future of the coming generation…tapnu di da nga mapadasan ti rigat nga napadasan tayo…im here k.s.a jubail industrial city……….

  32. Torn says:

    Hi Lhen, good you was able to come by and was reminded of your childhood. Nostalgic, isn’t it? Hope I was able to quell your longingness for Gattaran. Stay safe… 🙂

  33. Lhen says:

    im Lhen from Gattaran.. i was fascinated to see those beautiful photos.. i used to eat pancit cabagan and pancit batil patong with my friends and boardmates when i was in college at USLT, mmm love it! but the photo that caught my attention well is the one you said a TINY WATCHTOWER, that was in magapit.. but me and my sisters used to call it KASTILYONG BATO, we used to stay in that watchtower with my sisters usually in the afternoon. close to that is a hotel where we lived for almost 6 years, and beside of the hotel is a restaurant, my dad manage them before.. we went back to gattaran when i was 10 years old.. since then i’ve never been to this place again,, and I am 25 now,.. yes, that was so long ago and i just miss the place.. I am here in Cyprus now for 2 years and i miss cagayan so much, my family live there.. I hope to see Philippines next year.. thank you for the photos.. more power..

  34. virgie ballesteros provorse says:

    i was born and raise in gattaran , cagayan .graduated from lyceam of lal-lo back in 1975. i have been awy from home and residing here in us for the past 26 years but still miss cagayan a lot.hope to visit next year

  35. Joan says:

    Hi, I’m from Tuao. Nung college days (SLCT) ko lagi kaming nag Pansit Cabagan. Afu ani mabba! 🙂

  36. wanda says:

    wow! cagayan, aryattaka vuluvvuga nga kataman

    i miss singing this song when i was in grade school hehe we usually sing this during mondays.

    yeah a lot of developments have happened. and more to come especially with the coming in of investors in santa ana. hope our politicians and people wont forget about “sustainable development”.

  37. Marissa Marcos Soriano says:

    Taste the carabao’s milk candy at Alcala and the sinigang na “Purong”, “Malaga” and “Kapiged” at one of Aparri’s restaurant. Don’t forget the delicious Crabs, jumping shrimp salad of Buguey and Sta Teresita and the lobsters at Sta Ana. Mouth watering isn’t it?

  38. Corrie says:

    Hello Rowena, i just wondered where you are, from?
    thanks. Cagayan is really a very beautiful place &
    i’m proud i was born in this lovely place.

  39. sir says:

    870? nagngina unay daytan, siguro peak time isu nga nangina la unay. anyway, kasta a talaga.

    okay, hope to see u back sa cagayan…

  40. jhay says:

    870 rather say.. too much if it is 8700 hehe. anyway, MABUHAY to all d people in cagayan valley!!

  41. jhay says:

    hello, juz wondering how much is d fare now from manila to lal-lo, cagayan travelling by a bus? the last time i went back on 2005, it was like 8700 or something.. anyone know how much now? just curious, thanks!

    i can’t wait 2 go back n visit my home town!

  42. niña says:

    seeing this blog brings back memories of Cagayan…
    i miss this nice place.really!
    wish i could again visit the place, pass the magapit suspension bridge and go to Our lady of Piat.

  43. Arlo Gilbert says:

    nakapinpintas ti panangala dagiti ladawan.. this is one of the memorable places that I can’t forgot at all..

  44. Thats because of the adrenalin rush Rowena… Just normal when you have stumbled a long lost hometown you have not seen for a long time…Cagayan davvun nga kakastan niyakan.

  45. Rowena says:


    sorry just want to correct some of my word in my comment like Tuguegarao, and some words that connect. hehheheh……I am in hurry to do it kasi ……… busy, busy busy, busy….basta I love Cagayan valley where my hometown is.

  46. Rowena says:


    I really miss this place cos I have so many unforgetable memories inthis town. Hope to be back in philippines again and visit Tuuguearao again…. I also Love Batil patong there. but i just dont know the location. one ofmy freind just bring me there….it’s really tasty!

  47. Arnold Diaz says:

    Magapit is actually the last barangay of Lal-lo boundary of Gattaran what I knew about the Magapit bridge was an RCDG type of bridge but so many times the mid Structure/column which they erected at the middle of the Cagayan river didn’t work-out because of the mighty Cagayan river current so they decide to re-designed it to a suspension bridge. Thanks for the nice shots keep it up and God Bless

  48. Rolan Jayme says:

    As i don’t have anything to do i decided to do a search for Cagayan, my home province in google and there i was able to come up with this website showing some beautiful sites in Cagayan and it really made me feel proud somehow knowing that a lot of people will also be seeing these pictures with amazement.
    By the way it also made me feel hungry when i get to view the famous “pancit cabagan” and “pansit batil patong”. I’m really looking forward to taste it again once i get back home.
    And please post some more pictures…

  49. michelle says:

    I love the place.many memories remind me of that place.i want to go back there

  50. Marhaba!
    Assalamu Allaikhum, My name is Melvin John M. Panaga & I’m working & living here in Kuwait for over 15 years now with my wife & two daughters. & we haven’t went to the Philippines to spend our vacation… One day while browsing in my computer i accidentally typed “Cabagan” & searched then i was shocked when i saw the pictures of my father’s birth place “Anao, Cabagan, Isabela” & my last vacation on Cabagan, Isabela was last summer of 1989….. Upon seeing the pictures on the website & came to my senses i suddenly called my wife & two daughters & told them that I’ve a surprise for them, I told them that we’re going to the Philippines to spend our summer vacation on my father’s home town which has the famous “Pansit Cabagan” which i always told them a story about how delicious it is & I’m really dying for along time to see, smell, taste & eat a bunch of it…..
    I thank & appreciate you all ’cause if not for you guys my vacation to Cabagan, Isabela which I,m planning with my wife & kids for a very long time will not be fulfill.

    More power to you, and God Bless…

    My sincerest regards,

    Melvin John M. Panaga
    Regional Operations Manager – K.U.R.M.
    +965 765-7231

  51. spottedwhittie says:

    nice place. i love the batil patong. sana meron dto sa manila. hekhek

  52. Ronald says:

    nice post. btw, im from magapit.

  53. William Scholes says:

    Im from Sout Africa and had the chance to visit Tuguegarao City. There were plenty of beautiful girls around,,, I happened to have a girlfriend in a matter of hours… Hope I can come back and find this girl again…


  54. edwin beduya says:

    hello there! i just imagine when i was in my grade & high school in lal-lo, cagayan & i stayed & grew-up with my parents in tropical, magapit, lal-lo. i remembered that hanging bridge in magapit was our playground and that was wonderful, even in my high school life in lyceum of lal-lo, you can see the old church in there that made in breeks stones. i now residing in caloocan city herein manila. to those who knows me, just txt me on my cp #09185338633 or just make a call. and to those who have not yet visit the cagayan valley then what are you waiting for? got here and enjoy the place!

  55. ejoy says:

    i’m planning of moving in sta. ana,tuguegarao
    i just want to know if there’s a house for rent in sta. ana… i really deed help.. thanks

  56. gmblasamtravel agency says:

    you can visit cagayan valley again and see other pkces like sta ana and visit also churches bulilt on d 16th and 17th century, you can make arrangement with us, bring along friends para exciting tnx

  57. Bhelle says:

    Im Bhelle, My Mom live in Cagayan Valley and I do have a house in Tuguegarao City. Wow! I do love Cagayan Valley a lot. Currently not living in philippines right now and my last vacation I was amazed the development of Cagayan Valley. The Mall, the Airport and a lot more are fantastic. I love the Callao Cave so amazing. I hope you guys discover Gonzaga, Cagayan one day because it is a nice and clean rich place, everything you wanted for relaxing view was there. I love the sea, the clear river, and the safe and sound place, nice big houses huh! I love the Chruch in Piat as well. Me and my husband planning to live in Cagayan Valley when we get retired, He can’t wait to see the place though. If you guys haven’t seen Cagayan Valley yet. I tell you it worth your visit. Take Care.

    • narag fredie camayang says:

      kabayan your rihgt cagayan is a very nice and beatifull province at all.how i miss the place…im here working at k.s.a.jubail….why you forget tuguegarao in letter?im frome tuguegarao inspite of the act that thers no mall in gonzaga…

  58. Torn says:

    hi weng! I’m glad you like the feature here. Cagayan Valley is indeed a very nice place waiting to be discovered more!!!

  59. weng of hk says:

    thanks for featuring tuguegarao city/cagayan valley.. its really a nice place.. local people here are very hospitable.. though some of them who lives in barrios is difficult to speak tagalog.. but still they manage to give you their sweetest smile.. ive missed lot of things now there… caused half of my life ive been away.. nway im glad that our goverment official is doing their best in developing cagayan… cheers for the future en for the best….

  60. Constantine says:

    To Anonymous – After Callao Cave, I will feature Aparri – nice place!

  61. Anonymous says:

    thanks for featuring Aparri. i can’t wait for it…i no longer live there but my parents still go home once in a while to check on our house. i’m now based in manila but currently out of the country. i really miss the place.

  62. Constantine says:

    To “Anonymous” – Cagayan is indeed a great place! The pansit batil patong is really worth trying. Like no other noodle I have tasted…

  63. Constantine says:

    Ivan Mandy, big thx for visiting, what a privilege from someone like you! Hey, we enjoyed our power walk tour and a friend from Tokyo is very interested about it!

  64. Anonymous says:

    These places seem ti tickle my bones and may just come home again! The pansit patong sounds really interesting…

  65. Ivan ManDy says:

    Great blog! Will be wok-ing by more often to check out your travels. Will also link you up to mine ;o)

  66. Constantine says:

    To “Anonymous” of Appari, my next post will be Aparri! You might just see familiar places then…

  67. Constantine says:

    Thx for visiting Jase, the province is worth visiting. There are a lot of places to go to unfortunately we did not have the luxury of time…

  68. Anonymous says:

    nice site. i’m from aparri, cagayan.

  69. jase says:

    I have a friend before who lives in Tugegarao… i want to visit these beautiful province!

  70. Constantine says:

    Thx for the correction,Jake!

    • narag fredie camayang says:

      mga classmate…you still remember?this is fredie narag gruaduated bacth 1988-1989…here is my emai add..abdhul.khareem@yahoo.com…nasan na ba kayo?after grad.sa cagayan national high school..cnhs..nghiwahiwalay na tayo…im here working at k.s.a…beap me up miss ko na yung high school life natin….

  71. jfi says:

    Magapit Suspension Bridge is already covered by Lal-lo

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