Aparri…more than the song – Aparri, Cagayan

“Mula Aparri hanggang Jolo, saan ka man ay halina kayo, isang-libo’t isang tuwa, buong bansa…Eat Bulaga!” – this is the famous line from the jingle of the longest running noontime show on local television.

From the time I started singing the jingle in my younger years in the province up to this very moment that I am now half passed my life in Manila, the jingle never changed, if at all, only the arrangement did. It has left a subliminal message in me that Aparri is the farthest to the north, and Jolo to the south. The truth, however, is, they are not. There are places farther north than Aparri, and farther south than Jolo. Be that as it may, I had the chance to visit Aparri on our way back to Ilocos, not to confirm if indeed, it is the farthest in the north but to see what’s in Aparri, having become so popular because of the “Eat Bulaga” jingle.

Instead of turning left to Allacapan (going to Ilocos), we went straight to Lal-lo (or Lalloc). The Municipality of Lal-lo is a “discovery” because of its historical significance. I have learned that Lal-lo holds the distinction of being one of four cities (the others being Manila, Cebu and Naga) in the Philippines, named “Ciudad Nueva Segovia” in 1581. Other historical facts about this small town are reflected in the (Philippine Historical Committee) Marker of the church below:


“It may not be the grandest brick church you’ll see but it has an incomparable charm to other brick churches I’ve seen.”


“Church Marker”

This wooden cross encased in glass stands in a park across the church, overlooking the majestic Cagayan River.


The marker of the cross reads:

“The Evangelization Cross”
“It stands in solitary silence but an eloquent monument of faithof the Missionary activities of the Dominican Fathers who planted this venerable cross on this hallowed grounds to seal the stamp of possession of the lives of the people of Christ.This cross believed to be more than 300 years old has weathered time and endured the elements of nature sending strong message to the people of Lal-lo that their will and faith in God must remain steadfast and strong.On the occasion of the 400 years anniversary celebrations of the arrival of Our Lady of Piat from Macau, China (1604) to Cagayan Valley and in particular in Lal-lo and during the launching of the Quadricentennial celebration (January 12, 2004), this Holy Cross Park was blessed…”

After Lal-Lo, we passed by Camalaniugan, until we reached Aparri.


We just followed the road because we didn’t know where to go and what to see until we reached the end of it and halted to this place:


“Where young couples meet!”

We checked our map to confirm where we are exactly and found out that what we are looking at is the “Babuyan Channel.” Next to where we were standing are some islands still within the jurisdiction of Aparri. Next to it would be the islands of Batanes, then very close would already be Taiwan.


A view of the “Babuyan Channel”


“Fishing Village”



Here are other images I have captured at the Babuyan Channel:


“Tricycle by the Ocean”


“PAGASA Observatory”

On our way out of Aparri, we saw this structure which merited my shot because of its “character.”



We may not have spent ample time in Aparri to go around and look around (for some more), but the experience of standing at the tip of the island of Luzon is one moment I will never forget. It’s worth the long drive afterall…

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    Our first visit to Appari was in 2005 it was so fantistic. Then we all decided to move to Turkey and got residence permit http://residencepermitturkey.com but that was not all. We returned back in 2006.

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  5. OtivOicangi says:

    Then do something to show how you truly love Aparri!… less talk, more performance!…

  6. jover racca says:

    i love aparri,,

  7. ronald arellano says:

    wow!!!.it’s my first time to visit this page.
    i’ts my great honor to give also a short message here.
    well, i am also a product of Paddaya (a barangay wherin most of my co-hometown knows that we are one of the unfortunate brgy. in town) but proud to say that most of us succeed due to the unpayable hardships of our parents sending us to school without knowing whre to get our financial needs just attain where we are now.
    i took my elementary education at paddaya elementary school then took my high school at csu-a and finished my bs-electrical engineering at csu-tuguegarao and fortunately passed by board exam last 2006…
    those giving message and people mentioned here are familiar to me and so i want to extend my humbly admiration to them and for our good leaders most especially to mayor ismael tumaru who have been a part of success..
    Go!!!.,people in paddaya show them that we can also make our barangay a beautiful and productive one!!!
    just believe in him and he will grant all of our dreams!!!.i luv you jesus!!

  8. Nice Aparri shots. I went there via motorcycle last April 17-23.2011. Aparri is a beautiful place. I uploaded my photos in http://www.128bit.multiply.com. Thanks for the story.

  9. Fortifyer says:

    Ayala, NorthWind to build new wind farms0 (3/23/2011 | 06:24 PM

    Ayala Corp., a new player in the renewable energy sector, will join NorthWind Power Development Corp. develop new projects in Aparri, Cagayan and Pamplona, Cagayan Valley with an estimated of 40 megawatts (MW) each.

    NorthWind chairman Ferdinand Dumlao told reporters Wednesday the partnership with the Ayala Group will enable them to go ahead with the wind farms. “We are confident that we can embark on these new projects.”

    Michigan Power Inc., Ayala’s wholly owned unit, last week bought 50 percent equity in NorthWind for P512 million, plus an additional payment depending on certain performance indicators.

    “Like any developer, we are awaiting the approval of the feed-in tariff. The development of our expansion projects hinges upon approval of a viable feed-in tariff, which we hope that the petition will be filed on or before March 31 by the National Renewable Energy Board with the endorsement of the Energy Department,” Dumlao said.

    NorthWind subsidiaries are developing the wind projects. NorthPoint Wind Power Corp. will develop the 40-MW wind farm along the shores of Barangay Dodan in Aparri, Cagayan. This project, consisting of 20 to 25 wind turbines, has a $95-million price tag and is envisioned to supply the power needs of electric cooperatives in the province.

    The feed-in tariff refers to a mechanism of computing the cost of renewable energy and ensures that investors are paid for what they produce.

    Another unit, NorthEast Wind Systems Corp., will build the wind farm in Pamplona, Cagayan Valley and sell its output to the Luzon grid.

    Dumlao said the new projects face “certain constraints” — on top of the feed-in tariff — like the transmission facilities where the projects are located.

    “For example, for Cagayan, if we have a financial closing by September, two years from now or by 2013, the transmission facilities should be in place,” he said.

    So far, the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines, which operates the country’s power transmission highway, has not given a firm commitment to put up the transmission lines linking the projects to the corresponding grid.

    “They should have a firm commitment because we have to deliver that power [to consumers]. And we need that for the banks,” Dumlao said.

    NorthWind operates the 33-MW Bangui Bay wind project in Ilocos Norte, the largest wind farm in Southeast Asia.

    The $50-million wind farm sells electricity to the Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative, providing 40 percent of the power requirements of Ilocos Norte.

  10. Fortifyer says:

    PIA Press Release
    Friday, January 28, 2011

    Construction of Aparri Doppler radar to start in March
    Tuguegarao City, January 27 (PIA) The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical Astronomical Services Administration- Department of Science and Technology (DOST-Pagasa) said that the construction of the Doppler radar in Aparri, Cagayan will start in March this year.

    Engr. Leo L. Bunag, Chief of the Northern Luzon PAGASA Regional Services Division said the Doppler radar would make it possible to gauge the rainfall volume and forecast typhoon directions.

    At present, Bunag said, the Pag-asa Northern Luzon is still using conventional instruments in the weather forecasts in the area.

    Bunag further said, through the Doppler radar, the Pagasa could give more advance warning on the strength, direction and rainfall content of approaching meteorological events and this will enable the residents as well as the concerned agencies to prepare for disasters.

    The Doppler radar, a state-of-the-art technology, has four major components – meteorological radar system; meteorological data display system; meteorological data satellite communications system, Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) and a radar building.

    Earlier, Bunag said that the Doppler radar in Aparri, Cagayan is one of the Doppler installation projects of DOST-Pag-asa which is a part of the P500 million Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) grant to PAGASA.

    Aside from the Doppler radar installation, the DOST-Pagasa is also in the process of identifying sites for the establishment of automatic weather stations (AWS). Bunag said the sites for the AWS should be secured because these are usually unmanned.

    “ We have already established one AWS in Palanan, Isabela and we intend to establish another in Divilacan and Maconacon in Isabela and Sta. Ana in Cagayan.

    The automatic weather stations are sending automatic weather reports to Pagasa through short messaging system or SMS. (TCBicarme)

  11. FE P. ALVAREZ says:

    I am keeping in touch for my brother and sisters once in the care of their foster mother/aunt Lucia Sison Pague in Davao City. They are Rody Taguba, Lily Taguba. Mother Lucia is now 90 years old and she is hoping to see you soon. Pls. keep in touch … this is my emailadd: pepotalvarez@yahoo.com


  12. pls if there are some good chatter or people care so send a email regarding
    this postal code of this Brgy toran Aparri Cagayan thanks so much..!! GOD BLESS ALL..

  13. federico coscolluela says:

    thank you sir for having a site like ths,im an asat alumni class 90-91 i would like to call the attention of my classmates ‘where are you guys!!!!????’ sana po magkaroon tayo ng reunion in the coming years. god bless you all! -federico coscolluela.

  14. Fortifyer says:

    Dredging at Cagayan – Threat to Environment ? (Philippines)Posted on Sep 3rd, 2010 with tags Asia, Cagayan, dredging, Environment, News, Philippines, Threat.

    Extraction of sand in the waters of Cagayan continues to threaten one of the country’s most expensive fish, whose dwindling population is already beset by unregulated fishing.

    According to the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR), dredging or sand extraction in Cagayan’s northern coastlines may have negative impact on efforts to save the ludong, which only thrives in the Cagayan River.

    Dr. Jovita Ayson, BFAR director for Cagayan Valley, said the ludong, also called the President’s fish because of its extremely high price, is one of the country’s most threatened edible fish.

    Citing a 2008 study, BFAR said these dredging activities would destroy the ludong’s habitat, spawning areas and food producing zones in the Cagayan River from Isabela and its tributaries to the open seas in Cagayan’s coastal Aparri town.

    These dredging activities “may likely obstruct the migration path of this fish,” the BFAR said.

    Reports said the extraction of black sand in Cagayan’s coastlines continues despite the suspension of such activities by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources and the provincial government.

    Recently, Bayombong Bishop Ramon Villena denounced the extraction of black sand amid apprehension that this poses great danger to the environment and is hazardous to the health of residents.

    “(The dredging activity) was supposed to be a flood control project but in reality, it was mining for magnetite which is ultimately destructive,” he said.

    The ludong population is also being threatened by “heavy exploitation as a result of its encouraging market price.”

    Also known as the Pacific salmon, the seasonal ludong, described as one of the country’s most delectable fish, is priced at as much as P5,000 per kilo, making it one of Philippines’ most expensive fish.

    Earlier, Cagayan Rep. Juan Ponce Enrile Jr. called for the banning of the catching of ludong during its spawning and breeding periods in the last quarter of the year.

    Enrile’s first congressional district covering Cagayan’s northeastern corner, including Aparri town, is where most of the spawning of ludong takes place.

    “We are resolute in safeguarding (our) natural wealth. Ludong is found only in Cagayan and should be acknowledged for its intrinsic value and as part of the world’s biodiversity,” Enrile said.

    Ludong, a rare species of mullet (Cestraeus picatilis), is a riverine and seasonal fish that is catadromous in nature, meaning it is a freshwater fish that migrates from the upper Cagayan River in Isabela to Aparri, Cagayan to breed, a journey of some 300 kilometers.

    It is during this journey or breeding season from October to November that they are caught by fishermen even before they could grow bigger or spawn.

    By Charlie Lagasca (philstar)

  15. Fortifyer says:

    NorthWind to proceed with Cagayan wind power project
    By Donnabelle L. Gatdula (philstar.com) Updated August 22, 2009 12:00 AM

    MANILA, Philippines – Northpoint Wind Power Corp., a subsidiary of NorthWind Power Development Corp., is pushing through with its 40-megawatt wind power project in Aparri, Cagayan.

    NorthWind chairman Ferdinand Dumlao said their subsidiary has started gathering data and has been continuing its efforts to secure the necessary government permits for the $95-million wind project.

    “We have set up Northpoint for the Cagayan project funded with fresh equity. Approvals from the Environment and Natural Resources and Energy departments and the local government units are being processed,” Dumlao said.

    Dumlao said the Aparri project is the company’s top priority this year. Aparri sits at the mouth of the Cagayan river, about 55 miles north of Tugegarao.

    “Still too many work to be done but we are progressing,” Dumlao said.

    The NorthWind executive said the project has received support from Japanese, Danish and Spanish investors and creditors. He said NorthWind is also hoping to sign supply contracts with the electric cooperatives in Cagayan.

    NorthWind has completed the expansion of the 33-MW Bangui Bay wind project in Ilocos Norte, the largest wind farm in Southeast Asia.

    The Bangui Bay project, estimated to cost $50 million, sells electricity to the Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative and provides 40 percent of the power requirements of the province of Ilocos Norte.

    Dumlao said the passage of the Renewable Energy Bill will help entice investors to come in and invest in RE projects such as wind.

    “The provision in the RE bill that will allow investors to enjoy incentives will help promote wind energy development,” he said.

    The Philippines is one of the biggest sources of wind power in the world. Based on government data, the country can harness some 200 MW to 400MW from wind energy sources in the next 15 years to 20 years.

    • Kokofun says:

      With the impending start of this power generation project for Aparri, I guess the people of Aparri would benefit from it starting from from its FEED until its final commissioning. First call to all able the Professionalsthat ASAT had produced particularly the Engineers and Technicians. The time has come now to apply and partake with this significant development in the area. Thanks again fortifyer for this.
      God bless us all.

  16. Arnold Diaz says:

    Hello! There! Aparri Industrialization? and Agri Business? I don’t think so! manage and supervised by LGU’S? it’s just next to impossible right now someone is already crying on how to arrange the parking space of these growing number of tricycles if you can’t do anything to this simple query of Mr. Bong de la Cruz then it’s just a shame on you people who are just DAY DREAMING just like shooting the moon with an air gun listen to what you are telling here gagayyem. I really can’t figure it out how this LGU’s can manage an industrialized Zone. problema lang iti tricycle nangamote kayon wenno tinurugan yu pay ketdin. Well let’s see but for sure in 10years time nothing will happen the song remains the same.

  17. bong dela cruz says:

    mr fortifyer and the rest who are always speaking of development. how could you develope aparri into an industrialize town if the town officials could not even draft an ordinance prohibiting the use of our major streets like de rivera and rizal streets as terminals of tricycles. these tricycles are privately owned vehicles intended for business purposes and thry should not be allowed ti used government properties as their parking areas especialy when these areas are being used by the public. our bisinesses along de rivera and rizal streets are being hampered by the presence of so many parked tricycles long these areas. our clients could hardly pass through these line of tricycles from the don alfonso bridge down to rizal street. these is not only one side of the street but both sides. are our munici[al officials good observants or they are there in their offices waiting for their salaries?

    • Arnold Diaz says:

      Mr. Bong anybody can use a street but not as a permanent parking lot, these tricycles are private owned vehicles the same as your business it’s a private owned too and they have the right to use the street as you do because both of you are paying the required tax in certain and specific business. The office of the Mayor should do something to arrange these tricycles, it’s true most of the Government employees are “SADUT na MAREKLAMO PA” wala namang binatbat kundi maghintay lang ng sweldo at kickback. O kaya bata-bata system which is a rotten practice in a government institution. Lastly they should minimized the growing number of tricycles or else all the narrow streets of Aparri will be full of tricycles.

    • bong says:

      if only the municipal officials from the mayor down to the basureros get out of their offices and go around aparri and observe, i beleive they could make good ordinances that will make aparri a better place to live in. look at the barricade of tricycles along the streets of de rivera and rizal mas matindi pa ke sa barrikada ng mga pulis sa manila pag me rally. an individual could hardly penetrate tnese barricades of tricycles if he wishes to go shopping along de river and rizal streets. the officials only come when they come and compel and collect from business owners financial assistance for the town fiesta kuno in thousands of pesos as if these business establishments are gaing much in their operations. ayusin nyo muna ung mga tricycle sa kalsada para naman maimprove ang mga business establishments along derivera and rizal strrets bagu kayo mangolekta and daangdaang piso sa kanila. all they thought that business in aparri is doing good on the contrary its not. susbukan sana nila and magbukas ng kanikanilang tindahan para maexperience nila paano kahirap magbusiness dito sa aparri.

  18. The so called “Donor”, gawa-gawa lang yan, para ILIHIM sa publiko O ILIHIS ang paniniwala ng ilan…pero sa totoo lang talaga ang tunay na ginagastos ay PERA o PINAGHIRAPANG KAYAMANAN NG TAONG BAYAN.

    • Fortifyer says:

      Dear Sir Arnold Diaz and Sir Bernardo Leoncio Jr. Magarara III,
      Thank you for your posted reply and comment. Actually most of our developmental projects now are being funded under the WB, ADB, EU, UNDP or Bilateral and Multilateral system approach. There is also requirements in all this agreement of the so-called counterpart funding from our government or treasury department to push through with the approved projects by NEDA and other related government instruments (that’s the people taxes and govt. allocated savings, which is about 30-40 of the total project cost or even lesser). All this expenditures also will be undertaken by the Commission on Audits for proper accountabilities. So basically, its very systematic way of doing projects with qualified and professional people. There is also a periodic review of the Project management staff to review and update on the project development and progress. Thank you very much.

      • Arnold Diaz says:

        Mr. Fortifyer who ever is funding any Government related projects either from international banks, World Bank etc.,,it is still considered a loan. If you come to think of it not even the whole population of our beloved Republic is sufficient to repay these LOANS made by these VULTURES! and this comes in trillions now! where the hell did this go then? it’s the same thing again ask the good mouthed POLITIKOS. I’am not new to these things giyem dati nak nga trabahador iti Gobierno tayo, I just can’t stomach what’s going on so I quit! and I hope the new administration will kick all the ass of these corrupt officials and lock them in jail for their wrongdoings. I REALLY HOPE SO.

  19. Les rfrenceurs professionnels de Publika Rfrencement prennent en charge lintgralit des campagnes de rfrencement de leurs clients.

  20. Fortifyer says:

    Thanks Sir Bernardo Magara III, Sir Arnold Diaz for your narratives. You are the history of the places in Aparri which provides important data for the national planners to listen, understand and use it as a tool for their justification in their recommendations to the national government for further evaluation. By your continuous involvement positively you are contributing to the realization of any undertakings related to your concerns. The fact is, the national and local government priorities changes too periodically to suit to the present needs of the locality or any undertakings specially to any priority projects which are donor driven one.

    • Arnold Diaz says:

      Sir Fortifyer there’s no such thing called DONORS in GOVERNMENT PROJECTS especially big ones’ the money comes always from the taxpayer. nu donor driven dagiti proyekto a ket sigurado nga naimbag iti pannakaaramid na. it’s known to all that Government priorities changes every now and then because of bad allocation of funds and planning. Why? there is a bad planning in most Government projects? we can ask this to our good talking POLITIKOS who can promise anything under the SUN wherein you get burned later on.

  21. alfonso says:

    sana matigil na ang pag kuha ng blacksand dito sa aparri nakakaperwisyo na kayo
    kala naman ninyo kung maganda ang ginagawa nyo
    hindi na lang kayo nakuntento kung ano nag meron kayo pati ang hindi nyo pag mamay ari ninanakaw nyo

  22. Arnold Diaz says:

    Mr. Jun Magara, Sir they can’t simply see that road because it’s too small as you have mentioned it’s only about 13 kilometers so what’s the benefit with these people anyway? of course they will pay more attention to what Mr. Fortifyer mentioned in here it’s simple because it will be a bigger project and with a bigger money. si ririing dagitoy nga tattatao giyem ngem kas gagangay agsiim da pay a iti umuna nga pagsayaatanda at least giyem adda itan iti makunkuna nga dalanen nga mapan dita Paddayan nu ikomperak idi mapmapan kami pay laeng maki-fiesta dita ket talaga nga iti dalan laeng ket iti igid iti babay. pagan-anusan a iti masabuagan iti danum ta baybay ta awan met sabali nga pagdalanan. Saan kadi nga nakababain kenni apo Mayor Tumaru nga manipud idi nagtugaw nga Mayor iti Aparri ket nalipatannan iti sangkabassit nga dalanen nga mapan iti nanumo nga lugar nan? sana lang before these Provincial Development ek! ek! will commence if when I don’t know, look first to the basic needs of our brothers, sisters because farm to market roads are very important to all of us AMEN.


    May i express my comment regarding the building and rehabilitation of INFRASTRUCTURES at CAGAYAN, especially at APARRI, my home town, I DO BELIEVE in the existence of the PURPOSE-DRIVEN mind-set of our LOCAL LEADERS nevertheless they do not see the true purpose of factual SERVICE to our fellow. In line with that, may I cite barangays PADDAYA and DODAN ROAD as my example. DR.ISMAEL V. TUMARU, the current Mayor, born at PADDAYA. If we try to trace back his daily life, correct me if I’m wrong, “is he only come to visit that place whenever he needs the cooperation of his constituents?” Barangay festivity is being commemorate yearly, he even celebrated his birthday there with lovely birthday songs from his co- Paddayeños upon his arrival or while the program is going on, he also stayed there for an hour or two telling promises for the next days, One PROMISE I HEARD is the construction of the 13-kilometer Paddaya-Dodan ROAD or may I named it as a FORBIDDEN ROAD, bound to Municipality of BUGUEY.(I am not referring to the SUPER HYIGHWAYS NEAR THE SEA, jeepneys or trucks become submarines if high tide attacks. And one time,way back 2009, “THE IGID BAYBAY TRAGEDY”, one jeepney with full of passengers, one of them is my sister, they met bloody accident while going home.The jeep became uncontrollable that led it to crash to the sand because that time the SUPER HIGH WAY IS NOT ADVISABLE TO DRIVE-THRU, but no choice but to take that way. Some blamed the season, some blamed the driver, some blamed the unavailability of jeeps bound to Paddaya some blamed the overloading, some said nothing,by the way, whose to blame? But one thing is for sure, IF THE ROAD going to the Paradise of Paddaya IS GOOD THEN, NO PROBLEM WILL OCCUR..)


    So many questions to be asked yet no answers to be provided.

    To whom shall we throw and present those forbidden questions.

    My friend, I am already 24 year old, Paddaya boy, always seeing that road, the graveled road, yes, I admit I’d like to walk along the seashore before, when I am still studying at AENHS and CSUA, me and my companions enjoying singing with the lovely waves of the sea, laughing, teasing each other while walking-running. There, pains will be gone. There, too, we committed to serve just after finishing our course, believing in our vision that someday, we the learned and educated sons and daughters of Paddaya will rise and be the one to build up the FORBIDDEN ROAD if the present leaders can’t do, in our own way.





    • roland of U.P. Manila says:

      why kasi di nila dala yung anchor or perhaps the conductor did not able to drop the anchor? i still remember our fence nabangga ng track na taga paddaya (as they called it) driven by manong Romy taloza buti na lang nakaiwas my late mother. I do hope sana pati naman kalsada sa amin from maura till sitio sto tomas maalikabok pag dumadaan mga sasakyan.

  24. Fortifyer says:

    Aparri Port Zone realization underway
    by Thelma C. Bicarme

    Tuguegarao City (16 July) — The Aparri Port Zone’s vision to become an industrial and agribusiness area of Northern Luzon and the national gateway to East Asian Countries for trade and investments is nearing realization as the stakeholders vowed to support for its immediate construction.

    In the stakeholders meeting for the Aparri Port Development held on July 6, Regional Director Milagros Rimando of the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) hinted that a new Regional Development Council (RDC) Resolution will be needed because of the enlarged zone delineation proposed by the Local Government Unit of Aparri.

    A Sangguniang Panlalawigan Resolution endorsed a zone delineation of 368 hectares with 12.75 hectares land area and 355.244 hectares water area, affecting 126 households with 140 families.

    Rimando stressed that all issues regarding the resettlement area should be resolved before the project will be presented to the RDC.

    The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Community Environment and Natural Resources (CENRO) and the Local Government Unit of Aparri assured that they will work together for a survey and resettlement planning.

    Alternative areas to be donated by the Province of Cagayan and the Cagayan State University at Aparri will also be considered.

    A memorandum of agreement will also be accomplished as regards to the devolution of Aparri Port from Philippine Ports Authority to LGU Aparri so that the construction of the port by a foreign developer will commence as soon as possible.

    The sea port will be developed by the China Bond International Corporation through its local corporate affiliates namely, Lutra, Inc., and Marmotini Mining Corporation. (PIA 2)

    • Kokofun says:

      Thanks for sharing this one Mr. Fortifyer. It surely enlivens ones hope if ever the upgrade and rehabilitation of the Pier (jetty) of Aparri shall be given to the supervision of the LGU Aparri. This is one of the major projects of the Mayor and the Sanguniang bayan. More power to you… mabbalo.

      • Fortifyer says:

        We all love Aparri in particular and our country as a whole. Its time to move forward and revive the vision of Aparri to become an integrated industrial and agribusiness area of Northern Luzon and the national gateway to East Asian Countries for trade and investments, eco-tourism, education, center for marine research and reserve areas, agro and fishery industry processing centers and small ocean vessels and municipal fisheries center for development. Of course the realization of all this should be incorporated in the mission of the honorable Officials and all stakeholder so LGU Aparri headed by distinguished Mayor Dr. Ismael Tumaru, the Provincial development councils and the support of our national political leaders in the Congress and in the Executive Branch of the Philippines government and other related line agencies like NEDA, Finance Department, PPA and the Defense Agencies. Working as one for the future good of Aparri.

  25. …and i quote:,”ASK NOT WHAT YOUR LEADER CAN DO FOR YOU AND YOUR HOMETOWN BUT ASK WHAT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR BELOVED TOWN”…Lets learn to sacrifice through sharing what we know for the improvement of our ILI APARRI and not sharing even BAD words that appears in this kind of social network. If you have money,then offer it to the needy,likewise if you have talents and bigtime skills,then share it to those who have’nt,appreciate and recognize the learned and educated and try to acknowledge the poor,too, not just those who are above you…GUYS,LIKE YOU, I AM AFTER THE BETTERMENT OF OUR ILI APARRI, tadday nac nga Ibanag,gapu ta maysa ni inac nga madaydayao nga Ibanag,ilocano met ti amak. NGEM TI SIGURADO APARRIANO AK.

  26. FREDDIE ALIAS says:

    nabasak ti panggepem nga “fresh air” ti kasapulam nu umay ka nga bumisita ditoy ili mi nga aparri….masaludsud ko man kenka nu ania nga angin wenno “air” iti adda nga sinul-oy mo idi adda ka ditoy nanumu nga ili ti Aparri?….iti diak nga matarusan nu apay nga pimmanaw ka nga di ka la kuma nangibati ti uray la nga bassit kadeta napasaw unay nga ngiwat mo. Nu adda kabaelam nga ammum nga paglaingan detoy nanumu nga ili ket apay nga di ka kuma met aya apo nga umay ma-ngibingay kadeta laing mo nga mangdektar nu ania ti kayat mo nga maaramid….apay ibusem deta pigsam ken laing mo dita sabali nga nasyon nu ket di awan met lang ti kabalinam nu saan ket di nga dildilpatam ti dolyar nga agkuskus dita ayan mo.
    Uray nu bassit ti sapul wennu sapulen mi nga nagserbi wenno agserserbi ditoy aparri ket nadalus ti dakulap mi ta saan mi nga sulsuluyen ti “fresh air” ti sabali nga lugar……nu adda dolyar mo saan ka unay mangi lalaes ta adda pagpatinggaan amin nga banag. Ta uray nu kasanu ti kaatidduk ti prosesyon ket diay simbaan met lang ti pagsublian.

  27. Arnold Diaz says:

    That’s good to hear Manong Freddie, sapay koma ta saan nga sin-sinan laeng iti constuction nga aramiddenda. More improvement on the shoreline attracts more tourist in our place. The longer the reconstruction of the pier in Punta the more better shoreline from Punta down to Padddaya. Hoping for the best and God Bless!

  28. FREDDIE ALIAS says:

    Dispensarem Arnold ta lumakay ti taun….kumusta kan?

    arnold dispensarem ta lumakay ti taun….kumusta kan aya. Di kan sa met malagip ti Pilipinas sen.

    dispensarem Arnold ta lumakay ti taun…..apay nabayag met nga dika nakita toy aparrin? Adda kat abroad aya… wen sigurado nga ma-stop deta black sand mining….uray sinnu nga taga aparri kapartido man ti politiko wennu saan…masapul laeng nga ipakita tayu ti nasayaat nga pangipateg tayo ti ili tayo nga Aparri…..Saan kayo nga madanagan ta iti number one nga project ni mayor ita ket diay improvement ti baybay…diay pier…..ken sea wall…
    Dios nga aldaw mo.

  29. Arnold Diaz says:

    Ako ba ang mahinang umintindi? o ikaw ang ayaw tumanggap ng katotohanan! na ang SINUNGALING AY KAPATID NG MAGNANAKAW! I hope you’re aware of this saying. Dapat Sadik kung malapit ka kay Mayor mag suggest ka to clear his name at huwag kang tumulong sa paglubog ng pangalan niya, masasayang lang yung mga nagawa na niya at magagawa pa, yun kung meron pa!

    • ALFREDO ALIAS says:

      To Arnold Diaz….apay brother ayan ti balay yu ditoy aparri tapnu matulungan ka nga mapan kenni mayor tapnu saan ditoy facebook ti pangipanam ti parikot mo panggep ta problemam kenni mayor. Nu addan tu oras wennu tiempom ket agsarak ta tapnu mapnek deta kapanunutam.
      karigatak nga idanun kenni mayor amin nga kayat mo nga aramiden wennu maaramid ditoy ili tayo nga aparri….

      detoy kailliam
      Freddie Alias

      • Arnold Diaz says:

        Well? it’s been a long time manong Freddie I hope you still remember me I know you well. Manong no kayat mo nga basaen ti panggep iti ili tayo nga Aparri ket kitaem diay Facebook Aparri United, I don’t have anything against the Mayor in fact if you scroll up above I even mentioned that he is the best Mayor that Aparri ever had. But! he must be more transparent on the claims of people who knows what’s really going on in the locality and “HELP STOP BLACK SAND MINING” daytoy laeng manong ipadanon mo kenni madaydayao nga Mayor iti ili tayo nga Aparri. and there’s no need for you to see me because we are related with each other. God Bless!

  30. Arnold Diaz says:

    Umuwi na ako diyan kofun dakdak at nakita ko kung ano ang mga alingas-ngas diyan at hindi ako nagtagal sa inis. Apay naadatan ka nangan ka met iti sili kaduam ni uncle mo nga Dr. Ismael Tumaru? actions of people the way they talk around speaks for itself. Adda ngamin nga talaga iti tattao nga nalaing nga agilimed no awan iti ilimlimed ni uncle mo then he must support and STOP this damn business Black Sand Mining. I know he has done a lot to Aparri but don’t let it fall now! continue to do good things so people could always remember you in their hearts and not in their minds. And remember kofun huwag kang pumanig sa gawain ng Demonyo dahil ang Diyos ay hindi natutulog, magtagumpay man kayo dito sa lupa sunog na din ang kaluluwa niyo. Aparrianos voted him back for a better change, and I still believe he can KOFUN.

  31. Kokofun says:

    Hina mo naman umintindi talaga Kofun…puro ka dakdak without even substantiate your claim uwi ka nga muna sa Aparri Mabbalo.

  32. Arnold Diaz says:

    This is not a justification so Dr. Tumaru will just close his eyes and open his pocket or just make a still tongue to the people of Aparri (The Philippine Star) above mentioned. singled-out Iloilo and not Aparri there are a lot more write ups regarding BLACK SAND MINING I know you have come across Aparri United Already; facebook it is there you can read a lot about BLACK SAND MINING and how this kapal muks politician make money. ba’t kaya hindi tayo sumama sa mga ito para sabay sabay na rin tayong lumubog? follow the leader ika nga eh! ang problema yung leader masyadong swaping kaya solo lead lang siya.

  33. Kokofun says:

    This is quite alarming…never mentioned here is the black sand surface mining in the rise of the tide that will soon submerged the coastal edge of Cagayan. regards.

    Cagayan, Palawan, Iloilo vulnerable to sea level rise
    By Paolo Romero (The Philippine Star) Updated May 22, 2010 12:00 AM

    MANILA, Philippines – The world-famous sweet Guimaras mangoes might soon become an endangered variety as global warming could submerge Iloilo province, together with Cagayan and Palawan, the Climate Change Commission (CCC) warned yesterday.
    The commission, chaired by President Arroyo, warned that many parts of the country, including the regions where the mangoes are grown, are “seen to go underwater due to climate change” due to the rise in sea level by at least a meter.
    Citing a study of the University of the Philippines Los Baños, CCC vice chairman Secretary Heherson Alvarez said Iloilo ranks third among the provinces in the country that are most susceptible to the rise in sea level.
    The study identified Cagayan province as the most vulnerable, followed by Palawan.
    “We are extremely vulnerable because we are in the southwestern Pacific area where there is an occurrence of many depressions, (which) mature into storms, and violent storms sometimes enter the archipelago,” Alvarez said.
    The Philippines has been calling for a deep and early cut of carbon dioxide emissions by Annex-1 countries under the Kyoto Protocol in order to moderate, if not avert, the accelerating destructive storms brought about by climate change.
    “If people will not unite for a deep and early cut of carbon dioxide, the entire country will go under the surface because of the frequency of extreme weather disturbances entering the Philippines every year,” Alvarez said.
    Aside from the possible sinking of many parts of Iloilo, he said climate change has started affecting mango production on the island of Guimaras, resulting in losses to mango farmers.
    In 2009, the National Mango Research and Development Center (NMRDC) reported that erratic weather patterns attributed to climate change have already taken its toll on the production of the “sweetest” mango in the world.
    The decline in mango production, according to the center, was shown in price increases despite the peak season last year.
    Rhod Orquia, an NMRDC researcher, said mango production in Guimaras is being threatened by climate change since the shifting trend in the onset of rains already affects the planting process and harvesting schedule of mangoes.
    Guimaras has more than 200,000 mango trees planted by 7,000 farmers. – With Rhodina Villanueva

  34. LOVELY says:

    Best advice to an intelligent person… Kokofun,

    With all my respect, I know for a fact the level of a person you are…mentality wise never progressed. We have to open our eyes and face the reality and stop shooting for dreams. We are at the 21st century and enerybody knows that politics is dirty so as the politicians themselves.

    The elected officials are not really the mandate of the people so much are that they use their power and money in order to win the election.

    Poor are the masses that they suffer years of agony and will suffer more because of power play.

    It is my hope and wish to see Aparri in the future with a clean air, good environment and honest politicians.

    Lastly, your quotation is good but it is not relevant and applicable in the needs of Aparri.

    Have a rejuvenating day and peace be with you my friend.

  35. Arnold Diaz says:

    Wala akong pinapanigan bobo man o marunong o nagdudunungan lang ang sa akin lang ay yung kapakanan ng nakakarami hindi lang iilang taong baluktot naman ang pinapanigan. But I still insist he should be one of those who oppose BLACK SAND MINING, to have a still tongue is not having a wise head but a dumb one, could you imagine yourself just following orders? and just saying YES SIR! there must be justification in saying these words WHY? awan tayo apo iti military rule, we all have good intentions for the good of the town I supposed. NO SERRAAM ITI NGIWAT MO NGA AGSARITA ITI PAGSAYAATAN TAYO AMIN AWAN PAGBANAGANNAN ITI ILI TAYON NGA APARRI.

  36. Kokofun says:

    What lesson are you talking about? I dont cheapen myself to someone has a bird brain (sorry for the word).
    What I know is our beloved Mayor has been magnanimous of his victories eversince he became Mayor of Aparri.
    Sorry to forsake you Miss Lovely that I do not need to do research anymore because I myself is a living witness on how the past Mayors failed or came short in their promises during their reign as the steerer of Aparri… Just a friendly advice madam please observe this one “A still tounge keeps a WISE HEAD” – peace be with you and mabbalo.

  37. Kokofun says:

    Madam Lovely, you are too passionate, the election is over lets us unite for the betterment of Aparri anew. Likewise, as I was saying before whoever wins the mandate of the people of Aparri should be respected. The voice of the people is the voice of GOD.
    Saan ka pa eh talagang mahal ng tao si Mayor Tumaru pagsmahain mo man ang boto noong dalawa ay kulang pa. You will never put a good man down…Peace be wiith you.

    • Arnold Diaz says:

      The voice of the people is not the voice of God. ang Diyos ay hindi nasusuhulan si Dr. Tumaru pwedeng suhulan o kahit nino man sa atin. Demonyo lang ang gumagamit ng ngalan ng Diyos para sa pansariling kapakanan, I really hope the he won through the mandate of the people and not the money which came from BLACK SAND MINING. how can you put a man down kung lahat ng dapat busalan na bunga-nga ay nabusalan na ng salapi? If he is really for the good of the town then move-on manguna ka sa pagpapatigil ng BLACK SAND MINING if you don’t do anything then clearly you’re one of them MAYOR!

      • LOVELY says:

        Thanks Arnold for replying to Kokofun. I am with you and thanks for pointing out to him the difference between the voice of the people and the voice of God.

        To you Mr. Kokofun I hope that this serves as a lesson for you. “Research and Learn More”!!!

  38. melbourne says:

    you sound sooooooooooo”desperate” lol !!!!!!!
    voters are not imbeciles………
    They know their way to the office of the
    OMBUDSMEN……..why don’t you go and file your charges………..lol!!!!!

    • LOVELY says:

      Whoever you are Melbourne…You don’t even know what you are talking about and let me refresh your mind maybe you don’t know that there are still lots of those people who are “tanga at mukhang pera na kailangan suhulan para iboto kahit hindi karapatdapat”. I do not want to go further in this kind of argument and don’t pretend that you do not know how dirty the kind of election we have in Aparri.

  39. Loida Cuevas-Haduca says:

    Kumusta po kayong lahat.
    Kailangan ko po ang tulong nyo. Kilala nyo ba si HERMINIA MARCOS? Hinahanap ko po sya.
    Ako po si Loida Cuevas, 55 years old. I was born in Aparri pero sa Baggao po ako lumaki.
    Any information about Herminia Marcos will be greatly appreciated.
    Uuwi kasi ako sa July 2010. Nandito ako ngayon sa Canadaa. Gusto ko sana syang makita.
    Thank you po,
    Loida Cuevass-Haduca

    • LOVELY says:




      • melbourne says:

        l. o. l…..!!!!!

      • Loida Cuevas-Haduca says:

        THANK YOU

      • FREDDIE ALIAS says:


  40. MELBOURNE says:


    • Arnold Diaz says:

      Please Tell Him to Stop Black Sand Mining! and don’t deny what’s going on in Aparri, I hope he could do something more on peace and order.

  41. Fortifyer says:

    More ports to offer online import processing system
    MORE PORTS will implement by next week the last phase of a system designed to enable importers to have their shipments assessed and pay the required duties and taxes — all online, a ranking Customs official said late last week.

    A ship unloads cargo at the port of Manila in this photo taken early this month.
    Specifically, four more ports and nine sub-ports nationwide will complete their electronic-to-mobile (e2m) system by implementing the import assessment system (IAS) phase. These are: the ports of Legazpi, Surigao, Zamboanga and Harbour Centre Port Terminal, as well as in the sub-ports of Masbate, Jolo, Tawi-Tawi, Basilan, Bislig in Surigao del Sur, Nasipit in Agusan del Norte, Jose Panganiban in Camarines Sur, as well as in Food Terminal, Inc. and Zamboanga International Airport.

    “This (IAS) will be rolled out by May 17 [in these ports],” Customs Deputy Commissioner for Management Information Systems Alexander M. Arevalo said via text.

    The IAS completes the e2m, which has two other phases, namely: the Client Profiles Registration System (CPRS) and the Payment Application System. Through CPRS, importers, brokers, forwarders, banks and relevant government agencies are accredited to take part in e2m. IAS enables importers to apply for the release of their shipments and to have these assessed for their appropriate duties and taxes online. The Payment Application System then enables both cash and non-cash payments and for the release of the cargo.

    The e2m now operates in the ports of APARRI in Cagayan, Batangas, Clark and San Fernando in Pampanga, Olongapo in Zambales, Limay and Mariveles in Bataan, Cebu, Tacloban in Leyte, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro in Misamis Oriental, Manila, Ninoy Aquino International Airport, as well as in the sub-port of Mactan in Cebu.

    Mr. Arevalo said the bureau targets to have 47 ports nationwide linked to the system by the end of next month.

    The Customs bureau hopes to be able to hit its collection targets partly by making it easier for importers to pay the right amount of duties and taxes on their shipments. The bureau, which exceeded its P55.1-billion collection goal for the first quarter by P5.5 billion, aims to collect P275.7 billion this year. — LDD

  42. Sabine Preusse says:

    Dir Sir,
    I’m looking for Peter John Palijo. He has lived or lives in Aparri Cagayan and has worked on the cruise ship Aida (2002). I have lost his adress. Could you help me to find him??? Please!

    Sabine from Germany

  43. FACT OR FICTION says:

    YESTERDAY—-where the river meets the

    TODAY……………Where community houses
    sweeping to the sea.

    TOMORROW….Where the sea meets the town

    • Arnold Diaz says:

      It’s a Fact that till today and the coming more days to come the mighty Cagayan River will still meet the Babuyan Channel whether you like it or not!

      And Today it’s the Babuyan Channel which sweeps the houses along the shoreline from Punta to Paddaya

      Tomorrow? the sea won’t meet the cemetery because if you pass by Santo Tomas the cemetery was already there side by side with the sea.

  44. ika nga nila basta sama sama kayang kaya
    yan ang aparri??????

  45. Marites Arellano says:

    . “there’s no place like home” A beautiful place to lived during holiday season especially HolyWeek…..

  46. Kokofun says:

    mahina nga sa english grammar si madam candidate na ito…ngayon ko uli na-realized he he he. Magagalit sa iyo, the late Mrs. Palabrica (+) niyan. Regards.

  47. KABALYO says:

    Tigidig-tigidig-tigidig…naragsak nga aldaw tay amin madlang people. Gising-gising na para makarami tayo nang “boto”. Huwag tayong sat-sat nang sat-sat baka tayo’y mahuli. Try to win people’s heart…yan ang atupagin sa ngayon…Good luck!!!

  48. KALESA says:

    dua met ti nagan mo? apay aya nga sung-sungbatam met lang ta bagbagim?

    • KABALYO says:


  49. jessica says:

    its gud you’ve changed your style from the aggressive type to a more subtle and friendly style. just be good to your fellow aparrianos because they are your townmates who cares for the improvement of our town aparri. thanks

  50. essey says:

    I am happy that everything is now going well in this blog. Let us just hope and pray for the best of our town Aparri and hope that whoever wins in this election will bring new life and changes to all of the Aparrianos. We know that it is more easier said than done because throughout the past years, politicians’ promises had been broken. Let’s just wish that our kababayans are now more wiser in casting their “VOTES” this time.

  51. Arnold Diaz says:

    When you hold a position for a quite long period of time then it will be shameful if you did nothing at all to improve what has got to be improve, dapat lang na marami kang nagawa para sa kapakanan ng marami kundi ikaw ay tatawaging isa lang din na inutil walang silbi.

  52. Arnold Diaz says:

    Amen, There should be more transparency if he wins his last term “bata-bata” system also must be eradicated, because bata-bata system is like having a private army too! he did not do anything about the Black sand mining because silence means something, para kang nabusalan ng pera sa bunganga kaya hindi ka makapagsalita. Well anyone who wins must learn how to serve the people because he/she is elected to serve.

  53. Kokofun says:

    As I have been dreaming of, a better Aparri shall be fulfilled by a concerted effort by all citizens working together in unison. Whoever wins the mandate of the people comes May 2010 should be respected and supported by anyone. If Mayor Tumaru wins his last term of the mayor ship well we must give him the mandate for he had been very active in rearing the town and incessantly drawing the board with the council for a better lives for the Aparrianos. God Bless all.

  54. Arnold Diaz says:

    Okey Ngarud gagayyem ken kakabsat

  55. Arnold Diaz says:

    essey pag binato ka ng bato, tama batuhin mo din siya pero tinapay na may palaman na granada just kidding. I supposed everybody was born to be emotional well it’s still a part of exchanging ideas in here. Ika nga bring out the best in you, we knew there will be no end to the word poverty but we can be a tool to assist the way we can and of course with the help of the Local Government if they have concern about what’s really going on within the locality. So let the Mayor to be not like a sitting duck that just keeps on quacking doing nothing MOVE YOUR ASS!

    • essey says:

      Kung puwede lang ba eh… but we are all adult here and as what I have said previously we have to learn and respect each other and show something what they call “professionalisms”.

      Anyways, all what we can do is to pray to the lord to give all those candidates strenght and courage running for mayor for the betterment of Aparri and hope that down the road someone is worthy enough being a leader. “Mabuhay Aparri”.


  56. appariana says:

    I would like to clarify that i do not wish to aggravate the issue. I am terrified enough being affront intentionally and deliberately. i was questioned by my daughter regarding the accusation, now she is confused and embarrased.
    Just like anyone on the blog, most of us are living overseas. At this stage of my life, as naturalized citizen to my adopted country, I could only dream and pray for Aparri. My heart still weeps for the people in my village especially during rainy season and rough weather. I can vividly see their endurance from poverty. Desperate children envious to go to school and too young to shoulder domestic house works for small money to buy a kilo of rice. Nevertheless, may the good Lord direct their lives.
    All my comments afore, negative and distructive I want to apologize. After all, they were just a figure of speech. Thank you Aparri.

  57. essey says:

    “Good Day to Everyone”, I just want to make it clear that I am not anybody’s enemy, nor that I do not judge or pre-judge people accordingly. In the sense of fairness and equality to live as a GOD fearing human being, I am encouraging everybody to please spread “LOVE” to each other. Good ethics and manners should always be observed. Let us be reminded a saying from the Bible na “PAG BINATO KA NANG BATO, GANTIHAN MO NANG TINAPAY”.

    If ever what I have said to whoever individual is concerned, it was misinterpreted otherwise. Then all I can say is “MAY PEACE BE WITH YOU”.

  58. appariana says:

    First of all I am very sorry to disappoint you with your accusation. How dare you accusing me of something I know nothing about.
    Now, let’s stop fooling ourselves because obviously, you are just one of Jessica Romero’s supporter or “aso-aso” and you are just commenting on her behalf.
    Anyway, thank you for your absolutely disgusting and monstrous behavior. I hope that your administration will contemplate a better contribution for the welfare of the less fortunate families especially children at the fishing village of San Antonio and “likud ti ASAT.
    If your government take’s control of the ARAMANG industry then i can foresee these families suffering beyond belief.
    Please let it sink into your brain that i have no connection with the current Mayor what so ever.
    I am just a humble Aparriano who wanted to share ideas to the best of my knowledge despite the fact that you think that you are so high and almighty, your grammar and spelling leaves a lot to be desired. Good luck my blood relations will see you at the voting poll.

  59. essey says:

    Enough arguing my friends, I know it’s none of my business but there’s no point of too much accusations. Let’s be fair to each other and help for the growth and benefit of Aparri.

  60. Arnold Diaz says:

    To you Jessica if you are for a better Aparri then stop accusing people of something that you might not even prove it. It won’t help your dream to become a leader if you begin accusing people now or else you’re just nothing than a TRAPO also. So do something, a new approach to improve Aparri if you will be the lucky winner of this coming election. Fish Sanctuary? there is no such I supposed I don’t think we had.

    • walang gagaganda pa sa aparri cagayan
      alam ko kung gaano kaganda ang aparri
      simula ng naging mayor si mayor ismael tumarru lalo nyang pina ganda ito???????

      ng dumating ang bagyong noong october 3. 2009 nasilayan ko kung papaano sinira ng bagyo ang aming bayan?? ilang buwan lang ang nakalipas ito na namang ang aparri bangon na bangon na naman at lalo pang gumanda ng dahil ky mayor ismael v. tumaru ng dahil sa mga programa nya????

  61. essey says:

    Guys it is lent season, let’s not start our argumentative emotions and for once let’s give due respect to our Lord sufferings. We are all christians!!! Like what kuya Arnel said, nobody is perfect and also in modern grammar, there is no such thing as perfect english and it’s the logic that matters.

  62. jessica says:

    ms aparriana, i dont intend to present a platform so that at the end I’ll be allowing the tiwanese to mine our black sand until all our fish sanctuaries shall be destroyed like what is happening now. Before the incumbent mayor promised to improve the life of tha aparrianos but see what happened, only the life of the mayor and his tiwanese counterpart are improving. siguro pati ikaw kasali sa ginagawa nila kaya todo depensa mo sakanya.

  63. Arnold Diaz says:

    NOBODY IS PERFECT! I am not taking anybody’s side but Grammar is not an issue here, giyem it’s just enough that anyone can express oneself in any way he/she can either in any language that most of us could or can understand we are not writing an English Theme here as we did during the school days we are done to those struggles although until this very moment we do still struggle to learn the said language “ENGLISH” that’s what I have mentioned above share some so we can follow and learn more, it won’t help in anyway if we begin hot arguments just SHARE!

  64. appariana says:

    again I just went over your comments. Take note…your spelling for “squatter”. Instead of you giving me advice, you should be the one to go back to school for english master and spelling. Your english grammar “If i become the mayor”. it’s just a very wet english. “elected” is the proper word.
    You are insulting me with my english grammar, how about you are you worthy to become the town mayor? You are rude and pretending to be smart.

  65. appariana says:

    Be ashame of your aramang mentality. You should be the one to educate yourselves for learning good english considering of your hallucination of becoming the town mayor. find your way back to your parents native town. Apparians are not idiots accepting insults from you. Dalusam pay laeng ta arubayan ta balay mo ta nabuyu’ unay. Sakbay ka nga agkumentario ti “grammar” ti karrubam.
    You are lucky being born in aparri. without aparri you are nothing.

  66. essey says:

    I’ve been reading everybodys comments and suggestions and I am happy that we are all concern about our beloved town. Let’s just listen and be positive and respect each other in anyway we can. Let us all be proud being Aparrianos. God bless us all!!!Happy Easter to all!!!

  67. Arnold Diaz says:

    Hello there smart people! share some so we can or we could understand more,,who ever wins this coming election for Mayor of our beloved town just stuck these words to your mind “TRANSPARENCY IN GOVERNANCE” to start with purge all lazy, arrogant & corrupt Municipal employees. “eliminate the bata-bata system which was eversince pratice during the Littaua days”

  68. Kokofun says:

    I am for the Mayor who is not too narrow minded and with fledgling political sense. How could this candidate wins the hearts and minds of Aparri Professionals aramang lang pala ang alam eh…Mabbalo.

    • jessica says:

      its better to start with something rather than being the mayor for several years without any accomplishment.

      • Kokofun says:

        Madam Candidate, just please present your complete and doable platform of governance to the people and based on this comprehensive program everybody will judge you whether you are indeed worthy to become the next Mayor of the progressing Aparri. No mudslinging please…Mabbalo

  69. Fortifyer says:

    Thank you very much and I really appreciate much Ms/Mr. Mittu deRivera’s point of view in the above discourse of my fellows Apparians. Thank you to Ms. Jessica Romero for you have showed your real part of you. By the way, we have 19 Apparians as common friends in the Facebook and seen all your parting words in your wall.
    This is timely as we are now entering the Holy Week. Unsolicited but a good reminder to all of us about the “Book of Proverbs” in the use of the tongue as follows:

    The mouth of the righteous is a fountain of life, But the mouth of the wicked conceals violence (10:11).
    Pleasant words are a honeycomb, Sweet to the soul and healing to the bones (16:24).
    A worthless man digs up evil, While his words are as a scorching fire. A perverse man spreads strife, And a slanderer separates intimate friends (16:27-28).
    These Proverbs remind us of the power of the spoken word to do good or evil to others. Other Proverbs teach us that the words we speak have a great effect on the speaker as well as the hearer. Words wisely spoken bring blessing to the speaker while words that are foolishly spoken bring difficulty and disaster. Thank you very much and we’ll pray for your candidacy. Have a blessed Easter to everyone!

  70. Aparriana says:

    dra. romero, the first favor that i would like to ask
    from you if or when you become our town mayor is to please give attention with the vast population of “dayuhan”. Evolution itself could no longer occupy space for families of rooted aparrianos.
    Tendencies of these “dayuhan” cowering vacant space beside the seasides, flattening or levelling sand dunes for a building space for their shanties.
    Obviously, they are wrecking the natural protection of the town. i can feel your deep sympathy for the aparrianos. Aparri’s status is a figure of a dead lost town. Sad to say, considering
    that we, the aparrianos should salute to our beloved high profile and prominent person in the senate. the town mayor proposals for funding for the restoration of the town “pier” still hanging on the air. Rest assured the next mayor could make it quicker. global warming (climate change)is a big global issue and we are all aware that Aparri is at risk. thank you aparri.

  71. Mittu De Rivera says:

    I am disturbed with what have been written and the direction of you Ms Aparriana and Dra. Romero are heading. With all due respect, may I suggest that we be more constructive and positive in our thinking for the welfare of the town we all love. It’s very obvious that you both of you are very smart people, including Fortifyer who continues to amaze me with his/her vast knowledge on governmental information, a sign of a highly educated and very intelligent person. I wonder who he or she really is? (Sometimes, I hesitate to write anything negative against anyone for fear that he or she may be a government spy.) Besides, I hate politics because it is a world where lying and stealing is natural if not a necessity, my personal view that could perhaps change someday when I finally meet a “clean and honest” politician.

    I like to suggest that instead of writing about the negatives that have been done against our town, we focus our intelligence toward the future, the betterment of Aparri. The Aramang project is a good start. Dra. Jessica, if I could make a suggestion for you, please try not alienate anyone at this point of your candidacy. Try as much to win the support of everyone, be it locally or internationally, like myself. As a native Aparrian, I would like to see that my hometown rises from just a mere jingle in Eat Bulaga, into a town that could boasts progress, vitality and a “must see” destination for homegrown visitors, balikbayans and ,who knows, perhaps foreigners too. As to you Ms Aparriana, please do not be so combative as well. Use your intelligence to express your dis-agreements in a more constructive way. I know, sometimes, it’s very hard to control our emotions. Yet, I also know that there is always room for growth and always possible to improve ourselves as learning is a lifetime process

    I, for one, even though I don’t know Dra. Jessica personally, I like to give her a chance to lead the town by becoming a mayor. If she fails to deliver during her term, then we keep on trying to find someone who can do a better job. I am a deeply rooted Aparrian and I hope to someday spend my retirement years over there. I like Aparri to progress not only politically but also economically and socially. Somewhere in this voluminous blog that Constantine magnanimously allow us to use, I read a suggestion of organizing an international organization of Aparrian, I support that. In my own humble way, I could probably contribute a thing or two. Dra. Jessica, Aparriana, Fortifyer, you are needed by our town. Let’s harness the product of your intelligent minds. I am proud and thankful that you are Aparrians.

  72. Arnold Diaz says:

    It’s not good blaming somebody at this point in time. I guess Ms. Jessica is the daughter of my one time shop teacher in my high school days at ASAT Mr. Juan Romero indeed he is one of the great teachers’ ASAT have at that time. Patience and dedication will be the key to uplift our town. Less talk and more work equals progress. Ang tanong ito ba talaga ang gusto mo? magsilbi o pagsilbihan? Hanggang ngayon issue pa rin ba ang BLACK SAND MINING? eh ano ang ginagawa ng mga kinauukulan? naging inutil na ba silang lahat? o sadyang inutil talaga o di naman kaya eh pwede nilang gamitin na subject itong BLACK SAND MINING para naman bumango ang pangalan nila? NO ONE KNOWS DI BA? ONLY GOD KNOWS HUDAS NOT DEDICATE HIM/HERSELF IN THE SERVICE OF THE FILIPINO PEOPLE.

  73. Aparriana says:

    Sorry but i am not buying that black mining propaganda. Do not make a big fuss about it. I can sense that you are just a dummy of your noble doctora romero. I could not imagine a respectable doctora being rude and judgemental. I am not a jhony come lately in Aparri. Your Aramang mentality production has already been started by the owner of Criselda’s. Any ordinary aparriano can start the business anytime and need not to run or become a town mayor to operate your aramang campaign strategy. What you need doctora is to invite investors to invest business in aparri. Let them manage the production and not you as the town mayor, or else all your staff will run the municipality like an “aramang” mentality.
    Be gentle with your tongue doctora you are accusing me from bribery. I served the Philippine government for number of years but never accepted bribes or corruption. Good luck.

    • jessica says:

      why do you still invite investors when we ourselves can do it. if you invite investors you are just making somebody who is not from aparri to get rich with the expense of the people of aparri thats a lot of none sense ms aparriana better stop commenting enroll yourself in english for your own good and improvement.

  74. jessica says:

    talking of squaters ms aparriana, who allowed these squaters anyway if not mayor tumaru? he allowed this to happen in order to get more votes during election but who is suffering now? our local govt who owns these land mare ko kaya tama sobra na mgabroad nkayo.

  75. jessica says:

    ms aparriana and fortifyer are talking like they are the mouths and think tank of the present mayor. were you paid with black money i mean money that came from black mining or you were given a share from drug lords operating here in aparri? you talk too much but you are not aware what the aparrianos are now feeling. tama na yan busog nakayo huwag nyo naman pahirapan masyado ang mga tao. if we could process our aramang and make it as food flavors as well as biscuits these could help a lot of aparrianos my friends. the municipal govt does not have the initiative to develop this special product that could generate income not only for tha people of aparri but will also increase our revenue. Instead of the taiwanese mining our natural resources, why dont we do it and sell it to the taiwanese as finished product. we will be giving more jobs to our fellow aparrianos and be generating more revenues for the development of our dying town since the TUMARU’S took over.

  76. Fortifyer says:

    To Dr. Romero… just curious…what is your affiliation or color code from among the candidates for Phil. President? You may not like to discuss it openly but by informing us your platform from the above challenges (this blog) that Aparri had experienced and the least that you could do is to provide us your clear vision and mission for a better Aparri not snippet of ideas.
    Thank you in advance for your kind feedbacks. Thanks..

  77. essey says:

    To Doctora Romero, I’m glad you finally found this site for all Aparrianos; very interesting isn’t it? I am also glad and happy that you finally found it in your heart and decided to run for mayor in Aparri. Wish you all the luck and I know that most people in Aparri are as excited as me. I do know that if you’re given a chance, you’ll be a good mayor. You’ve been proven as a very good and dedicated doctor, you’ve help lots of families with kids who cannot afford for treatment. You’ve been a great help to those in needs. “YOU ARE THE BEST CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR”. People “LOVES” you. Good luck and God be with you. Hope to see you again next year. CHEERS!!!

  78. Aparriana says:

    I am not implying for the widening of the major roads doctora as we are aware that this is not the job of the local government. a town mayor can only submit their proposed programs or projects to the higher level of government for approval and funds. Again it all depends if the office of the governor will listen or to give you priority. I believed that you can easily organised your town. Tricycle owners would or could love you for giving them jobs as “mag-aaramang”. they could have all their time sitting around waiting for the aramang season. Nevertheless, I can vision that you will build an aramang warehouse for your people.
    Doctora, please don’t get me wrong but are you the daughter of Mr. romero the former A.S.A.T teacher? who was assigned in Aparri but a native of Bulacan? Thank you doctora and wish you luck.

  79. aparriana says:

    To Mr Juan de la Cruz,
    Please let Jessica do the widening of roads and streets in Aparri too. Also to strickly give attention
    with all the squatters who are non stop building their houses or shanties without any building permits from the municipality of aparri. Why do aparrianos accomodate these people. Is it an open port for strangers?

    • jessica says:

      the widening of roads in aparri is impossible to do miss aparriana because you will be encroaching already private properties if you do that, the best is to prohibit tricycles as well as pujs to use our major roads as terminals. how could we expose the beauty of aparri to our visitors if these is the kind of traffic we have especially during rush hours. the number of tricycles we have now is more than the people they transport. if i will become the mayor i will regulate the registration of tricycles and offer a better job to these drivers because their income as drivers could not anymore make both ends meet. i will not allow black mining but instead develop our aramang industry to bolster their income.

  80. aparriana says:

    to jessica,

    I would like to know what you mean “iam for mayor”. i can’t really understand your message.

  81. aparriana says:

    hello jessica, what do you mean you are for mayor?

  82. jessica says:

    hi everybody! im for mayor

    • Betty nee Viloria says:

      Hello Jessica,

      Wonderful to hear about you running for the mayoral candidacy this coming election, I would be a nice change if the people of Aparri can look beyond the Tumaru’s dynasty. Oh boy, doesn’t the town needs a change badly. I wish you the best and hope that you will find the courage and honesty to to change and improve the lives of Aparrianos. Wish you luck.

  83. Fortifyer says:

    Nuclear power plant sites that Government consider (ANC, Monday March 8th 2010)
    The rotating brownouts have been recurring lately in our country still because of El Niño. The dry spell has greatly affected the livelihood of the people in provinces.
    In agriculture, crops are continuously drying, fishes are dying because of heat, poultries tend to produce less. The supply is going down.
    Government is seeking ways on how to remedy the current situation especially the power crisis in our country, They think one of the possible solutions is Nuclear energy. Government has already been eyeing 10 sites for the setup of nuclear power plants. They are: Aparri Cagayan, Morong Bataan, San Juan Batangas, Ternate Cavite, Burgos Quezon, Puerto Princesa Palawan, Siplay Negros Occidental, Cauayan Negros Orienta, Placon Point Siocon Zamboanga del Norte, Calauit Point Siocon Zamboanga del Norte. In Bataan, report says that there is already a mothballed nuclear facility installed.

    On the other hand, there are those who are opposed with this plan. Roland Simbulan of Nuclear Free Philippines stressed that instead of using Nuclear power plant, the government can increase the use of alternative renewable power such as solar or wind energy. However, the government is conducting a study plan regarding nuclear energy and its importance due to lesser cost but greater energy.

  84. Fortifyer says:

    Sunday, March 7, 2010
    Wind Power Plant in Aparri, Cagayan
    (Newsroom, August 22, 2009)

    Wind power developer Northwind Power Development Corp. jump started the survey and data gathering for the intended construction of its planned wind power plant in Aparri, Cagayan.

    Ferdinand Dumlao, chairman of Northwind, said its subsidiary Northpoint Wind Power Corp. already set the ball rolling for the 40-megawatt wind farm project estimated to cost around US$ 95 million. “We have set up Northpoint for the Cagayan project funded with fresh equity. Approvals from the Environment and Natural Resources and Energy Departments and the local government units are being processed,” he said. Dumlao added the Aparri project in Cagayan is their forefront project this year. “Still too many work to be done but we are progressing,” he said.

    The project received support from Japanese, Danish and Spanish investors and creditors. The company is also looking at signing the supply contracts with the electric cooperatives in Cagayan. Recently, NorthWind completed the expansion of the 33-MW Bangui Bay wind project in Ilocos Norte, the largest wind farm in Southeast Asia costing US$ 50 million. Bangui Bay sells its electricity to the Ilocos Norte Electric Cooperative and provides 40 percent of the power requirements of the province of Ilocos Norte.

    Meantime, Dumlao said the passage of the Renewable Energy is expected to bring in more investors to the country specifically on wind projects. The provision in the RE bill that will allow investors to enjoy incentives will help promote wind energy development,” he said. The government is projecting to harness some 200 MW to 400 MW from wind energy sources in the next 15 to 20 years.

    Aside from wind, the Department of Energy is also promoting other renewable energy sources such as geothermal, solar and hydro. (PNA)

  85. Arnold Diaz says:

    If someone wants some more discussions or meet somebody a friend or a relative maybe you can check it at facebook “Aparri reunited”

  86. Arnold Diaz says:

    Still here, di pa nauubos ang langis dito kaya dito muna ako. okey lang yun Jun we have to broaden not only our mind but also how to understand the situation we have to be considerate at all the times and listen to what people say. That way we learned more not to being selfish. mabbalo nikamu

  87. thanks for that positive comment Ka Arnold, kumusta ka na…are you still there in KSA. Regards and God bless.

  88. Arnold Diaz says:

    When someone get over excited at something else, we almost forgot that we have gone overboard or we have cross such margins which should not be, but it’s still considered as a part of meeting people whom you know and not hearing from them for quite sometime. I am sure that the owner of this blog is considerate enough to allow people exchanging pleasantries. sometimes!

  89. Also my apologies…Its always a great feeling for me (OFW) to meet kababayans on this site… God bless to all

  90. Aida Palattao Carag says:

    Many thanks for your suggestion Ma’am de Rivera.
    I am very much aware with the situation so my big apology to all Aparrianos all over the world. Maybe I got carried out with excitement and forgot about privacy and sense of respect. Again my apology.

  91. Aida Palattao Carag says:

    Hello first graduates of Aparri School of Fisheries Minanga site. My name is Aida Palattao (nowCarag). I am currently residing in Australia with the help and support of my eldest child Janet Carag Allred and her husband Israel Allred. I would like to say hello! to my classmates Salvacion Suarez, Marilou Cortes, sonia Alameda, Clemente Arizabal, Antonio Liquigan, Carolina Guinoban, Arnolfo Miguel. I heard that most of you are now living abroad. I wish to hear from anyone of you soon.
    Thank you Aparri,
    Aida Palattao Carag

  92. Mittu De Rivera says:

    I have a suggestion for Ms Pallatato and Mabbun… perhaps, it would be prudent to exhange emails between the two of you so you can communicate with each other freely. In that case, the whole world will not be sharing your inner circle discussion. Likewise, you will be giving respect to the owner of this blog. Don’t you think? Again, just a suggestion.

  93. Aranni gabba y diyan nu taw ta Port Moresby. Thanks for the advice Ma’am but at the same time, right now am still enjoying my roster of 28 days on and off with my present employer (InterOil Ltd) here at Napanapa, POM, PNG.
    I heard about such thing (scheme) of getting to Australia is easier especially when you were already settled here. Maybe looking forward, to it in the most opportune time Ma’am if God permits. At least ay egga ngana y am-ammo tari ta Australia nga manguffun ni kami. God Bless po and regards.

  94. Milagros Paredes Palattao says:

    Hello Engr. Mabbun,
    Yes, it’s just a happy feeling to know another succesful son of paddaya. Makkaduva gabba laman itta. why don’t you apply for you and your family’s entry to Australia. The best place for children with their education, benefits and sorroundings. Although my based is London but I prefer to stay here to escape the winter season in england. Australia is giving preferences to those with a highly job experience like you. Try to visit the Australian embassy of P.N.G. and lodge your application. I met a woman here in Australia who is working in P.N.G. and her children are studying here she is from Gattaran. In Australia, you can apply for your citizenship in two year time, so anyone can go across to any commonwealth countries anytime like Canada and new zealand, also to the united kingdom. Well, I guess you are aware about it anyway. Dios ta gavi nikamu ngamin.

  95. Milagros Paredes Palattao says:

    Hello! good morning Engr. Mabbun. i am very lucky for having your response. Yes, Daizy Paredes is the daugther of gonzalo paredes. He served the philippine marine and was posted in
    Davao city. Daizy said that the last time he went to aparri was in the 50’s and never went back since. Daizy is quite concern as her father always talking about his blood relatives in aparri and paddaya. He is ninety years old and his daughter is looking forward to grant him his wish. I am sure that he is connected with the late uncle ramon as though his sense maybe vague but he reckon that they are first cousins, Please if you can trace the name of your lolo mornito’s wife.
    thank you for sharing your time regarding the matter.
    My regards to your brother arturo. he was my classmate from first year to fourth year in a.s.a.t.
    his smiling face shall never be forgotten. His best friends was carmelito ortiz and rogelio macabangun. God bless and all the best.

    • I am sure Kuya Art will be happy when I relay him this thing and about you. Manong Art is now a retiree (PNB) enjoying his time with his family in San Pedro, Laguna. Ayun smiling face pa rin kaya parang hindi tumatanda.
      No worries Ma’am, I will contact Uncle Ismael once I get home in the Philippines next month and ask about their Lola’s identity. By the way I am just near Australia area working in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
      God Bless.

  96. If not mistaken, the Paredes were living in Paddaya, Aparri at Jurisdiction (Zone-I). But I dont have any inkling if they are still there until now. The Paredes are relatives of the good Mayor Ismael Tumaru of Aparri. Their grandmother, wife of Lolo Marnito Tumaru was formerly Ms. Paredes.

  97. Milagros Paredes Palattao says:

    hello paddaya buguey, please help daisy paredes from bohol city to locate his father’s relatives a native of paddaya buguey. she is looking for the daughters or sons of maria paredes,maximino paredes. they are the second generation of paredes families of paddaya buguey cagayan. her father is ninety years old and his wished to see any of his blood families in paddaya or aparri cagayan. thank you and i hope for your cooperations.

  98. Milagros Paredes Palattao says:


    From the feilds of labor and sweat-He had been brought-up.
    And molded within guidance, dicipline, care and love-
    Raised at the valley of grain-at the eastern coastal sea-
    Into a charming young lad-and that- “He was born to be”.

    Sibling of thy parents for joy and passion-
    Honored with a doctorate degree-the utmost of education-
    Livening the sick and curing ill people-
    O! Just how WONDERFUL is he- and that- “He was born to be”.

    Serving his life and time for the Aparrianos-
    For its forty-two barangays through distance and
    remote barrios-
    Dedicated within his duty for the poor and for the needy-
    O! Just how COURAGEOUS is he-and that-“He was born to be”.

    Through rain or shine, although calamity nor fine-
    His hands are always there to bind with his help for humankind.
    Listen and stand for goodness-
    And keeps his distance from wickedness-
    O!Just how HUMBLE and GENEROUS is he-and that- “He was born to be”.

    He risen Aparri from the rear of its resources-
    Schools and colleges just right at the door step-
    Its diversity promoted jobs-growth and progress-
    O!Just how RESPOSIBLE is he-and that- “He was born to be”.

    Hail the true son of Aparri-
    Truly DEVOTED within his oath of duty-
    No magic wand to cast for a perfect APARRI-
    Thus- He promote……

    from sunny queensland

    • Kokofun says:

      Ang ganda naman ng poem. My hats off to you Ma’am Mila just keep them coming. Aparri loves it.

    • juan dela cruz says:

      all your praises for aparri and the mayor are for nothing. if you look at aparri now and assess it honeslty, it is the town with the most undisciplened tricycle drivers not only in cagayan but in the entire philippines. where can you find a town in the philippines where its commercial roads are full of tricycle terminals if not in aparri. these tricycles along these busy roads become a traffic problem during rush hours. can’t the mayor relocate these peaple to ease the traffic especially during school days. if he can’t do anything then let Dr. Jessica Romero do it for him.

  99. anna dizon says:

    hello hello hello…sino ngayon ang prncipal ng ASAT?????? paki text naman pls….

  100. Fortifyer says:

    Cagayan should take advantage of the zero-tariff tradeFebruary 15, 2010, 3:04pm

    Cagayan should take advantage of the zero-tariff trade that started with China this year, Jack Enrile who is running for congress in the Cagayan’s first district, said Monday.

    “We are at the forefront of this window of opportunity with the full establishment of the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area (CAFTA) last January 1,” said Enrile, economic and developlment consultant to his father, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, and the province of Cagayan.

    “We have the geographic edge, being in the northernmost point of the country, and thus the nearest to China,” said the young Enrile who is seeking a congressional seat in Cagayan’s 1st District.

    “Once fully implemented, the CAFTA will see more than 7,000 zero-tariff commodities traded between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and China,” he said. “While it may also flood our markets with Chinese goods, free trade also means the chance for us in Cagayan Valley to sell to the Chinese mainland.”

    “Imagine, it’s one of the world’s largest free trade areas,” Enrile said, adding “we are well positioned, having the Cagayan Special Economic Zone, the country’s emerging power house.”
    “We have fiber-optic, wireless global connections; cyber industrial parks and business process call centers multimillion-peso resorts and theme parks – all just a short hop from the world-class Port Irene international freight and shipping yard in Aparri and an international airport in Lallo town, with connections to China,” Enrile said.

    “For these reasons alone, not to say of our agricultural produce, we can easily tap into the market for 3 billion Chinese consumers, and for that matter other ASEAN economies,” he said.

    ASEAN groups the Philippines, Indonesian, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

    With ASEAN’s population of 584 million and China’s 1.3 billion, the free trade area has one out of three of the world’s population with a Gross Domestic Product of about US$ 6 trillion, or a ninth of the world’s total GDP.

    The ASEAN-China trade volume is estimated at US$ 4.5 trillion, the third largest after the European Union and the North American Free Trade Agreement. Trade has grown in recent years, from US$ 78.2 billion in 2003 US$ 231 billion in 2008.

    China is the third largest trade partner of ASEAN which, in turn, is China’s fourth largest trade partner.

    Under the CAFTA, the average tariff on goods from the ASEAN countries to China is cut down to 0.1 percent from 9.8 percent. The six original ASEAN members (Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand), will slash the average tariff on Chinese goods from 12.8 percent to 0.6 percent.

  101. Kokofun says:

    What I am talking here is the general situation that has been afflicting the coastline of Aparri and not only on the site of these Bulk plants Ka Arnold. Look at the present state of these tall sand dunes in Paddaya where we used to enjoy somersaulting when we were still kids but they all have gone due to this natural- global dilemma of climate change.

  102. Arnold Diaz says:

    You’re wrong sir! these sand dunes was not flatten NATURALLY!, it was flatten by bulldozers to paved way on the construction of the Bulk Fuel Oil Tanks of the then called FIL-OIL (along San Antonio) I really don’t have any idea on this Black Sand because I am not a sayangtis or environmentalist but it was clearly explained by one of GMA7’s video clip that Black Sand has something to do with the protection of the shoreline. The vulture eyed governor of Cagayan is insisting too that it will even help the townspeople well? that is his opinion a GREED DEMON’S opinion.

  103. Kokofun says:

    Yes we agree that long before, the sand dunes were there and made naturally to cover us from the gust/impact of wind and sea water but where are they now? They all went flat by natural means due to the fast rising of the tides. This is what I am trying to imply in this discussion that sand mining (surface only) would definitely not be the sole reason of the problem.

  104. Arnold Diaz says:

    I don’t see any contribution of this Black Sand Mining, well infact Ko2fun there is indeed a contribution scroll a little bit up and read my comments who have got those contributions. I grew-up along these shoreline of the mighty Babuyan Channel but there was not much damage or death among the people living along this shoreline. What I remember was when the pier in Punta was still intact the sea was far from the residential houses and there are sand dunes for which at that time I can’t even see the sea due to these sand dunes not unless if I climb the stairs up the first floor of our house. Giyem no awan ti tsinelas mo ti tiempo ti kapudot ti panawen ket sigurado nga medjo makset met ket ta dapan mo nga agtaray nga mapan agdigos/aglangoy ta baybay. So! it just a plain GREED! to these awantu passiran nga pulitikos. I don’t think that one would need an environmentalist at this moment, for what? ti masapul ket maikkat nga dagus dagitoy Opisyales nga mannanakaw ken salawasaw isu da dagitoy iti abutit iti kuarta iti tattao.

  105. Kokofun says:

    I would rather look into the positive contribution of this surface mining of black sand for the people of Dodan Aparri Cagayan. Even before this alleged black sand mining came, there has been a major natural calamities occurred in that area like for example rising of the tides during the swelling of the sea water every time Aparri was hit by perennial typhoons. This should be taken more seriously by the so called environmentalists on how to solve the global climate change. We are all a victim of this problem so I guess the surface black sand mining is only a small part of it, what I mean is that whether sand mining exists or not still the coastal sides of theses northerly towns of Cagayan would be stagnated by sea water in the coming years due to global warming. Mabbalo nikamu…

  106. I’ve looked all around for this info. You have been genuinely beneficial. Thanks so very much. I’m gonna go have a sunless tan now 😎


    ang “OPERATION NG BLACK SAND MINING at APARRI” particularly at Dodan, Aparri, Cagayan covered by GMA 7:Reporters Notebook.

    Mabbalo GUYS! and God Bless more APARRI..


    ETO NA TALAGA… kinopya ko lang kasi… hehehe.. ginagawa ko ang lahat para maipakita ko ang katotohanan sa likod ng mga kasinungalingan na pinagsasabi lalo na ng mga pulitiko at mga kamag anak ng mga pulitiko…





  110. eto ang totoong nangyayari sa “GOLDEN APARRI:THE HOME OF LIARS”

    kindly open it…..

    this a evidence/clip (GMA7:Reporters Notebook) Coverage at Aparri.


  111. Arnold Diaz says:

    The bottom of this Black Sand mining is just a plain greed of money, greed of power name it these officials got them all! awanan nga babain ng tattao, I don’t think that one should study the case of this Black Sand in fact physical evidence is very clear on the video clip of GMA7 ah! oo nga pala sorry may due process pala na sinasabi nitong mga magnanakaw na ito at proper forums and ek!ek! okey lets wait until we all get drown to the sea, mabbalo nikamu nga pulitikos awan tu passiran.

  112. Fortifyer says:

    Hhmmp…Aparri people think that where there’s smoke, there’s fire, so they will always believe that Aparri and its Officials were involved even if they weren’t as claimed by some. We are still trying to study how we are going to get to bottom of this, but where there’s a will there’s a way. We all love Aparri where we all once belong because of our roots. Thanks all and happy valentine and happy new lunar year or Chinese New year.

  113. This is really a good example

  114. Arnold Diaz says:

    One Aparri Official confirmed to me that there is a Black Sand Mining within the parameters of Aparri, So any Local Government Official of Aparri who denies this Black Sand thing is a Liar and of course he/she got a big bite on the dirty money already so! good for them sana lang umasenso pa pamumuhay nila, iba na ba ngayon ang isinisigaw ng tao? “MABUHAY ANG MGA MAGNANAKAW”???AT MGA SINUNGALING!!!

  115. Mabbalo Mam Palattao and Sir Arnold… GODBLESS.


    My Fellow Aparriano:

    They (contractor, money maker, sakim, kapal muks and dirty mindedness politicians) built a black sand extraction machineries(pro-mining equipments)located at Dodan, Aparri, Cagayan.

    This used to totally seperate the pure particles known as black sand which was allegedly to be used as a raw materials in making steel iron locally known as”landuk” to be processed abroad(KOREA or any other country to whom they contacted as their client to process their product).



  116. Janet Carag Allred says:

    Hi everyone, just found out about this site. I was raised in Aparri, spent my Primary years at Maura Elementary School (from 1974- 1980 i think)then went to St. Paul School of Aparri (from 1980-1984/85 i think) for my Secondary. I am looking forward to hear from you guys, hope you are all doing well.

  117. Francis says:

    Good morning all, if you are interested to view the present state or get an update on Aparri airport rehab please go and visit Aparri, Cagayan Facebook blogsite. The site is being maintained by one of the members of the Aparri LGU. Mabbalo.

  118. Arnold Diaz says:

    That’s what I have mentioned Ms. Palattao that the taxiway is owned by Vicente Muniz, that’s what I remembered because one time I have worked with the Provincial Assessor’s Office I do still remember the cadastral map at that time yes you’re right there are coconut trees and I’am aware too that the land is under a family name Macutay but I can’t recall what’s the first name. Your inquiry should be address to the Municipal Assessor’s Office, the Mayor’s Office I really hope that one day our airport will come alive again and what I knew is, it’s one of the target project of Dr. Tumaru the current Mayor of Aparri, so lets hope for the best.

  119. Milagros Paredes Palattao says:

    Hello Mr. Arnold Diaz,
    thank you so much for your reply regarding my query.
    the airport site is owned by different people. Mr Muniz owned the most of the area but the other portion of the site is owned by Mrs. Aquino and adjacent to hers is our portion which was leased to us by Philippine Airlines for so many years until they stopped operating within the vicinity of Aparri. If you noticed those coconut trees on the site, those were planted by my late father eduardo macutay. I sent an email to the municipality of aparri due to this matter but no answer from them until this stage. Our deed of title on the land is in the care of my sister in-law. Thank you so much and God Bless.

  120. Arnold Diaz says:

    It would be nice if the Aparri airport will be revive and I hope that it will be more secured when they re-open it and not like before, dalhan nang kung anu-anong kababalaghan. I really hope Ms. Palattao that this time they will have more good contract with the Muniz family because they are the sole owner of the airport taxiway and its a big help to boost tourism also in our place. Well actually we came from the same school I graduated also in Aparri Central School and my high school in ASAT-batch’73

  121. Milagros Paredes Palattao says:

    Hello concern citizens of Aparri Cagayan,
    Should anybody knows any further news about the re-opening of the Aparri airport, would you please send me even just a fraction of information regarding this matter. I just wonder if the site is already totally operating.
    Maki damag nak man apo kada kayo nga kailliak nu met lang nga nalukatan ken ag ‘operate’ ti airport ti Aparri? Thank you- Dios ti agngina – maballo.

  122. Milagros Paredes Palattao says:

    Hello Mr Magara,
    i would like to clarify your understanding regarding the word “roots”.
    the word roots can be a meaning of root of a plant, tree, or crops. Also it means an origin or chord. Following the line of my roots or the chord of my family tree I can proudly say to the world that Aparri is the land of my roots. Although you may not be intersted to know. I was born in Aparri
    and brought up in Aparri. I graduated in Aparri Elementary School and A.S.A.T. for my secodary education. My father was a policeman in Aparri during the 50’s and retired as a Court Interpreter at the Court of First Instance Aparri Branch.
    If you can down load our Philippine Geography book which we used in our high school education in the 60’s, you may noticed a page showing my great granfather’s home which in the book says ” A TYPICAL
    HOUSE OF APARRI CAGAYAN, located at the middle of
    what we call now “The Aparri Airport”.
    Kabsat iti “roots” nga maybaga ket diay poon mo.Nu ania iti ramot iti pamilya nga naggapuan iti tunggal maysa. Saan nga ramot ti kayo wenno ramot ti kamuti.

  123. Arnold Diaz says:

    Mr. Magara iti kunkuna ni Ms. Milagros Pallatao nga ROOTS ket Origin wenno Orig nga Aparriano saan kadi kakabsat?

  124. Arnold Diaz says:

    Kasta iti ugali dagita empleyado iti gobierno no adda supporting peso nagalgalis pay ngem saluyot nga lumosot dagitay animal nga papeles kasta met nga paraan iti pagbaknang dagitoy awanan iti ba-in nga politikos ken empleyado iti gobierno, isu nga saan nga umasenso iti Pilipinas ta puro mannanakaw ken salawasaw dagitoy nga tattao nga napanyo imboto, sinaludsod ko kenni konsehal Reginald Tamayo ngem di nga simmungbat ken daytay saludsod ko no adda iti black sand mining within the parameters of Aparri, Cagayan so imbagak nga “silence means YES”. Kavulun nga Aparrianos uray no nasukolen dagitoy nga demonyo nga agsalsalawasawen ket adda pay la rupa da nga ibaga nga we have to discuss matters in a legal forum. Just to escape on the issue ania ngarud ket nabsugen dagiti bulsa dagitoy nga animal nga ofiscialles pati pamilya dan ket pinakan da metten idan iti tinakaw nga kuartan. I really can’t understand how could they spend money which came from illegal matters, Well? sanay da ngaminen, I can’t say anything more GOD BLESS these people,,sibibiag kay pay ngem pinu-uranyon tay karrarwayon diay IMPIERNON DAYTA A NO ADDA PAY KARRARWAYO. “NE! ITI MAADATAN A KET ISU ITI NANGAN ITI SILI”

  125. APARRI: LAND OF ROOTS? why???????????????


  126. APARRI: LAND OF ROOTS? why???????????????

  127. ladies and gents,,, believe me. kagagawan ng mga pulitiko ang nangyayaring black sand mning sa aparri. kung sinasabing, “NOON PA YAN NAIPON AT NGAYON LANG MAILABAS NG BANSA” my GOD, e di sana noon pa kami lumabas… sa ganito ring case… mag isip isip ka APARRI O KUNG SINO MAN NA KUMAKALABAN SA PANINIWALA NA ANG APARRI AY “OUT OF DANGER”… SSSSSHHHIIIIITTTT…

  128. Milagros Paredes Palattao says:

    A P A R R I
    (dedicated to the batch of 50’s&60’s)

    Where the memories of my childhood shall never fade-
    Where my footprints shall stay where ever i may-
    A portrait of golden ray from the easrtern breeze-
    Through the western sun down with divine picturesque.

    Cast a line on thy crystal shore-
    Shall bring a smile into the modest home-
    Spirit of thy livelihood is alive and adorn-
    With amazing vast blue waters- is a truly adore.

    My vision from yesteryears shall forever exist-
    Elegant ladies and smart prominent varsities-
    Graceful dancers in MAY festivities-
    Where are they now…..just the good memories.

    Best for the best throughout a final night-
    COMPARZA costumes were fashionable and bright-
    The SUMMER TIME dancers with their cling delights-
    Against the MAY TIME dancers with their gorgeous alights.

    Home of the known,the prominents,the beuty and the diligents-
    Brought up within thy heart with love and patience
    Although humble YOU may-YOU had brighten my way-
    Into what and where am I know and thanks to YOU I may say.

    Gone were those days of my youth-
    Though afar-my heart remain for you as I should-
    My footprints shall stay forever- I would-
    In my beloved APARRI….THE LAND OF MY ROOTS.

    written by:
    milagros palattao-maura,aparri-Queensland Australia- Tottenham London, England- Feb.5,2010

  129. Fortifyer says:

    Conspiracy In Cagayan on February 4, 2010 at 5:13 am

    Gov’t execs hit for ‘cover-up’ of Cagayan mining

    BAYOMBONG, Nueva Vizcaya–Anti-mining groups in Cagayan scored officials of government for allegedly staging a cover-up of alleged illegal mining operations in the province, which, they said, was exposed by the recent grounding of a Korean ship as it was to ship a cargo of magnetite sand out of the country.

    Gensun Agustin, convenor of the newly-formed federation of anti-mining movement in Cagayan, slammed the “protection” that government authorities there in order to conceal illegal mining and quarrying operations on the riverbed of the Cagayan River and the province’s northern coastline, allegedly by foreigners.

    “The situation has become very clear: illegal mining has been going on in Cagayan but people in government, who are supposed to be the first to stop these operations are the ones scrambling to protect these aliens who are exploiting our natural resources,” he said.

    Agustin assailed the alleged conspiracy among government agencies, which include the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Mines and Geosciences Bureau and the provincial environment office, in a “desperate” effort to cover up the ongoing illegal mining activities in Cagayan.

    “They always tell us that we should provide proof that indeed there are mining operations. But when we present to them mounds of evidence, such as photos, video footages and witnesses’ testimonies, they are so quick to dismiss all these proofs,” he said.

    But by divine intervention, Agustin said, government men’s claim that no mining is ongoing in Cagayan was belied when a North Korean ship, MV Nam Yang 8, reportedly loaded with about 2,816 tons of magnetite sand bound for China, malfunctioned off Claveria town in Cagayan.

    It soon drifted westward and ran aground near the shore of Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

    “After this (mishap) was exposed, people in government are now one in saying that everything–from the working papers of the Korean crew, to the load of magnetite sand–is in order, but they could not show proof,” he said.

    These recent development, Agustin said, has emboldened groups to unify and form a multi-sectoral movement that will lead efforts to oppose any mining activity in the province.

    The federation, which was organized Saturday, is composed of people’s organizations from Cagayan towns that said to have been affected by illegal mining and quarrying operations, namely: Santa Ana, Gonzaga, Santa Teresita, Buguey, Aparri, Camalaniugan, Lallo, and Baggao.

    Sought for comment, Mario Ancheta, MGB Cagayan Valley director, however, denied the allegations.

    “There is no cover up here. We are just making our findings based on what we see from our validation activities, and from what we saw, there are no ongoing mining operations anywhere in Cagayan,” he said.

    He maintained that the magnetite cargo was allowed to be shipped out of the country and was covered by an export permit issued by Gov. Alvaro Antonio.

    He said Nam Yang 8’s load of black sand was part of an “old stock” that was allowed to be shipped out, despite a cease-and-desist order earlier issued by former Environment Sec. Lito Atienza on all mining operations in the province.

    However, Fr. Christopher Coballes, Aparri parish priest, disputed this claim.

    “There is no such thing as ‘old stock’ in Lallo; we have looked everywhere and nowhere have we found mounds of black sand awaiting shipment. (Nam Yang 8’s) cargo is freshly extracted sand,” he said.

    For his part, Roberto Adap, Cagayan’s environment officer, would neither confirm nor deny that the magnetite shipment was covered by a shipping permit.

    “I would rather suggest that you visit my office and take a look at the documents, then you make your own judgment whether the papers are sufficient for the cargo to be considered legal,” he said in a phone interview.

    Ancheta urged anti-mining groups to document all mining activities that they discover and file a formal complaint.

    “We cannot simply act on the basis of verbal reports and text messages. Everything should be made official,” he said.

  130. jhay ar cudal says:

    sana mabasa po ng taga APARII SCHOOL OF ARTS AND TRADES na sana my batch reunion kami ng 2005-2006 gusto ko po ulit maksama at makabonding ang schoolmate at classmate ko most espially ang section 4-b under of CALANTAS i mioss aparri po ingat tnx more power po

  131. jhay ar cudal says:

    nice place most especially in bario of punta and maura more publication “Para sumikat pa ang ating Bayan para mapuntahatn ang mag taga ibang lugarz”

  132. NICE TO SEE MY HOME TOWN IN THAT WAY… im pretty sure titingalain ka ng mga tao lao na sa mga umaapi sayo! GODBLESS APARRI AND ALL APARRIANOS….

  133. Hats off to the LGU Aparri for bringing back to life the Airport. Go go Aparri Mabuhay ka. Mabbalo

    • concern lang says:

      buhayin ang airport then patayin ang residente ng maura? yes kasi bago sana sila gumawa ng airport ang unang ginawa ay sea wall pag bumagyo tuluy tuloy na ang tubig galing sa dagat kasi tinanggal na yung mga buhangin pinapatag na ito. nakita ko yan nung umuwi ako sa APARRI. Who is the contractor??? mabuhay ang Aparri lets kill the people in MAURA.

  134. Arnold Diaz says:

    It’s a good news Mr. Fortifyer if they could revive the airport I think the problem before was the land itself which is not a government property and it is owned by Vicente Muniz so in short the Local Government I guess was only renting the land, for now I really don’t have any idea how could they revive it but I still believe in the the saying “IF THERE’S A WILL THERE’S WAY” I too believe that Dr. Tumaru will push-through all his projects so I (we) still hope for the best of our town. GO APARRI! GO!

  135. EXERPT FROM BOMBO RADYO LAOAG: to proof the existence of magnetite blacksand..

    MV Nam Yang, nagtalinaed a problema iti pagbiagan dagiti agkalkalap ti Pagudpud
    1/23/2010 8:01:23 AM
    LAOAG CITY – Nagtalinaed a pangta iti pagbiagan dagiti agkalkalap idiay Pagudpud ti naisadsad mga MV Nam Yang 8.

    Daytoy ket kalpasan a naibukbok iti mismo a danum ti baybay ti magnetite black sand a linaon ti barko gapu iti dakkel a buttaw na.

    Kuna ni Mr Arthur Valente ti BFAR, in-inot a nagabgaburan dagiti corals gapu iti maibukbukbok a magnetite sand ken daytoy pay ti manggubgubuay ti discoloration iti danum ti baybay.

    Dagitoy ti naduktalan dagiti pannakabagi ti BFAR, DENR, PNP ken Customs iti insayangkat da a maikadua nga inspection.

    Manamnama a mangaramid ti LGU Pagudpud ti pamuspusan tapno masolbar ti ad-adda pay nga idedegdeg ti problema.

  136. It is not that important sir to tell where i resided, i am already working at Ilocos Region now but looking back at Aparri still like what you are doing, too.

    Sir i will be forwarding to your e mail add the pictures i gathered when i visited Aparri last December 2009, focusing at Aparri Beach where they built their processing zone. Makikita u jan sir kung meron ba o walang nagaganap na “mining”. Thanks also for giving time to this nice conversation. I LOVE PADDAYA….

  137. Fortifyer says:

    Tuguegarao City — In an effort to further boost the business and tourism industry in this northern tip of Luzon, the municipality of Aparri, Cagayan is firm in its goal to complete the rehabilitation of its seaport until 2015.

    In an interview with Mayor Ismael Tumaru over Tipon-Tipan sa PIA program, he said he is optimistic that all the port facilities are already operational by 2015.

    Mayor Tumaru said with the rehabilitation of the seaport, more investors and tourists will come to their place, additional businesses will be established, and more jobs will be created. “It’s a big contribution to the economy of our municipality,” he added.

    Tumaru said the government will not spend for the rehabilitation because the development of the seaport would be undertaken on a build-operate transfer (BOT) scheme by a Taiwanese – owned company.

    An estimated budget of 50 million US dollar is needed to complete the rehabilitation.

    The town’s chief said the port’s existing pier which is already being used as basketball court will be dredged.

    “There is a need to remove the accumulated sand to maintain adequate depth for safe and efficient vessel operations,” Tumaru stressed.

    “The dredged materials will be used in the reclamation of the port and in the construction of other port facilities,” Tumaru added.

    Aside from the seaport rehabilitation project, the municipal government of Aparri is also aiming for the completion of their airport rehabilitation by the end of this year.

    Tumaru said the existing 600 meter airport will be expanded to 1,000 meters.

  138. Fortifyer says:

    Tuesday, January 26, 2010
    Mayor Denies Aparri As Source Of Magnetite Sand
    (PIA Press Release, January 5, 2010, Tuguegarao City) Mayor Ismael Tumaru of Aparri, Cagayan has explained that the magnetite iron sand loaded in the capsized vessel off the coast of Claveria town did not come from his municipality as being perceived by his constituents and other officials.

    Tumaru said the ill-fated MV Namyang 8 was docked only in Aparri port, the nearest port from Catayauan, Lal-lo, Cagayan to where the black sand were extracted.

    “May I please clear that the capsized vessel was only anchored in Aparri port and the black sand that caused its sinking did not come from my town, it came from Lal-lo,” Tumaru said.

    The issue became controversial when the Korean vessel MV Namyang 8 capsized few hours after it left Aparri port before New Year. Based on the police report, the ship capsized due to the weight of the magnetite sand which was mixed with water when the ship had encountered big waves.

    Mayor Tumaru also showed the letter sent to him by the corporate secretary of San You Philippines Mining Trade Inc., Florante Paat, asking for the consideration of the mayor for the temporary anchorage of 2 barges being utilized in the loading of the magnetite iron sand from Catayauan, Lal-lo to a newly arrived cargo vessel “Namyang 8”.

    “This letter proves that the magnetite sand loaded in Namyang 8 came from Lal-lo and not extracted within our coastal zones”, Tumaru added.

    Tumaru further stated that there is no dredging operation in his area of responsibility.

    On the other hand, Lal-lo Mayor Maria Olivia B. Pascual confirmed that the black sand came from her municipality but she cleared that the sand were old stock, extracted before the issuance of cease and disease order (CDO) from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

    “The sand was old stock and it was being processed here before the issuance of a CDO from DENR… no mining or dredging operation now in Lal-lo”, Pascual said.

    She further explained that they allowed the transport of the sand because it was being permitted by the Philippine Port Authority (PPA), Bureau of Immigration (BI) and the taxes were already paid to the barangay, municipal and provincial government.

    Pascual stated that it was extracted from a dredging activity done before the issuance of a CDO, when the Sangguniang Bayan of Lal-lo approved the conduct of dredging operations to clear the waterways in the Cagayan River as one way to resolve flooding in the area.

    She further cleared that 40 percent of the proceeds went to the barangay, 30 percent to the municipality and 30 percent to the province.

    The Mayor also appealed to some politicians not to add political color to the issue at hand.(Oliver B./PIA 2)

  139. Fortifyer says:

    Thanks Mr. BMMJ for the insightful accounts that happened in Aparri and Paddaya. It would be better then to post in this blog what was that evidence you have gathered for all of us to read and analyze. Sourcing of funds from our own (Town or Provincial) resources per se for the good of our community and its people is not bad at all. So long that it is being undertaken legally with approved purposes and transparent manner by NEDA through the provincial and town board officials (as peopel representatives) and other related government offices like DENR. Mabbalu ni kamu gayyem.

  140. Okay thanks for the info. I would if you’ll be able to send me a copy of the endorsement. Just send it through my email add franz_kiko15@yahoo.com mucj appreciated your concern by the way can you tell me where in Paddaya are you residing? Keep on track and God blesses those who searches for the truth.

  141. Sir JHUN MABBUN, nangyayari talaga sa APARRI, maniwala ka.. kung wala o hindi pa sa Paddaya plan na nila nun, nakakuha pa nga ako ng copy ng Environment Certificate issued by DENR Region 2, Tuguegarao City. MALIWANAG PO, AS IN CLEAR, if you want sir, download informations as an evidence at ABS-CBN REGIONAL NETWORK TV at Laoag City, ILocos Norte. tnx!

    much thx!


  143. yes sir, no problem, its only our problem anyway, we are million miles away hehehe! Am aware of what is really happening at Aparri (KNOWING that my eyes both left and right know what was really happening there) and the predicament is mine to consider..TOUCHED..

    For the information of everybody, i am not connected to any group existing at Aparri, or affiliated to a mighty clan nor the weakest among the groups there. Am just a ordinary individual, testifying the goodness of GOD through HIS works and blessings and firmly believing in the essence of oneness and pure GODNESS acts, who promised to work for the betterment of PADDAYA and continue uplifting and promoting the moral(GOOD) of every PADDAYEÑO to the best of what i can do.

    NOW, all i need is a loving hand, to organize a group tracking with me, walking at the same path for a good visions and objectives.

    As a promised then, may the good LORD bless me always for me to be able to fight what is right and TRUE…


  144. Hio Bernard, I am quite enjoying your way of sending persuasions to people to scrutinize or look deeper into this problem which I am sure not yet existing in Paddaya contrary to reports. Anyway just continue bringing to light all these things but please dont ever ever fall being ensnared or become minions of certain people or group with self interests … what I mean is just screwing you up to advance their’s. God Bless and Mabbalo nikaw.

  145. As my will to promote peace and order to my beloved barrio and barrio mates, i will always look and trace and search upon those KAPAL MUKS faces of those who connected-direct or indirect and all accessories of such.. Time will come, revenge is not on my hand, am just a mere instrument like YOU, too. GOD the creator will do His own WILL… thanks to those who supported me in any way. i will also give extra gift to all of you—— MY PRAYER for a safer and better YOU! GODBLESS PADDAYEÑOS…

  146. Fortifyer says:

    I think the “black sand” is a ‘cursed’. Whoever, try to posessed it may meet its dark force of justice. Better give warnings to those greedy eyes…their turn is coming…nearer and fatal.

  147. Arnold Diaz says:

    It’s a real shame on the vultured eye governor of Cagayan and the DENR-Cagayan these greedy people must not have a place on the surface of the earth, the Governor even justified that there was no beach resort along Buguey shoreline. ano bang alam niya sa dagat itong gobernador na ito e laki naman yata sa bundok siya so dapat mag-mina na lang siya sa loob ng bahay at bakuran nila kesa makadisgrasya pa siya ng maraming taong inosente “small scale mining” or LARGE SCALE ROBBERY WITH CONSENT,,,Mr. Bernard Magara keep these bastards afloat in TRI-MEDIA if this is the only way to exposed their greediness.

  148. may i also know who is(sir, mam) rossete, AENHS is also my alma mater.. tnx and GODBLESS..

  149. may i also know who is(sir, mam) rossete, AENHS is also my alma mater.. tnx and GODBLESS..

  150. hello once again gagayyem ken kakabsat…, its nice to be back… A BIG PROOF WAS ON TV… do u still remember “BERNARD the one who exposed the BLACK SAND MINING AT DODAN AND A PLAN TO DO THE SAME AT PADDAYA”? esp…Mr.F.Mabbun,SIR:.. AGAIN, A PROOF WAS ON TV.. almost daily at ABS-CBN LAOAG (regional TV) balita regarding sa isang KOREAN ship na naglalaman ng BLACK SAND and to NOTE, galing ito sa Aparri, is this not a proof of the unhumaned act to our beloved municipality specially its natural resources?

  151. Mga kagalang galang mula sa PADDAYA… isang mapagpalang araw at mapagpalayang oras sa inyong lahat…

  152. Arnold Diaz says:


  153. Arnold Diaz says:

    No politician I think is better, but I believe for one’s HONESTY, dedication and sincerity to serve at his/her best and most of all “God Fearing” set aside the face of professionalism sometimes it doesn’t work in politics because it might be either he/she is a professional Lier or Plunderer. If Doctor Romero is the daughter of Mr. Romero who was a former teacher of mine in ASAT then maybe she could do something to transform a bit the face of Aparri, I agree with Fortiyer for a transparency in governance. Dr. Tumaru has done a lot of things too for Aparri so lets give others a chance to show how they handle a true public service.

  154. Thanks fortifyer I am with you for that matter. We should not resort to mudslinging or any foul language just to advance who is better among the candidates, lets be objective. We all love Aparri so I guess the platform of governance should be scrutinized and the professionalism and values to serve come next. Mabbalo ni kamu.

  155. Fortifyer says:

    Go..go..go..Aparri! battle of Doctors..nice to see Aparri sons and daughters vying for the leadership as Mayor for the coming May 10 2010 election. Please be transparent enough to show your political platform and your alliances from the top politicians in order to distinguish candidates from the old politicos and new comers. Knowing their way forward to tackle Aparri present dilemma is our priority. Scanning dissecting the above blogs from our kababayan would provide you some insights on what ills that needs to be provided with solution in your terms if elected. God Bless us all.

  156. Aparri says:

    Hi Essey,

    Please provide more info on Dr. Jessica Romero’s platform, associations regarding her mayoral campaign…

    Thank you.

    • Essey says:

      I was just informed of Dr.Jessica Romero’s candidacy for mayoralty in Aparri. I know in my heart that she is a kind and loving Doctor but I do not have any idea in regards to the details of her platform, association regarding her mayoral campaign. At any rate, I know that she will be a good mayor if given the chance. If anyone wants to know more about her, please extend yourselves to communicate with your friend and family in Aparri because I cannot provide more detailed info as I am leaving here in North America. Thanks and God bless us all.

  157. Essey says:

    Good day to you again Mr. DeRivera, I am so sorry, my mistake, Jessica’s sister’s name is Rowena and their father’s name is the late Mr. Juan Romero. Hope this gives you more info about Doctora Jessica Romero.

  158. EdduDeRivera says:

    Hi Essey,
    The Lorna I am referring to is the daughter of the late Vicente. Their house then was in Centro and neighbor of the late Mr.Retotal (Aldong) who teached 6th grade in Aparri Central. Are we referring to the same Lorna? Blessings to you too.

    • Arnold Diaz says:

      Mr. Eddu the late Vicente Romero’s house is still within San Antonio and your are right Lorna is the daughter of Vicente Romero and she has a brother too! ito si father Elmer pari po siya (Jesuit Order). They are both products of SHOMI while Doctor Jessica graduated in ASAT high school.

  159. Essey says:

    Hi Mr. DeRivera, Lorna and Jessica are sisters and they are both Doctors. I do not know if you are reffering the same person. Thanks for agreeing with me. God bless!!!

  160. EdduDeRivera says:

    Who is Jessica Romero?,Any relation with Lorna Romero?
    I agree, we need change. Enough with the Tumaru dynasty.
    You got my support.
    Also, Caroline Pe, is your father George Pe? Howabout you Lily Chua, are your related to Wilson Chua?

  161. Essey says:

    Hello to all my co-Aparrianos. Hope everyone is well. I just want to inform every Aparrianos or to anyone who’s not aware yet about Doctora Jessica Romero that she is running for Mayor in our beloved town. It is time for a change and I believed that she’s going to be a very good leader. I urge everyone who’s voting at this time to vote wisely and do not vote that someone who’s buying his vote. “Huwag tayong masilaw sa pera” na ipinamimigay nila and for sure at the end kayo din ang magdusa. Napakatagal na silang nakaupo bilang namumuno sa town natin pero walang pagbabago. Let’s give Doctor J. Romero our support to become the next Mayor in Aparri, Cagayan. “VOTE FOR HER”!!! For all of us hoping to see changes for their next visit like me, I would love to see a new and progressive APARRI, CAGAYAN. GOD BLESS US ALL!!! I am sorry kung meron man akong nasagasahan.

  162. Lily Chua says:

    Me too!

  163. Carolyn Pe Rosiene says:

    Nice pictures! I miss HOME!!!

  164. Ka Edong says:

    Bro. Terry how’s KSA, I hope you are in good spirit there. How about your Bros. Chito, Alex, Rosario, Victor, David and your lone sister?. Hows’ your family in San Antonio. Regards to Auntie Senyang too. God Bless you all.

  165. lailany sibbaluca says:


  166. Arnold Diaz says:

    Merry Christmas too! Bro. Terry where in San Antonio is your house located? I guess you’re new in the neighborhood am I right? or maybe your wife might be from San Antonio. God Bless kavulun.

  167. Bro.Terry says:

    “Merry Christmas and a Blessed new Year to all Aparriano’s. MAY OUR GOD BLESS APARRI WITH ABUNDANCE LOVE, PEACE, MERCY, HEALTH, JOB AND HONESTY. From Narag Family of San Antonio…

  168. Fortifyer says:

    Anyway Mr. Doubting Thomas is deaf and mute or dah! You better go to your own kind and don’t infect us to your diseases *&^%#@_+#!

  169. Yes I don’t know what Mr. Thomas is up to!!!
    Merry Christmas to all fellow Aparrianos. God bless.

  170. Arnold Diaz says:


  171. Arnold Diaz says:


  172. Arnold Diaz says:

    Well thanks Jun, actually I have hypertension but I keep my body in shape and in good condition I play tennis every week end then I do taekwondo every night. Merry Christmas Too and a Happy New Year.

  173. Ka Arnold dayta pusom arruadam unay baka mahi-blood kayo…Kumusta na ho kayo? Are you still there in KSA?
    Merry X’mas sa inyo and God Bless.

  174. arnold diaz says:

    Apo nga politiko basaenyo daytoy imbinsa-binsa ni kavulun nga Fortifiyer if you make mistake admit it. If you have balls if that mistake has something to do with the tax payers money then makonsensya kayo koma met a ta kasano kayo nga maturog ti rinabii no naggapo met ti saan nga nasayaat iti inkay gasgastosen nga sanga pamilya? Well? You might be a partime son of Taning or Satanas

  175. Thanks “Fortifyer” for that inspirational guidance…mabbalo gafa

  176. Fortifyer says:

    Kabulun nga kababayan nga taga Aparri and elsewhere,

    May you all have a blessed and safe Festive Season for 2009 and best of luck and health for the year 2010!.
    Since everyone needs motivation for this coming resting season here are some suggestions you can ponder upon…
    “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go where there is no path and leave a trail”.
    “A Team is only as strong as its weakest link. Don’t be that link”.
    “Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination”.
    “It might be good to build castles in the air, but better still, work on the foundation… first!”.
    “Live each day as if it was your last, and you will find each day worth living for”.
    “Always look out for opportunities to give someone a helping hand. You never know when you will need one”.
    “A pioneer is one who dares to ventures into uncharted territories”.
    “Worry is like a rocking Chair. It gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere”.
    “If you want the rainbow, you must first learn to put up with the rain”.
    “Life is like a piano; what you get out of it, depends on how you play it”.
    “Your mind is like a parachute. It works best when it is open”.
    ” When you make a mistake, there are only three things you should ever do about it:
    1) Admit it,
    2) Learn from it &
    3) Don’t repeat it.”
    Mabbalo kamu amin.

  177. Marissa Marcos Soriano says:

    Sir Eleazar and Dra. Jessica, please coordinate a get together for our ASAT Batch ’76.

    • Maam Marissa,

      Has Audie gone home already? Kindly provide me his email add and CP number please…I am now in Papua New Guinea since I resigned from Petron in August 2008. I will be going home this christmas. God bless to all ASATIANS ’79.

  178. Thomas says:

    If A is success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut.

  179. dave pascua says:

    I enjoyed the pictures you have taken during your travel to Aparri.It is my first time to see a nice place. I will continue to see the rest of your nice travel pictures.Thank you.

  180. argyle rian domingo says:

    i just want to ask help/favor from you because ive been looking for a long lost friend from aparri cagayan, im not sure about the exact address thats why im quiet hesitant to go myself and search if you could possibly make way for me or for that friend so we could contact each other again her name is maribel cabaya, the last time i heard is she is in kuwait pls pls if you could help me to get in touch with her, a million tnx

  181. Rosette says:

    sana po eh ung mga latest na comments ung nasa itaas ng page..
    kasi po mahirap hanapin (comments/greetings) kung meh maghahanap ng site na ito..
    I’m a part of Aparri community that’s why I want to be part of it kahit man lang sa ganitong bagay..
    Please arrange it…
    Thank you.

    • Rosette says:

      i mean mahirap hanapin kasi kelangan mo pa talagang i-scroll down ung mouse na gamit mo, di ba?
      so sana ung PINAKA-LATEST talaga ung nasa itaas dapat..
      such that FACEBOOK.. di ba ung latest talaga ung nasa itaas ng wall mo.. un lang kung hindi mo na-o-open ung account mo araw-araw, NAKU! tiyak namang tatadtarin ka ng VIEW NEWS FEED na yan.. hahaha!

  182. Fortifyer says:

    Sir Arnold,
    Pudno ti imbagam ken sapay koma ta mabasa dagitay kalugaran tayo nga agbulagbulagan tapno makaala da met iti bassit nga kuarta da. Ania kadi ti nasayaat nga aramiden tayo tapno malagip da dagidiay kar-kari da. Nu saan nga patpatgen diyay kinuna da ket isudalaengen ti maka-ammon kenni Apo tayo a Diyos. Ngem ti kunadan ket ‘God Help Those Who Help Themselves’. Take care all and be steadfast in our resolved to develop and continue our Aparriness attitude. We will let history to judge them.

  183. Arnold Diaz says:

    Agreed Mr. Fortifyer, well there’s no perfect place than home I still hope that one day our hometown will be re-faced, re-charged or whatever you may call it. The problem really is our own townsmates they seldom don’t use their common sense or not wise enough in voting a semi-sincere politiko. Sorry to say but here we are again election is just right on theirs nose. ti unaen ngamin dagitoy nga kalugaran ket daytay agited ti kunada nga popcorn wenno dirty money ni dishonest nga politiko, one in a million laeng kakabsat iti sinsero nga pulitiko no adda makitam nga sinsero ket sincere lang nga agsubbot iti nagastos na idi agdama nga mangbalbalatong ti kalugaranna, kitaenyo dayta PIER ta Punta adda met koma ti mangtulong kaniatayo a ta adda ngarud ni apo tayo nga Enrile ngem awan latta wen papaaweng lang ti manggneg mo kadagitoy nga politiko. kastoy kadi ti kalidad nga liderato iti intay suportaan no kastoy ti kayat yo a ket awan ti agbalin nga pulos kadatayo amin. dagitoy nga politiko laeng iti agbaknang ta sikikidem met amin nga tao gayam dita.

  184. eric says:

    anong magandang hotel na tirahan sa aparri?

  185. I just want to greet all of you Aparrianos especially for your time to share some good news and aver wonderful experiences about our beloved town. I know that most of us are far from our town yet its like just a few meters away whenever we heard some fresh news regarding our town. Mabbalo sa lahat ng sharings.

  186. ty-ILIGAN CITY says:

    thanks this website…i can find my HAFT sister or brother..MY father’s name a certain DOMINADOR ALFAFARA..who die in part CAGAYAN VALLEY REGION or in APARRI…HE IS CERTIFIED ACCOUNTANT who work as BOOKKEEPER in that region..he was shoot die,,on 1981..

    i log this thru to meet may RELATIVE

    email…. imperial_analok@yahoo.com

    thanks…MMK..MAALAALA MO KAYA..


  187. Rosette says:

    How are you Aparri?
    I miss all the people of Aparri.
    Especially the people who became part of my life.

    How about Aparri East National High School (AENHS)?
    Is there already improvements there?
    I miss that school,too.

    Hello Philippines and hello Aparri!!!
    I just wanna greet all of the people who read this message of mine.
    I know that you’re a part of Aparri community. (kasi hindi mo naman ‘to ise-search kung hindi ka taga-Aparri, hindi ba?)
    Sa mga nakakakilala po sa akin d’yan, add nyo na lang ako sa Messenger List nyo..
    here’s my e-mail add.: yodicorosette@yahoo.com
    or text me @ 09225576812. (SUN po kasi gamit ko na sim…)
    Hello sa mga naging classmates ko sa Aparri..
    Isa po akong kabataan ng barangay Paddaya..
    Hi sa mga kamag-anak ko… especially the TESADO/TISADO & UNABIA family..

    I MISS YOU so much Aparri.

  188. lbaylon says:




  189. veron bilas says:

    hi, i enjoyed reading the comments though i am not from aparri…pamplona po ako pero i had fun reading really the ilocano/ybanag comments…but anyway, i have friend there too, employee siya ng CSU…george Agpalza po ang name…hope mabasa niya ito…thank you

  190. Grace Ramos says:

    QUESTION?…….how can I get the personal email of my classmate Federico Coscolluela…..hope you can help me and give me a feedback….Thanks so much 🙂

  191. Phoebe AV says:

    Hi to all,

    I am group moderator of F’AceS67, graduates of Aparri Central School. Never thought there is something like this in the net. Totoo nga, hindi mo matatalikuran ang roots mo, after 44 years i found myself walking in the streets of Centro again, i am home at last.

    Fab AceS67 , kumusta kayo?

  192. anna dizon says:

    hi sa mga kababayan ko…hello sa batch 78 ASAT.san na kayo mga guys?? hi also to rema polido ang allein abuyuan…

  193. Arnold Diaz says:

    I am still hoping that there will be an honest leader or let’s say less corrupt. to re-face our beloved Philippines Aparri in particular.

  194. Fortifyer says:

    It was indeed an uneventful visit to Aparri by Microsound (Mr. Vito). Thankfully your account provide us more insights and mixed feelings. At least the nostalgic moments was there seeing where native place where you came from. Actually even if you are thinking along the line of helping our hometown and give your best in its development there is no way we could do it due to the unpleasant news coming from the place.

    We know that there is no perfect place or country for that matter but at least the peace of mind, orderliness, truthful people and unselfish leadership of the town must exist in the first place. I know that we all love our roots and no qualms in severing our connections from our past. Since we would be like a living dead if we do it. I also aware that our inner core was culturally defined by our early years of socialization and no amount of Americanization/Europeanization/Japanization/Chinanization/Arabianization can erase that (not even a heart transplant). We can continously pretend to be a WASP in foreign land but deep down inside us is so unreal and fake. I think Aparri’s road to development is fraught with uncertainties due to the presence of many uncharted paths. Threats and opportunities are not easily distinguishable now in this inter-connected world and to chart a new ways of looking at our present world present formidable challenges.

    I think this is a big challenge to the in-coming leadership of any (un)lucky Mayor of Aparri. He/She should be ready for this exciting kind of challenge – of blazing new paths toward creating a newer and braver Aparri for good. Whoever will be the winner in this election day, we will provide you a full moral support to mature and learn to see the realities of governance with less jaded eyes. Then Aparri will be more pragmatic and be ready to chart her own destiny with more confidence…. we are still hoping.

  195. Arnold Diaz says:

    Well that’s a very sad news from you manong Vito, we both hate politics because they are not only LIARS but also a thief “diay kunada nga bwaya nga nalinis ti kaliskis na” isuda dagitoy politicos why I called them crocodiles? ngamin ket nalaingda unay nga agpalusot no agtakawda ti kwarta adda la nga adda iti pangsupportada nga papeles kadagidiay tinakwda. Well nobody cares anyway, I really hope that one day there will be an honest leader who can change the system of politics. SANA PO maawa na kayo sa bayan itigil na ang pangungurakot niyo.

  196. Microsound says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m back on dry land once again. I am compelled to make another entry partyly because Fortifyer’s comment. My trip to Aparri last July is somewhat of a mixed feelings. I was happy to see our hometown once again, see my old friends, whoever were still around. At the same token,I felt a little sadness to find out that most of those I knew have made their final trip to east of the town to be buried. My trip to Aparri was uneventful. The town is still sleepy as it was when I left many many years ago. I did not see any major improvements except the new bridge that has been repaired or rebuilt. The “Dappa” has exhibited a new face. Gone are the number of boats moored alongside the river. Someone made the decision to prohibit boats to be moored in “Dappa” and as a result, the once bustling and busy commercial venue is now a silent, empty and somewhat desolate part of the town. The church is currently under renovation. I attended an early morning mass at the old SHOMI building, where the altar and services are temporarily moved. The once beautiful seashore is gone. The sea has advanced so much that it prevented me from walking along the beach. I intended to walk from San Antonio to the pier in Punta but that proved difficult because of the water’s proximity. The saddest of all during my trip is, the fish market, which were once filled with varieties of fish, is nearly empty. Most of the tables in the fish market are empty. I did see, however, a plateful of “Carabuyo” that cost P180 per kilo. My dream of enjoying the catch of the day, was never fulfilled. I ended up taking my meals in either Criselda’s or Jollibee, who can only start serving at 7:30 in the morning. Politically, I have nothing to say becuase I hate politics. Most of them are liars anyway. I heard rumors though that Robert Damian is about to retire from military and might run against the current mayor. Needless to say, my trip was uneventful. I took several pictures though and if anyone is interested in viewing these, pls. email me at Vrigna1@verizon.net. Thank you and may God bless all of you fellow Aparrians.

  197. Fortifyer says:

    Yes, I am also interested to any of the latest news from Aparri. Like economic, socio and political or religiuous development? Are there some new infrastructure and other Aparri pipeline projects for development in the near or medium term? Its been a very long time (20+ years) since I last visited Aparri. Are there any websits or other blogs to visit in order to have a peek to even the pictures? Nami-miss ko na and simoy ng hangin na sariwa mula sa dagat!!! What sort of small-scale investment is promising in Aparri? Thanks for your positive reply is you can, please…

  198. Wander says:

    Oh man, I don’t think so!

  199. Any latest news about Aparri…Can anyone shares an update please. Mabbalo ni kamu ngamin… Ciriaco kumusta ka na kofun are you still in KSA?

  200. lailany sibbaluca says:

    i am also an ASAT GRADUATE,was born from PADDAYA all my beloved cousins boy tumaru my uncle henry tumaru.i havent visited aparri since 1991 its great to see these photos on this site,And regards to all my highschoolmate and im glade to see the name federico coscolluela my schoolmate,hi to mam Rosie arellano.more power n advance merry xmas to all

  201. Hello fellow Aparrianos. I’m glad to read this Blog about our hometown-Aparri.

    May I invite all of you to join APARRI RE-UNITED GROUP at Facebook. At present, we have 371 members and still counting.

    Thank you. Agbiag ti Aparri.

    Ciriaco T. Daluddung II

  202. Dave says:

    Graduate ako ng St Paul University batch 2002. Kaya sa lahat ng mga Cagayano na nagwowork dito sa Qatar mag meet tayo at magtayo ng asosasyon ng mga Cagayano dito sa Qatar.

  203. Dave says:

    Meron bang taga Enrile, Cagayan dito or any part of Cagayan na nagwowork din dito sa Qatar, i work here in Qatar Shell, please feel free to message me, nahohomesick na kasi ako. Naghahanap ako ng kapwa ko ilokano na taga Cagayan din.

  204. Arnold Diaz says:

    Well if the local officials of Aparri cannot do anything to rectify the matter because maybe lack of funds no allotment the same alibis’ you will hear from this kapalmuks politicos or they are just simply lame ducks inutil how much more to the senate president? His/son or daughter? For sure they wont do anything Who cares!

  205. Fortifyer says:

    Calling our good friends from the Sanitation and Health Department of the Aparri Municipality. Please do something about the comments and observation from Rod. I do not know whether any Aparri munipal hall official is in the loop of this blogesphere. However, for those who are near to them like Jun Mabbun, please relay this message. How could you convert the Municipality into a City where simple quality of air and sanitation cannot be fixed. Aysus ania metten aya…

    I think the son and daughter of our beloved Senate President are also holding a high positions in Cagayan. They should also be tapped to secure their assistance and help for the welfare of population of Aparri and other parts of the province including the restoration of the Aparri Pier in Punta. Thanks a lot.

  206. rod says:

    My father is from Lallo and during my younger years we used to visit my very sexy and beautiful grandmother in their home sweet home town, the people there are adorable and hospitable, i remember the senior citizens or the BALOS with their most beautiful dresses attending the PASAYAW OR PASALA in ilokano. During those years, i am somewhat astonished and find it weird looking my granny very busy infront of the mirror the whole day preparing herself to look fresh,young and beautiful for the PASAYAW OR PASALA “gosh” you could just imagine with her age she still have the kilig and asim factor hahahaha. Anyways according to my father it has been a part of their long tradition not only for the town of lallo but for the entire down stream residents as this is their way of socialising and getting along with their friends. The beaches are really beautiful, still untouch specially the virgin island of PALAUI in sta ana cagayan, its better than the beaches ive seen here abroad.

    Last february 2009, i came home and visited my grandmother’s hometown including Apparri and Sta Ana. Aparri is still thesame town ive seen before however, im just disappointed with the unpleasant smell and according to the locals, the unpleasant smell is coming from the market. I am calling on the attention of the local officials of Aparri to do something as this is not good for the health of everyone.

  207. I dont know if these Taipans are still doing their businesses in Aparri. Salamat nga pala for that info regarding the Rosales brothers. We wish Maj. Gen. Boysie Rosales (their cousin and the present NCRPO Chief) that he can magnanimously perform his duties to maintain peace and order in Metro Manila. Mabuhay kayo Heneral. Mabbalo.

  208. oscar says:

    i would like to ask a favor from the aparrianos. may i know if mr. edmundo ‘bana’ lim, and mr. romeo ‘guanho’ lim, are still in aparri, and their addresses.

    thank you very much

    • student says:

      sir oscar,

      i was a student at aparri kete school. the new building was dedicated to sir ‘edmundo bana lim and his wife sofia’. unless there is you are referring to another edmundo bana lim i am certain he has died.

  209. Arnold Diaz says:

    Yes Jun they are brothers Ram or Ramchund Rosales tatay nila si Mang Ben Rosales and he was formerly an employee of ASAT and he sometimes coach baseball.

  210. dray says:

    sa tropang BSIT-electrical 2000. CSUA
    mga tol kmzta na kyo. hows lyf na? buhay pa ba? keep n touch nman. u can email @ darbsan09@yahoo.com
    tnx and god bless

  211. Just asking is Jamison Rosales is a brother of my Pareng Ram Rosales? Mabbalo.

  212. ARNOLD DIAZ says:

    Manong Vito you should have scheduled it earlier so you can attend the Barangay Festival Of San Antonio which is celebrated every month of June. I know you will enjoy re-uniting with your old band members like Daruh Almasan-Base; Jamison Rosales-Drums I forgot the name of your lead but you can invite Boy of the Rechoes to complete the team. Enjoy and God Bless!

  213. Microsound says:

    Should read I’m headed back. Sorry!..

  214. Microsound says:

    Hey folks, I headed back to our beloved town.I am flying from LA tomorrow night and part of my itinerary is our town. I hope to see all the members of my old band. It will be a joy to once again. Sit down together and sing all our favorites songs of yesteryears. Beatles, Beeges, Lobo, and many many more!…Joyall, you mentioned singing contests, that was long long time ago during election time wasn’t it? Fortifyer talked about the puh-puhlo and ar-arusit. Now my palate is salivating with the thought of feasting on the catch of the day, especially the “tinunus.” Will be taking lots of pictures as well as videos… and will share these to everyone who might be interested. Email me -Vrigna1@verizon.net. Boy, I hope there are still balinggasa, gakka, carabuyos that I can find over there. Wish me luck!…..

  215. Fortifyer says:

    Life must go on Friends..with or without Apo Enrile.
    Nagimas met tay pupulo ken ar-arusip nga naggapu diay Claveria. Ipiselem met bassit ti nasam-it nga kamatis ken patis con calamansi nga naggapu diyay Gonzaga ay sus nagimasen manong. Adda met ginukan ken natamales nga ipun aglalo kenno napudok nga innapoy ay na nagimasen. Sige, balik probinsya na tayo para feeling young again. Thanks

  216. joyall says:

    I was just browsing the net when suddenly the urge to google Aparri. You posted quite limited info but great effort.I am an Aparriana, I was born in Bisagu raised in Punta.What keep me coming back to this town is the generous hospitality of the locals. The ohh so delcious seafoods.Backyard garden.. Indeed organic!!! Nothing could be sweeter..I will never forget my rendez-vous during the festive singing contests, and the chilly simbang gabis..Memories that last forever.. Once again thanks… You brought me back down memory lane.It is such a wonderful feeling.


  218. ARNOLD DIAZ says:

    Well, Sir our beloved senate president has been ever busy for all his entire life “no ammo yo daytay pagsasao nga ibagada ket WEN ikastak, aramidek diay WEN gayam ket ditayo ammo nga PAPA-AWENG laeng gayam” but we are left with no choice but to ask for his kind assistance, the honorable Juan Ponce Enrile for all of mess that is going on in Cagayan particularly Aparri. The people of course of Aparri are longing for his reply and immediate action but when it will be? I don’t really know, YOU! do you have any idea? when? nabayagan apo nga politikon ni apo Enrile ngem agingga’t ita adda kadi nagbaliwan dayta Pier dita Punta? ah! of course adda kakabsat narba gayamen nga nabayagen.

  219. Fortifyer says:

    For our kind information, the issues and other challenges discussed in this blog has been brought to the attention of our Senior Mentor/Leader Honorable Senator Juan Ponce Enrile. He is presently the Senate President. In fact, if you have free time, please send again all your individual concerns to him at the address below:
    Senate Office:
    Rm. 503 5th Flr., GSIS Bldg., Financial Center, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City
    Trunk Lines: (632) 552-6601 to 70 loc. 5552 / 5553 / 5554
    Direct Lines: (632) 552-6690 / (632) 552-6691
    Email: senator_enrile@senate.gov.ph
    Residence Address in Metro Manila: 2305 Morado St., Dasmariñas Village, Makati City
    Website: http//www.jpenrile.com/contactjpe/contactjpe.asp

    For now, we have yet to hear his response as we all know that our respected Senator is very busy legislator too.
    Thank you all and advance and Happy 2009 Aparri Festival……Mabbalo kamu amin

  220. I have just returned from Aparri to attend our 30th Anniversary (from April 9-11, 2009) since graduating from the ASAT grounds in 1979. We were so thankful that the reunion was so successful & quite grateful that after thirty years we had met and shared stories again with our long lost classmates who came all the way from the four corners of Cagayan and outside the country. We had also a time of visiting our alma mater and many thanks to the present administrator of the school for allowing us to play our goodwill basketball games at ASAT grounds. There is really no place like home and iba talaga ang high school life ang saya-saya. Like what our classmates said ( Ed Fernando, Ato Onate, Fred Ifurung, Tony Alias, Elmer Panizares, Boy Tumaru et al) ay bitin daw. Anyway we will be planning another like this one next year.
    Had also a time to visit my humble barangay Paddaya and as what I have observed my barrio is still the most serene and peaceful since I left and settled for Bataan. I could still observe that farming and fishing is the major source of livelihood of my siblings and relatives there. How I wish that they should have bequethed with a more stable source of income this days pero wala pa rin. I have seen their plight that industries like we have in Bataan is something to dream of for Aparri.
    Wala naman po ang sinasabi niyong surface mining (BLACK sand) sa Paddaya. MABBALO ANNA DIYOS Y MANARON NIKAMMU.

  221. ARNOLD DIAZ says:


  222. faye gorospe says:

    I salute u sir arnold.Pudno ta kunam…and to you mr. mabbun, please stop defensing the incumbent mayor.ammok nga kabagiam isuna, kaya all praises ka kanyana.Magpakatotoo ka bro.DIOS ti agngina

  223. ARNOLD DIAZ says:

    Hmm, maybe something is fishy happening out there. Dagitay apo tayo nga mangiturturong iti pagsayaatan koma ti kaaduan ket aramidenda komamet a iti maiparbeng nga serbisyo iti kaaduan saan laeng nga maymaysa. Iti maibagak laeng a ket no sinno iti nakagatang dayta La-Villa de Manila Compound siguro nangabak nga a iti LOTTO ngem no maysa nga Local Government Official a ket uray siguro no 70years na nga sweldo dina kaya nga bayadan that’s why I said that there’s something fishy. kokofun saan kayon nga masdaaw no nakakita kayo iti kastan ta kasla normalen daytan iti Pilipino “SINNO AYA ITI KADUA TI SALAWASAW NO SAAN NGA MANNANAKAW”??? so be it may God Bless them and save them from fires of Hell. mabbalo nikamu

  224. I am writing just to clarify that based on my knowledge, there is no such thing as black sand mining going on in Paddaya. I refute the claim of this pitty boy_us. Please come out from cloak at pakilala ka. Mabbalo.

  225. Marissa Marcos Soriano says:

    Black sand mining is also rampant in Minanga, Buguey. I heard some concerned citizens went to Tuguegarao and staged a rally against the destruction of our natural resources.I just don’t know if their cries were heard by the these government officials in power.

  226. PITTY BOY_US says:

    that’s true enough bernard…i was actually born and raised in Paddaya, i witnessed how these miners gradually destroy the pristine seashore of our hometown specifically along Dodan to Paddaya. ” to those who implemented and approved this selfish and greedy activity…magpakasaya lang kayo…mabilis lang ang karma…”

  227. windel says:

    aparri no place like home

  228. Eddu says:

    My friend, I can feel your pain!…Think about it, can anyone do this without knowledge and approval from those in power? Common sense dictates, if these miners are free to mine the limited natural wealth and those in power did not approve it, what are they in power for? If they are not silenced by the power of grease money then it just doesn’t add up. I wholeheartedly agree with you. We must all unite and work to fight these type of abuses. Fortifyer, you provide the impression that you have strong government knowledge and contacts, I hope you use that to spearhead this movement. May God Bless and help all the concerned Aparrians!…

  229. bernard says:

    I was surprised when i heard from my friend(to note: she’s not from Aparri) that black sand mining is now going on at Dodan, Aparri and i heard also same from another friend(in the name of Manong Jhun M.) that they (the contractors, planners etc) are planning to go to Paddaya for the same purpose based on the copy of ECC he got issued by DENR…. To prove on that, i personally visited my beloved town and i was really surprised on what i’ve seen>>>>>>>>>> and i don’t really know what will i say, and whose to blame.MADAMA MET GAYAMEN NGA AB-ABUSWEN DAN TI IGID TI BAYBAY. And i say,: “MAY NAGLAKAS LOOB NA SUMIRA SA ATING MGA LIKAS NA YAMAN, WHEREIN IN THE FIRST PLACE, HINDI SILA ANG GUMAWA NG MGA ‘TO… God gave that for us to protect and to destroy not. Kung noon nga at walang gumagalaw dyan e lumalapit satin ang dagat, and that’s natural, e di mas lalo na ngayon at may sumisira na ng tuluyan… mga putakti kayo kung sino man ang pasimuno at may kagagawan.. shame on you! SSSSTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOPPPPPPP!

  230. bernard says:


    agtinnulung tayu lattan… papintasen tayu ti lugar lalo ti human resources ti paddaya. adun ti profesionals ngem nalipatan tayun sa metten ti naggapuan tayu. taw en ti naglabasen, ADUN A KARI KEN SAPATA ngem awan pay ti napintas nga nagbaliwan tI paddaya. KALSADA… BULUK PA LANG… Lugar tayu atoy apu!

  231. I hate to say this but please be careful of your accusations…”You heard”… without any solid basis/evidence. Anyway since most of us may have been away from Aparri, I take your concern for the moment. Mabbalo Kokoffun.

  232. Fortifyer says:

    Wow, it’s shocking. The beloved Mayor of Aparri and cohorts are involved in exploring and degrading the natural resources of the town. If he can’t provide proved his innocence this coming May 10, 2010, Presidential, Congressional, Local and party-list polls then the sacred ballot would provide justice. This is specially that General Yano indicated that members of the military are strictly prohibited from engaging in partisan politics and will keep reminding and giving warning to AFP members about this. Beloved kababayan, continue to be vigilant! Mabbalo.

  233. Eddu says:

    That is very nice Mr. Mabbun. Please convey the message that he should slow down enriching himself. I heard that him and his wife Shalimar, now own several properties in the town including the old La Villa De Manila. Someone mentioned that he has knowledge and approval of the black sand quarrying that is going on. Please plead to him to think of the poor people of Aparri.

  234. Rest assured Manong Arnold I hope to discuss the matter to the Hon. Mayor of Aparri and bring-up to him your concerns…Mabbalo uli.

  235. Arnold Diaz says:

    sorry it should be “Please don’t forget”

  236. Arnold Diaz says:

    Enjoy the get together but don’t please forget the situation Aparri is into right now. I know you can discuss these things with the Mayor. mabbalo Jun

  237. I can’t wait to visit Aparri again…to enjoy the company of my batchmates from high school.

  238. mary rose miranda says:

    hi uncle reg

  239. margarita says:

    i really wan to go to aparri coz i have college friend from there!! now i really really really wan to go there even though shes in aboard now!!! will some one help me how to go there? by bus : how many hours & what bus company & what will be the sign board? if by car how many hours from manila or how many kilometeres?
    pls someone send me an email answer:

  240. May I remind all our batch mates from ASAT Class 79 that we will be having our 30th Anniversary celebrations to be held on April 11, 2009 at St Patrick Hotel…This will be a one-day affair with full of fun together with members of your family. Kita kits sa Aparri after 30 years.
    Please contact me via my CP#09204004338 for the attendance.

  241. Francis Formoso says:

    nice….nice…very nice……My clasmate federico coscolluela made a comment here…how are you? long time no see no hear… We are planning for reunion hope you can contact me (09178188821). CIAO!

  242. Arnold Diaz says:

    You can or we can say that, that’s already a trademark for us for which we were inspired in achieving our goals am I right ARjhaye?

  243. arjhaye says:

    salamat po sa mga nagcomment dito, im so thankful kasi di nyo pa rin nakakalimutan ang aparri. Kay Mr. Arnold Diaz, hehe nakasabit pa rin po ung “PLAN YOUR WORK, WORK YOUR PLAN”, hanggan nayon dun sa may Automotive building..


  244. Arnold Diaz says:

    ASAT was then one of the best Schools Aparri have ever had I don’t know for now.

  245. Is it because during our times ASAT had been the best school you find in Aparri? Nagtatanong lang po…he he he.

  246. Arnold Diaz says:

    No Mr. Gavin para kadagiti amin tattao nga ammo na iti mangisakit iti naggapuanda. Kabsat saan met ket nga dakes iti agsurat ken agsao iti English ta inadal tayo met amin daytoy nga lenggwahe iti panagkunak, so mostly who come in here would be from Aparri, Cagayan pasensiya kan no adda medjo madi nga grammar nga nabasam ta awan met siguro kaniami iti adda PhD na iti English ditoy. mabbalo sadik!

  247. gavin urich says:

    it really fun reading blogs published herein.my goodness, inglisan ng inglisan ang mga panyero..and the way i see, most of the bloggers are from ASAT..is this an exclusive page for you guys. nagtanong lng po

  248. Arnold Diaz says:

    What I can remember was when the pier in Punta was still a little bit longer we used even to fished on the other side of it because on that same place is where the banca/barangays’ are repaired and moored, the seahore was then very far from the Loriga-Gallarza Street and as a kid at that time I find it hard to reach the seashore because there were sand dunes “pampantuk” well those dunes were levelled to give way to the Depot/Bulk fuel oil storage tanks and the San Antonio Elementary School. So our Good and intelligent Engineers out there should take into consideration the re-construction of the Pier in Punta, well? I don’t know anyway to our apo nga mangiturturong no adda met laengen pondo na itan ta dayta pay laeng ti dakkel nga diskusyon da PONDO? 1 century san ti napalabasen ket PONDO pay laeng ti diskusyon da nagipananda ngata dagiti BUIS (TAX) imbayad dagiti marigrigat nga kas kadataon? Mr. senate president talyawem daytay pier nga inka pagbanbaniitan idi marunuten can you just please share some of your pork barrel to this matter SIR!

  249. Kindly furnish me also a copy of those pictures taken by you Mr. Bright. My email add is: franz_kiko15@yahoo.com
    Just to share…Its bee an old (perrenial) problem where the sea swelled and ate or eroded most of the hills in anywhere the Aparri coastline particularly during the July-December months and this is caused by global warming syndrome.
    The analysis of one of bloggers here Ka Edong about the erosion problem in San Antonio is quite awakening. It seems the place is not seated on the right place…uubusin talaga ng dagat yan…

  250. ARNOLD DIAZ says:

    Mr. Bright eversince I was a kid there was no Right Design or structure ever built in the shoreline along San Antonio they simply built a semi-solid retaining wall for which it will stumble down during rainy season. Ganyan gumawa ng pera ng mga politico at mga Inhinyero diyan sa atin nakakahiya di ba? mas matibay pa nga mga bakod ng mga bahay ng mga hinayupak na yan kaysa retaining wall na pinatayo nila. Sana lang unahin nila yung pagpagawa sa pier that will save the shoreline from Punta down to San Antonio. We can ask the help of the Senate President ni apo Johnny Enrile nga kas kinuna ni kabsat nga Fortifier. Mayor! the town needs your immediate help on this situation I know you are aware of what is going on HELP PLEASE! Mr. Bright could you send me some of the pictures tatanawin kong utang na loob sa’yo ito thanks. my email add; arnoldiaz73@yahoo.com

  251. Fortifyer says:

    Hi Emman,
    Your expertise could now be used to document the sorry state of Aparri which is disturbing. I know for a fact that a pictures worth a thousand words more so a motion picture. We could make an appeal to our highest leader in our country by good public relations and documenting the illegal practices mentioned by Mr. Bright.
    Mr. Bright, thanks a lot for your courage and ocular inspection. Is there any website which we could visit to view your pictures? Appreciate your thoughts about it. We have to do something before its too late!!!. Those with connection with the Senate President would probably start soliciting their kind sympathy and mobilize any support for this situation..

  252. Mr.Bright says:

    Hi to all Aparriano who are now living outside the Country,

    I’m sad to say these and how am I supposed to say it. Anyway I have been in Aparri for these last Christmas vacation I have notice first that all major commodities ex( Fish, Pork, & Vegetables) are too high compared in Manila, Another is the Sea, I was terrified that almost the Sea Wall was Failing, Structural failure. This was cause by the Quarrying of known by the Municipal Administration yet they allowed it, I had asked to the vendor of “puto” and he said that when the school of San antonio will be thrown out by waves, he said that he will move out in Aparri because of he was so afraid of such happening. What must we do then to help our home town or to people living in aparri? The poor has becominh poorer because of too high prices of basic conmmodities, mas matindi pa sa mga syodad… people says that “kasi may monopoly sa market, at mga negosyanteng mayayaman ang nagpapahirap at nagpapataas ng mga bilihin.” And why the local DTI allowed all this things, simply or maybe the administartion did not notice or they had just closing their eyes and ears… what do you think of it?
    I have some photo regarding the sea… malapit na at lumalapit pa ito at malapit na bumigay na sa tapat ng school….

  253. Fortifyer says:

    Hello Mr. Emann De la Cruz,
    Congratulations on keep on dreaming to film Aparri. We will support any features films, documentaries, experimental films, short films, dramatic film which values human life or justice for wrongdoings that can move forward Aparri as a responsible society for the big screen, TV, video and (to some extent) the internet video streaming or mini series and interesting episodes with subjects that may excites your nostalgic mements and could be converted later into video games. Thanks and regards.

  254. hi torn/constantine,

    great job! you’ve connected all the Aparrianos, in a way only you made possible.

    I was proud to be born in Aparri myself, in 1974. I attended gradeschools in
    St. Paul and Kete (Chinese school).

    We visited 2 years ago, when my Lola Siling died, and I got a a chance to visit all
    my schools. Everything had shrunk… haha! I was even able to talk to our school master in Kete.

    How I long to have a chance to film in Aparri in the near future, I’ve grown so
    Nostalgic for my youth.

    Being a filmmaker based here in Manila, it’s a way I feel I can contribute to the beauty
    and richness of my hometown.

    Kudos to you, and be well on your travels.

    emmanuel ancheta dela cruz

  255. Ka Edong says:

    “Plan your work, and work your plan” is a good phrase to start the year and work out your New Year Resolution if any. I used to read that motto also during my elementary days under Mr. P. Gorospe (Elementary Teacher) Class during our Industrial Art course with a drawing of a rip saw hanging with it near the tool box corner. He was a firm believer that if you had a plan to follow you would always wind up on top. (Mr. Areola was one of my colleagues before at CSU-Aparri).

    I can totally endorse what he (Mr. Gorospe) taught us. It seems so simple and I’m guilty of not following such sage wisdom, however if you write/type/calendar the steps you need to take to complete a task you will be amazed at how orderly the goal gets accomplished. The only negative is you will have to reorder your calendar/schedule frequently as steps are delayed or done out of order. Small price to pay.

    Kavulun nga Aparrianos, I think you really hit the nail on the head talking about HARD WORK. Nevertheless, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” So it is important to “work our plan” which is the hard part of it. I’ll also add that you should break your plan down into small steps that can be completed quickly. If you jump from one project to another you’ll never finish any of them.

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow penned one of the favorite passages about hard work: “The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night…regardless of the place where they have been transplanted. Let us then be up and doing, with a heart for any fate; Still achieving, still pursuing. Learn to labor and to wait…Happy New Year to All!!

  256. Arnold Diaz says:

    Jun we call them before “THE SUKMUN BOYS” Mr. Dante Areola is a distant relative of mine hey! but we did learn a lot from them maraming salamat po sa inyo mga Sir! NAIMBAG NGA BARO NGA TAWEN YO AMIN KAVULLUN NGA APARRIANOS.

  257. I could still Mr. Seredon smiling face, his tancho laden hair and of course a lapad (tanduay) shared with Mr. Arreola and Mr. Molina during Friday’s afternoon.
    Happy new year kadakayo amin kakabsat nga Aparrianos…

  258. Arnold Diaz says:

    MANONG REG NAKASABIT PA RIN NOON SA AUTOMOTIVE SHOP NI MR. SEREDON YUNG “PLAN YOUR WORK,,WORK YOUR PLAN” Batch-73 po ako ng ASAT, and in my office its the same words that you can read. Merry X’mas and God Bless.

  259. percy feril says:

    merry christmas to you arnold and all kababayans and a prosperous new year to all

  260. Manong Reg you may call me Jun or Francis. But in Paddaya sometimes they address me Boy kahit ania kadagitoy tallo mabalin met. Eng’r Mabbun is too formal.
    Sige ho If God permits someday a visit at your place in Canada sounds good. Actually I have some former officemates from Petron Bataan Refinery who tried their luck in Canada just this early of 2008. They are now working with Syncrude. I just am not familiar where this one in Canada (Alberta?).
    Sige Mang Reg just email me if you have time via my email adds.

  261. Regulus R. Miranda, Sr says:

    Wen ammok jay gayyem mo nga ni Gilbert. Dakkel ti tulong na jay simbaan jay Paddaya. Isu ti nang design jay building awan sa pay ti tandan na. Siak met ti nag raise ti fund for the roof. Bayanihan and nangyari sa simbahan natin.

    I am not sure how to address you Engr. Mabbun nu mabalin ti Francis, or Ike as per above letters or I don’t know.

    Thanks for giving me your e-mail address. i will e-mail you very quickly after I get your next response.

    Next time you have your vacation maybe you may come to British Columbia, Canada and stay in our place. I live in the Greater Vancouver area City of Surrey. Make sure you have your US visa so that I can bring you to the States. Sounds good to be true? It is true. Guaranteed kabarrioan.

    To all Aparrianos naimbag nga Paskua tayo amin kokkofun. Sapay kuma ta datoy umay nga baro nga tawen ket ad adu ti bendisyon ni Apo Dyos kanya tayu amin nga pada pada.

    Mabbalo, Dyos ti Agngina, Merci bocou, gracias amigos amigas, Thank you all. God bless!!!

  262. Yes Manong Reg you may contact through these email adds:
    francisco.mabbun@interoil.com or franz_kiko15@yahoo.com.
    My roster here in Papua New Guinea is a 28 on and 28 off so I will be in Manila again on January 17, 2009. But I am already settled in Limay, Bataan with a lovely wife and three (3) beautiful daughters. If you can still remember, Gilbert (son of Gil and Angeles de Leon) was my batchmate in Paddaya Primary school. We graduated in 1975 but when in high school he opted to attend Aparri College of Fisheries and I went for ASAT. He is however also a Civil Engineer now working in Dubai. He got married also just a few years ago also with a lady from Limay, Bataan, bestfriend of my wife. Kaya hanggang dito ay magkapitbahay pa rin kami. Its still like Paddaya.
    God bless uli sa inyo.

  263. Regulus R. Miranda, Sr says:

    I am so glad to hear from you Engineer Mabbun. And this is Manong Reg as most prople call me. As I expected you may know me because I am older than you. I could hardly remember when you were growing up but I remember yuur brother Arturo. I believe he is the classmate of my brother Percival who plays the band. When I saw you at the reunion your face is familiar and resembles your brother if I am not mistaken.

    I am so excited today because I expect thay you may respond. And you did. Now that we made the connection I don’t want to use this medium to post my personal matters because I know that lots of people would like to use this space for matters that will improve Aparri. I know I saw your e-mail address somewhere in one of the correspondences above and I assume it is current. I will look for it and e-mail you instead. However if you want you may give me your current e-mail address by next mail and I will e-mail you there directly. I have so much to relate to you if interested. So I close for now and hope to get your e-mail address tomorrow. God bless and regards to your family circle. Thank you again. Merry Christmas!!!

  264. Manong Regulus Miranda I know you very well because of your father the late Mr. Sotero Miranda considered as the most brilliant and disciplined educator, author, and composer of barrio Paddaya. I salute you sir for sharing the importance of vision in one’s life. If I may share also my experience before I reached the pinnacle of my life now ah baka ho magka-iaykan tayo sa hirap na dinanas ko rin. Its much like how my bestfriend in Paddaya had endured no other than Engineer Gilbert S. de Leon. But above all this struggles, massive toil and success in our lives there is still GOD to thank for him he planned all these things for us. I am sure you know the hardship that we had in barrio Paddya during that times. That most of the times we cooked “mais” just to stay fit.
    I hope to meet you again Manong Reg someday to personally communicate with you about our beloved Paddaya. Ako nga pala yung anak ni the late Kikoy Mabbun and my brother is Arturo Mabbun who is also an Asatians.
    Naimbag nga Paskua yo ngarud ken nasalunat nga baro nga tawen. God Bless…

  265. Regulus R. Miranda, Sr says:

    I am Reg Miranda of Paddaya, Aparri, Cagayan. My dad was the late Sotero U. Miranda, Sr. once the principal of Paddaya Elementary School. He died in 1993 so I presume you may remember him.

    I was trying to google and maybe look at how Paddaya, Aparri looks like from a satellite point of view. I did not see the satellite view because I was led to this site instead and this site is all about Aparri. It was so interesting and I spent 3 hours reading all what has been posted on the site. (Quite different topics really)

    I saw names that sound familiar and I saw the name Francisco A. Mabbun, Jr of Paddaya. If I am not mistaken now an engineer in Papua, New Guinea. I believe that I happened to meet him during the March 2008 ASAT 80th Anniversay Reunion. He was introduced to me by a barriomate Ms. Agoto. We chat a little bit but we were both busy taking pictures of the reunion.

    I just want to say a few words for him if I may. I just want to congratulate you for the numerous achievements you have done for yourself, your family, for Paddaya, and for ASAT. I bow my head to you Engineer Mabbun.

    I graduated ASAT in 1967 under Mr. Seredon in Automotive Mechanics. PLAN YOUR WORK AND WORK YOUR PLAN a motto that I will never forget. It guide me through the hard times where I have to work as a Volkswagen mechanic for the first three of my college years. The last two years before graduation I was fortunate to be one of the instructors in a technical school. Graduated my engineering degree in National University 1974 and left for Canada a year after. I pursue on to higher education here in Canada and became Power Engineer for a Pulp and Paper Mill. Life in Canada has been a constant challenge and one has to upgrade him or herself to keep abreast of the changing times. Over the course of 33 years in Canada I have changed careers about 4 times. But Canada have given me a very good life. My 4 kids were all born here and have all finished school now. But nothing like HOME.

    I, too, had a very humble beginnings. I am the youngest of 10 kids and when my time came to go to college I had to work to support my self. When I was in Grade 5 in Paddaya Elementary School, I already envisioned what was ahead of me. So I devised a PLAN that will start when I graduated elementary education. And that led me to go to ASAT. So working as a mechanic in college was part of the PLAN and I WORKED on the PLAN.

    You see how just that simple motto made a difference in ones life. With your permission fellow Aparrianos I described a little something about myself because maybe or by some chance our younger townmates may see this humble accomplishments may serve as an inspiration that EDUCATION is a must. There must primarily be a VISION then everything else to attain that vision are secondary. Foremost of all however and just a short note here that I put God first in my life . It was Him who arranged everything and made everything possible.

    My e-mail address and cell phone number may be made available by posting a request here with your full name and e-mail address. And maybe we can communicate outside of this website.

    Like all of you I am a concerned Aparriano. Please count me in in whatever capacity I can to find solution to those concerns as described above. Primarily I was also disgusted to what I have seen to what ASAT has become. I thought I was going to have fun seeing all my classmates and all the buildings I once trodded. But Lo and Behold what a nightmare!!!! Could you imagine how tired I was to have travelled half of the world away? and all I saw was this bullshit and all the fingerpointing that went with it! Berlin wall was torn down but I did not know that they trasferred the wall to ASAT. I really did not know what was going on until I heard Gen. Damian’s speech. I was so outgared while he was describing what happened. At the end of his speech however, I found hope. And I left with Hope in my heart. But until now the memory of the reunion of 2008 lingers on.

    Merry Christmas to All. I miss the misa de gallo so much especially the songs in the chapel in Paddaya.

  266. Ka Edong says:

    The recent accident maybe partly caused by our lack of information or ignorant on the prevailing local weather conditions in our Aparri vicinity during this part of the year. I am sure the PCG and the PAGASA weather bureau office in Aparri have all the necessary data from the day it was established until recently. The database could be mined and maybe arrange in a proper format for proper use of our seafaring kababayan’s (fishermen, island transporters or even the international traffic by the Pilotage office of the Bureau of Custom). Of course overloading cannot always be overstated as there is really lacks of seaworthy vessel in Aparri and other points of Cagayan due to kahirapan maybe. The mining of the historical data is is another usage of the ICT to improve lives, alleviate poverty and become smart seafarer traveller as well. Diyos ti aggnina met kadakayo Messrs. Arnorld Diaz and Jun Mabbun and others Aparrianos out there.

  267. No apay met ngamin nga na-overloaded diay barangay da. Just pray for their souls and may they find peace in God’s kingdom… Merry Christmas met kadakayo Ka Arnold, Ka Edong and the true blood Aparrianos wherever you are… God bless us all…

  268. Arnold Diaz says:

    Forlorn is Luis grow up BOY! try to look all around you and don’t just look at your face and yes you’re right we aren’t on the same LEVEL of sanity, Now if you don’t have anything good to post/say in here then just Look again to your face and ask yourself who am I? what did I do? did I understood what these guys are posting in here? lastly giyem do really understand the way we talk in here? “ILOCANO/YBANAG” if you don’t then I guess you’re at fault. take it light and easy giyem. Merry Christmas Ka Edong, Jun and Percy and to all Aparrianos. kaasi manen kakabsat dagitay nalmes diay Ballesteros nga naggapo da diay Calayan Island.

  269. Ka Edong says:

    To Honorable Mr. Luis, “If you aren’t going to say something directly to someone’s face, then don’t use online as an opportunity to say it. It is this sense of bravery that people get when they are anonymous that gives the blogosphere a bad reputation” by Mena Trott, Times Online, 12-06-06.

    This blog “Aparri” I suppose is to promote greater interaction between intra and inter Aparri residents and government experts with those from academia to refine some issues and provide solutions. Furthermore, this sort of forum may enhance cooperation with other local/international organizations dealing parallel challenges we Aparrianos are experiencing. These impacts of the ICT into our lives is just one of those to be harnessed as an output of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) which help everyone in the world gain access to information and communications technologies.

    I’ve come also to believe that each of us “kabulun nga Aparrianos” has a personal calling which is a special footprint from our own statements in this blog. There is a profound urge in us to discover our past and how to share life enhancement information and maybe offer our blessing in return to others in the form of service or collaborative work if any.
    Happy Christamas everyone!

  270. I am sure this guy named Luis is a lost kid. And am sure as I have said before he is not an Aparriano because he called us Aparenos. Hey Luis if you happened to get to senses right, this blog is for the loving Aparrianos who loves to express, listen and get to know the latest from our loving town Aparri…Peace be with you KOFUN.

  271. Luis says:

    You are a loss cause.. This will be my last piece and will never venture on thsi blog again.. I am not into name calling and will never be.. I will not stoop to your own level, Mr Arnold Diaz.. Sorry Torn, this just get my goat when people start taking advantage of some other people’s work. As I have said before, people should start their own blog and link to this source, just like some folks who we see on the side bar/LINKS.. But NO, people will just commander the source and make as if they own it.. Sick, sick.. Torn, you started a good blog but I hope people should come to their senses that commandeering other peoples work is not pretty..

  272. Arnold Diaz says:

    your excellency Mr. boy Luis you can scroll up and read again the post of KOFUN DATED JULY 31, 2008. I really thought that you understood KOFUN’S comments SAAN KA MET A NGA AGINLALAING KABSAT. PANUNUTEM NGA NALAING ITI IYEBKAS MO DITOY GIYEM SAMONTU POST. We didn’t do anything shameful what should we ashamed off? and YES! we are Loving kind of people even to our enemies.

  273. Luis says:

    Well, well, well, are we geting really hot in here!! I thought Aparenos are loving people like what you say in your preceding entry above.. Now I was a Mr Luis and then became Boy Luis, wow.. Arnold, you really is a piece of work.. I still would suggest to you and your friends to get your own blog and not hijack Constantine’s.. Be ashame of yourselves..

  274. Arnold Diaz says:

    Sorry Boy Luis nobody is stealing in here probably you might be the one because you might have lost your soul too. Dinak nga masurun giyem ti ikaskasaba ni apo John ngem kastay nakunak saan nga lugar ditoy ti kaskasaba Boy Luis no maawatam iti ibagbagak kenka ket kabilang naka siguro dagiti politiko nga padam nga mannanakaw. despensaren koman ni giyem nga Constantine dagitoy kakabsat nga nalalaing la unay nga immay simmangbay. And Thanks for the good comments Boy Luis and put in your mind that no one in this world can save a soul neither you or me or anybody else.

  275. Luis says:

    My my my.. look who is getting hot here.. Really Arnold, what do you guys think you are doing???? and to you BUZZER, John is only addressing to Aparenos, so in essence it is an Apareno discussion .. John only wants to save your lost souls.. Probably preaching to you and your ilk “Thou shall not steal another’s blog/thread”.

  276. Arnold Diaz says:

    HIJACKED? well Mr. Luis wala bang mas maganda kang sasabihin? in other words hijacked is just another word for stealing and I guess no one is seizing this blog either.
    Naimbag nga Paskuam giyem

  277. Buzzer says:

    JUST AS I SAID JOHN RELIGION HAS NO PLACE IN THIS BLOG, KEEP YOUR BELIEFS WITHIN YOURSELF AND SORRY I AM NOT A HISTORIAN AND NOT EITHER A THEOLOGIAN. Better make your own church and preach or a school to teach history I have mentioned that this is no place for Religion to discuss. This is a place where Aparrianos meet each other and exchange some good ideas or meet a long lost friend, classmate but not a PASTOR or a HISTORIAN. remember this is not a church or a school. The better idea is go to the congress and preach there and maybe they will learn to respect and remember that there is only one GOD, dahil ang Diyos nila ay Pera at Kapangyarihan so maybe you could do something.

  278. I beg to disagree with you kofun… Peace be with you and advance Merry Christmas…

  279. Luis says:


  280. John says:

    A Blessed Christmas & a Successful New Year to all Aparrian!
    To You Buzzer Christian begins in the Time of Jesus Ascension to heaven where Peter the Apostle was their Head and it was Spread out During the Persecution of Saul But when Saul Converted into Christianity he Became Paul the Apostle of the Gentiles And the Word of God Spread out until today. It was only the tine of Constantine the Emperor of Rome who Mixed up Real Christianity in Roman Catholicism. Ok. REad your World History. That was happened when Real Christian Convertion is unstoppable so Constantine made a treaty for new Christian Believers to deceive ok and even until now Roman Catholicism are still in the hand of the Rome. They follow what the Pope steps dont have the freedom to worship the True God.
    In some instances there many proof in which the Bible is right, and true and it was absolutely justifiable. From the World History.

    .. God Bless You!!!
    You to read more about History… & The Bible itself…

    Just a clarification…

  281. Ka Edong says:

    Sapay kenni Apo Diyos ta adda koma met bassit nga pagrang-ayan tay ili, kakabyan ken kavulun tayo nga taga Aparri inton umay nga taw-en. Nasalun-at kayo koma amin awan labas na!!!!!

  282. Naragsak nga Paskua yo met amin nga taga Aparri. Lets us welcome the coming year with unity and cooperation. God Bless to all.

  283. yasar says:

    I am looking for Purita Valera of the Herald Tribune Youth Forum. Please contact me at yasardurra@gmail.com if you have any informaiton.

  284. Arnold Diaz says:


  285. buzzer says:

    Sir or Reverend John first believe in yourself ok? neither you or me don’t really know the truth behind Christianity or where it began because it’s just like a hearsay, like for instance this reading is according to John or matthew in Islam it will be like this as written by Bukhari etc. etc. for me I just plainly believe in GOD. And by the way just say something about Aparri because this blog is dedicated to Aparri and it’s people and not about Religion. take note bro galing ako sa Catholic School but I don’t judge to whether which is the best among the best Religion in this world we live in.

  286. John says:

    Hi Buzzer & to All Aparrian,

    You are blessed if you choose to follow the ways of God that is written in the Bible, and thanks that this web was made for us to know exactly the Truth behind the Christianity.
    Buzzer you have denied the Truth and about real Christianity, where Christianity begins. I know about Mohammed, he does not believe that Jesus is the Messiah and maybe you also. If that your belief better repent. ok may you have a Godly day…
    Thanks to the loving & hospitable aparrian, and that is why I will writting a letter for all of you.

    With Sincerity,


  287. Arnold Diaz says:

    Yes! exactly! the subject here must be all about Aparri and it’s Loving people. When you talk about Religion here then it wont end. Pangngaasi yo kadi apo nga Theologians just talk about Aparri no more no less, kababain met ken apo Constantine.

  288. Hi Gents,

    It should be that the blog is solely for Aparri please…I agree with Eddu. Pagsaritaan tay lattan maigapu iti Aparri apo.
    Diyos Y mabbalo nikamu ngamin.

  289. Eddu says:

    My oh my!….
    I thought this site is supposed to be about Aparri only!… it has now made a wild turn.
    To argue about religion is like trying to put the water from the oceans into a bottle.
    I hope we could back, and limit our discussions to and about Aparri. Thank you.

  290. buzzer says:

    Sir, John you seems to be redundant, the truth is within everyone’s self whether you or me or anybody else believe in GOD it’s their choice. Because to me the Bible is just a guidance as I have mentioned above. “kasi po di na uso ngayon ang Propeta dahil si Muhammad ang huling propeta ng Diyos” so all we can do is to repent on all our sins that we have made and ask forgiveness to God. God Bless you too

  291. John says:

    to you buzzer,
    The Bible? yes it was written by man who are inspired/ lead by God, God make used of them to write the Living Word & without that Bible there is no proof for us to know who God is & why man, you & I do exist in this planet earth. And without that Bible everything will be vanity or say meaningless… And the Bible is not only our guidance it is the Truth for this is God’s Word and these Bible will also show us our future. Thanks & Read your Bible… God Bless!!!

  292. buzzer says:

    By the way who made the Bibble? the Quoran? etc,,,etc,,I think these things were made only by human being like us purposely for their own profit what I know is the good thing about these things will just serve as our guidance so we may know and believe that there is GOD up there that’s it and nothing more.

  293. Ptr.Te says:

    Greetings to the Church of ACF!
    We will be there by Nov. 30, 2008 with my baby and I we will celebrate her 1st B’day on December 4, 2008. Thanks.

    God Bless…!!!

  294. John says:

    To Terry/kabayan & Mr. Bright & Anonymous,
    I do thank for such Theories or belief, I am first challenge, stirred-up and alarmed, that’s when I have read all what you have written I had checked first my belief, 2nd my temperature to God or my reletionship, then I had inquired the BiBle to find what should be true and right. Now I found a real joy & enlightenment as I am reading & meditating the Gods written Word, Now I have searched out that many people out there are also ignorant, innocent & rebelled in the truth of the Bible. But I have read in Leviticus 15:7 & and even in the law of land that our ignorance of the law excuses no one, so I was so guilty and now tried to seek the reality of the Bible, the root of this Theology, the History, the culture o fthe people & the scene that how come they wrote these Living Book & Bloody Book. And how come that now a days brought to my time yet during Roman Empire they have Burn many Bible & Scriptures. And they have Persecuted the Disciples of the Lord Jesus into death some was hanged with head down like Peter the Apostle, and John was thrown in the sea tightened others are beheaded. REally it is amazing to know the History of real Christian, those real followers of Christ which being died in their Faith yet living because of their testimony being shared & shared by many… I am very thankful first to God, the Holy Spirit & to Jesus Christ shed his blood for me… Greetings to all of my brothers & sisters who will have the passion in sharing their undying faith in the Lord Jesus Christ… God Bless & more power…

  295. Fortifyer says:

    Appreciated the thought given by our respected Sir (Terry-Kabayan-Mr. Bright-Anonymous: the same footprints and signals from them) I do respect also your belief and appreciate your reciprocal thoughts for us from the different level of spiritual belief. Except that PROSELYTIZING must be avoided in order to let us all creatures co-exist peacefully in any sort of religion or affiliations whether they are from polytheistic Christianity, monotheistic root like Judaism, Buddhism in the category of Zen or Theravada, Victorian Protestantism or Hinduism.

  296. Mr. Bright says:

    to you Fortifier,
    Yes it is true that in the Law of the Land But in the Law of God & the Bible We must not worship or bow down or make any graven image for this is abonaminable in the sight of God. Which will you Obey man or God. Our Constitution a part of it does not or have not directly based on the Authocracy of the Bible. And it was base on the Babylonian law same as pagan law. History repeats itself as the Book of Daniel in chapter 3, I do remenber that when King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon made a golden image/Statue in which all man should bow & worship to the image but I thank Hod there is Daniel & the Hebrew Children named as Shadrach, Messach & Abednego, who dare not to worship & bow down to the said image. Nebuchadnezzar and his Law maker does not also know what God has said but in when they came to punished the three Hebrew children by putting them in the well of fire but no smell of fire had touched them. And the King ordered that they have to destroy the image and all who makes the law. And they came to worship the God of Daniel & the hebrew children which is and He is the God who is Spirit & we will worship Him in spirit & in Truth. Now which do you prefer, To please God or man? Now with my study of Religion & other beliefs, maybe I will jus emial you to see the difference and History of Religion that covers or veiled the Truth which was carried now a days buy the big religion which is the Roman Catholicism. Do you have any query? email me personally to pandwcc@yahoo.com. Thanks… Godbless You & my prayers that the Holy Spirit will enlighten you…

    Yours with the King,

    Mr. Bright…

  297. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry I have mispelled fellow (feloow = fellow + hello + wow) thanks!

  298. Anonymous says:

    to Feloow Aparri,

    For your info those Black sand in the sea shore of aparri are I call it iron fillings this are metallic materials that deposited in the area so this should be for the Aparri’s wealth the money that has to saved will be for the construction of the Getty Pier. I remember my Uncle told me that the Sea was so far when the Pier was still good but when climate comes and the old pier which made-up of Steel sheet pile was not rehabilitated there the Sea came nearer & nearer. So let us pursue the Rehabilitation of the Getty’s Pier. and the municipality should have a good design & they will have to bid right to find a competent contractor not a commision contractor. Maybe they can make it 6000 to 8000 psi for the concrete mixture & why make it to be firm and watertight or corrosion tight ok. The one that was build in San Antonio’s Sea wall was easily crack this is a poor design of sea wall it is just like an earth dikes. See how our money is corrupted? will be back…

  299. Fortifyer says:

    Dear Messrs/Mesdames Kabayan and Terry and Anonymous,

    Thank you for your kindness and wonderful messages and Godly guidance. May we just remind you of our 1987 CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES In the Preamble itself, it was stated that, “we the sovereign Filipino people, imploring the aid of ALMIGHTY GOD, in order to build a just and humane society and establish a Government that shall embody our ideals and aspirations, promote the common good, conserve and develop our patrimony, and secure to ourselves and our posterity the blessings of independence and democracy under the rule of law and a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, equality, and peace, do ordain and promulgate this Constitution. In addition, I would like to point out in the ARTICLE II: Declaration of Principles and State Policies, SEC. 6.:that there is “the separation of CHURCH and STATE shall be inviolable”. In this regards, citizens of the Republic of the Philipines exercise their rights of religion that was enshrined in ARTICLE III: Bill of Rights, SEC. 5. “No law shall be made respecting an establishment of RELIGION, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. The free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference, shall forever be allowed. NO RELIGIOUS TEST shall be required for the exercise of civil or political rights”. Thank you for your kind attention.

  300. Anonymous says:

    Childlike Faith : The Rapture explained to children

    God has one son whose name is Jesus.

    Jesus was the only pefect man who ever lived because he was God and man at the same time.

    When Jesus was about 33 years old he died on the cross to save you, but its not a sad story, because God his father brought him back to life three days later.

    Jesus told his friends some very important things for us to know which can be read in the Holy Bible and then he went up into the clouds without even needing an airplane, on his way to Heaven, to be with his Father, God.

    Jesus said that he is coming back to Earth some day soon, to take all the people who love him away from the bad things that happen here.

    The day of his return is very near, it can happen any minute now, nobody knows exactly when. Thats why we should try to live the best lives we can, because nobody wants to get caught doing anything wrong, especially when they know better.

    The day Jesus takes us away from here is called The Rapture.

    Any questions?

  301. terry says:

    Ok Arnold that was true they are all prophets of the Truine God. But the mere man has just failed to distinguished the true God that was long before was worshipped by our early ancestors like Job, Moses, Abraham, Isaac & Jacob. and ok I do also respect their religion but our religion can not save us it is only our real relationship to God that save us and only Jesus Christ who died on the cross that saves us.
    Jesus saves! and has the power to bless you. Thanks…

  302. Arnold Diaz says:

    I think Terry the names you mentioned above are all some kind of prophets, I believe that any individual has his/her own way to GOD and that depends on you, me or anybodyelse. I don’t want to single-out any religion here but I do respect people where they believed-in. GOD BLESS, ALLAHU AKBAR!

  303. Terry says:

    Hi! to fellow Aparrianos,
    I will be starting again with the Phrase quoted in Hebrew 3:2 which says “How shall we scape if we neglect such salvation which the Lord Jesus Christ has offered?”
    People now a days finding a way, making their gods, making a way for their salvation but Jesus said in John 14:6 ” I am the way the Truth & the LIfe no one comes to the Father except through me.” No one & No other person in the world claim he is the way not Mohammed or Allah, not Buddah, not Gandhi, not even Mary the mother of Jesus its only Jesus who says “I am the Way”… And He (Jesus) even showed or prooved it by victorious ressurection in the grave and ascended in heaven preparing now our masions… (to be continued)

  304. ann sipes says:

    I would like to find a tombstone for a Samuel S. Phillips, an American who died in Aparri, Luzon, P.I. on 21 Sept 2008. He had been a soldier in the American army during the Spanish or Phillipine-American War and died of tuberculosis there. Please write to me, atsgene2002@yahoo.com

  305. Terry says:

    To Ka Edong please surf to http://www.ag.org thanks & Godbless.
    It is where we find the firmness of Theological Doctrine.

  306. Terry says:

    “Dishonest gain will never last , why take the risk?” In Revelation 21:8 just read that to all who cares to know the truth.

  307. Terry says:

    Our God desires & wanted to bless Aparri but it is true that somebody out there is hindering the blessings. In 2 Chronicles 7:14 says “If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves, turn from their wicked ways then I will hear form heaven, I will forgive their sins & I will heal their land. That healing means Prosperity & manifold blessings. To be continued… (from the heart truely Aparrian)

  308. Terry says:

    A continuation to my messages yesterday.

    For the most part is the Aparri – the land where the priest dwells that was Aparri found its name Wow! In the Bible this is called the Levites a calling of Priesthood. Now, how will we going to get that vision? First, we need to have an Intimate relationship to Jesus. 2. You take Jesus as Lord of all. 3. Read & Obey His Word the Bible. 4. Give your Tithes & Offering 5. Be Baptized with Water by immersion & be baptized with the Holy Spirit 6. Love your enemy 7. Preach the Word in season & out of Season.

  309. Arnold Diaz says:

    Terry I really wish that these politicos out there in the Philippines read what you have stated, in fact their GOD it just plain MONEY and POWER they don’t care anymore who is suffering right now at this very moment at least they have a lot more money to spend to their “Kapritsos/Luhos” etc.,,and shame on these people well! they are SHAMELESS ANYWAY, THESE ARE THE DEVILS WHO DON’T EVEN DESERVE TO STAY IN HELL.

  310. Terry says:

    It is nice to see the photos & to read all the comments, But what is to be the real calling of an Apparian, They are the to be priest not just a local priest but a royal priesthood, People belonging to God May the Lord Grant our real calling to be the Gods presentative here on earth, to be the mouth piece of God or to be the Messenger of Good Tidings. May we be united in that Calling. But do most Aparrian had a closer relationship to Jesus. Do we take Him as Lord of all. Do we truly excercise, Do and obey the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20: 1-17 King James Version) most specially the No 2 which says “Thou shall not make any graven image, you shall not bow, worship, serve them, for I am a jealous God. And lastly do we determined to possess eternity in heaven? These should be in everyone to have that destiny. Thanks & God bless Aparri…

  311. federico coscolluela says:

    thank you so much guys for the very beautiful pics! mabuhay kayong lahat!!! godbless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  312. Thats the most toxic gas found in an Oil refining especially on sour water facilities. Just this September two fatalities were reported as victims of this gas from Petron Bataan Refinery my former employer.
    God bless din po Ka Edong & Ka Arnold

  313. Arnold Diaz says:

    Jun just take care with the killer Hydrogen sulfide dito sa Saudi marami ng nadisgrasya, Actually I work before in ARAMCO gas processing plant din. Dito kasi halos lahat galing ang supply ng oil worldwide. I left kasi I got bored wala ka ng ibang nakikita kundi mga tubo at mga naglalakihang vessels, tank etc.,etc.,i really don’t have any idea yet at this moment in going home. God Bless

  314. Ka Edong says:

    Thanks Jun for the info. I’ll defiitely will in-touch with you if opportunity comes. I also have some local friends there at PANGTEL and Telikom PNG. If you need their help I can provide you with their contact addresses. May the soul of Tinoy rest in peace! I have known the family too well. Popoy was my classmate in the Elementary years. We were the competiting pulot boys also. I went back to Manila last Satutrday but no chance to visit Aparri due to the hectic schedule of our meetings.

  315. Salamat po Ka Arnold, actually its all our dream to work in a better place, safe and an environment that will give our children a bright future. At the moment I am working as Refinery Inspector here at Interoil Pty Ltd.
    Kailan ho ang uwi niyo sa atin?

  316. Arnold Diaz says:

    Thanks for the update Sir Perci, mabait na bata yan si Tinoy I didn’t know that he died already. Matagal na kasi akong di nakauwi diyan sa atin our beloved Aparri. Jun pag tagilid diyan sa PNG subukan mo sa Canada they need about ten thousand workers of various category.

  317. percival r.feril says:

    kabayan arnold

    the late Tinoy was my classmate when i was in 1st yr hi at cvi.magkasama dn kami as pulotboys at aparri tennis club .same with popoy,my brother joey.kmusta kna dyn

  318. percival r.feril says:

    kabayan arnold

    the late Tinoy was my classmate whwn i was in 1st yr hi at cvi.magkasama dn kami as pulotboys at aparri tennis club .same with popoy,my brother joey.kmusta kna dyn

  319. I am working for Interoil Napanapa Refinery just started to work there last August 23, 2008. I have some local nationals in my team to teach at the moment and with respect to situation – peace and order in the city (Port Moresby) is generally peaceful. But I am not so sure if this is the overall situation within PNG especially at the highlands where tribal wars is still a way of their lives.
    If ever you come here Ka Edong just contact me at +675 309-9100 or through my email add: francisco.mabbun@interoil.com.


  320. Ka Edong says:

    Jun Mabbun, what part of PNG do you station now and hows is the peace and order specially by the locals atrociities. Last time the crime rate is near its breaking point. We have pending work there and we need some more information before proceeding.

  321. I remember the incumbent mayor of Camalaniugan is a sister of Retired General Aglipay of PNP who is still active in GMA’s governance. Director Gen. Aglipay kilos naman po kayo sa problema sa Cagayan.

  322. Arnold Diaz says:

    with GOD’s guidance I’m doin fine Jun ALHAMDULLILA!

  323. Ka Arnold, It is really very sad to learn about these things. Well its been awhile that I left our home and tried to become one OFW here in Papua New Guinea. Tama nga po kayo pera pera na lang ang usapan sa ngayon dyan.
    Kumusta na po kayo Ka Arnold & Ka Edong?

  324. Arnold Diaz says:

    Jun, where in heavens these people can file complains? eh baka NABUSALAN NA NG PERA SA BUNGANGA ANG MGA NAMAMAHALA DIYAN. Sorry if I felt this way but this is the real truth of the matter. PERA-PERA NA LANG ANG LABANAN DIYAN, back to the same old days MONEY TALKS!

  325. With the current situation in Camalaniugan where unscrupulous businessmen are wrecking havoc on the river banks. Anyone from you guys … Aglipay, Batalla, Olivas … please speak up and complain…

  326. Nani says:

    Tinoy has long been gone ( passed away ) but Popoy is still around.

  327. Ka Edong says:

    Thank you Sir Perci and Sir Arnold you are a truly Aparriano.
    I had a chanced to work before at UAE- Baladiya Dubai and was assigned at the – Persian Gulf Areas and its creek tributaries, protecting the coastline for any possible intrusions and the like. I’ve seen the coastline infracture till Qatar and part of Oman and numerous Asia-Pacific countries before so I maybe know what you mean. Thanks a lot.

  328. Arnold Diaz says:

    Sorry for the mis-spelled COASTLINE

  329. Arnold Diaz says:

    Mr. Perci/Ka Edong you have shared your great ideas in protecting our costline. I really hope that one day the LGU of Aparri could do some recommendations and request a budget for these projects. Dagitay Congressman tayo nga agkakadakkel iti pork barrel na dita mang-ngaasi kayo met a ta nabayagen daytan nga nabaybayanen. Hafr Al Batin which I think the empty quarter, Qassim is in the Eastern Region Sorry Mr. Perci I haven’t been to these places, Well I have seen Yanbu, Rabigh, Khobar-Dhahran actually I am a Jeddah based (Western Region) OFW. My apology Perci I thought your house is located at Centro near the Central School, well I guess I know your house, you might be a neighbor of the Velascos’ the Esparteros’ and of course you might know Tinoy who is a good Lawn Tennis Player. More Power Too and God Bless!

  330. percival r.feril says:

    Sir Edong and Sir Arnold

    Just trying to give my share of thoughts on how to deal with our coastline lines.I know the place, i grew up in punta,diego silang st. near seminary,back of cvi.more power to you guys

  331. percival r.feril says:

    sir edong

    you may be right in assessing the coastline ( migratory), so much so that we need groins.The rehabilitation of the pier will also be a great help to our coastline.Anyway nice to be in touch and more power.

  332. percival r.feril says:

    sir arnold,

    been to hafr Al Batin , Riyadh and for now less than two years based here in Qassim area.

  333. Mon says:

    Sally! Iknow you. You are my lost classmate in HS. Are you now in the US? Sorry, but its only now that i can get in touch with you. We are trying to get the contact address of our classmates especially overseas based. Please reply at rider08rvg@yahoo. Regards, Mon

  334. Ka Edong says:

    I cannot hardly to believe the reasons of this DENR -Inutil nga officiales. Stating that below:

    “Meanwhile, Gil Aromin of DENR”s Regional Environmental Management Bureau, disclosed that they have discovered that the quarrying operations has not been issued an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) by DENR.”
    “They violated a law that’s why we will be forced to issue a cease and desist order against these foreign entities,” he said.
    “We at the DENR can not secure all these areas without the help of the LGU’s that’s why we are asking for their help in reporting illegal activities like this,” he added.

    What if they have given the ECC and permit to operate to these colorum business people under the pretext of their authority, will they still allow them to operate?. The custodian become the victims of their innocence. Can you please enumerate how many ECC has been issued along to quarry along the great Cagayan River ever since? You must have already gotten more than what you need till your lifetime. Tama na, itigil na. Sobra na yan. Otherwise….

  335. Arnold Diaz says:

    MR GIL AROMIN YOUR OFFICE IS JUST PLAIN INUTIL! WALANG KWENTA. You have discovered already that these corrupt Chinese didn’t have any legal documents to operate such things as quarrying. shame on you, you’re pointing your fingers on other people if you cannot do anything about this then just RESIGN in fact it’s your job to monitor all these activities within your jurisdiction pero Sir masarap kasing nakaupo lang sa opisina di ba? tapos maghintay ka lang ng tong o pasuksok? MAHIYA KAYO

  336. Nani G. says:

    Home > Regions > Top Stories Priests in Cagayan condemn illegal sand quarrying
    09/12/2008 | 09:41 PM

    Email this | Email the Editor | Print | Digg this | Add to del.icio.us TUGUEGARAO City, Philippines – As if illegal mining operations are not enough for foreigners to trample with our country’s scarce natural resources, they have now set their sights on banks along Cagayan’s river deltas particularly along the river on Camalaniugan town leading to the China Sea.

    The foreigners, according to Camalaniugan asst. parish priest Rex Singson, are wrecking havoc on the river bed due to their illegal sand quarrying activities.

    “I’ve seen it with my own eyes and we have already voiced-out our complaints to the DENR office here but to no avail. The operators have turned a deaf on our calls for the stoppage on this (quarrying),” he said.

    Fr. Manny Catral of the Archdiocese of Tuguegarao City also denounced the way the foreigners have ruined the banks of the river.

    “What if the silt has become so deep, what if water from the sea will backflow and saltwater begin to stream down on our agricultural lands, what will happen to our crops?” He said.

    Meanwhile, Gil Aromin of DENR”s Regional Environmental Management Bureau, disclosed that they have discovered that the quarrying operations has not been issued an Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) by DENR.

    “They violated a law that’s why we will be forced to issue a cease and desist order against these foreign entities,” he said.

    Aromin also called on the Local Government Units (LGU) affected by the quarrying activities to be vigilant in coordinating with his office.

    “We at the DENR can not secure all these areas without the help of the LGU’s that’s why we are asking for their help in reporting illegal activities like this,” he added.

    The Camalaniugan river delta in Cagayan is a major source of irrigation flowing down the province’s thousands of hectares of agricultural lands.

    The management of this natural source of water system if mishandled, can cause diverse effect on the region’s food supply affecting even the provinces who rely on Cagayan Valley’s agricultural products.

    The quality of sand amalgam in areas near the mouth of the sea is said to be of superior grade than those excavated inland, hence these are sold at a premium price.

    Reports reveal that several businessmen from China are behind the illegal sand quarrying operations. – GMANews.TV ArticlesMedia Links


  337. Arnold Diaz says:

    Yes! ka Edong the re-construction and lengthening of the pier in Punta is essential I grew up in this place so I still believe that the pier is the main defense against erosion along the shoreline of the mighty Babuyan channel. Don’t you know that a retaining wall still exist along Loriga-Gallarza Street? it is still there and intact, when they began to contruct the pier in Punta thats the begining when sand dunes appear along the shore line of the Babuyan Channel in fact in the early days when these Bulk Fuel Oil Tanks were not still there you can’t hardly see the sea if you stand along Loriga-Gallarza street because of the sand dunes (pampantuk) they levelled the dunes to pave the way on the construction of these Bulk Fuel Oil Tanks. I really hope that one day they will get serious in thinking and funding the re-construction of the pier in Punta. Adu ngamin nga pulitikon iti nagkarin nga ipatarimaan da dayta pier ngem agingga’t ita kari laeng ti nagsaltekkanna. God Bless Aparri!

  338. Ka Edong says:

    Sir Perci and Sir Arnold,

    Both of your suggestions are possible in a stable coastline. Aparri coastline is having characteristics of migratory coastline due to the absence of natural hard sediments like the mass body of rocks and seasoned corals. Because of this, the movement of beach soil and soft sediments are vulnerable to outside forces i.e. strong waves, swift currents and occasional surges brought by the inclement weather and to some extent the shear stress by the lunar force and magnetic earth orbit shifting. Historically, the Punta pier is the only structure that weathered the forces mentioned above as still remain a significant defense that makes Aparri a livable place. In the latest satellite images, it also helps in accumulation and deposits the silted particles from the estuarine and other inundated parts of the riverine system. I may bend to believe that the re-construction and lengthening it may produce a better and stable shoreline in these vulnerable areas of Aparri.

  339. Arnold Diaz says:

    The Groin or Groyne style is I think visible along the Bulk Fuel Oil Tanks along Punta and San Antonio. But still the best is to re-construct the pier in Punta. I understand that you are here in Saudi Arabia. In what city are you assigned or based?

  340. percival r.feril says:

    For Mr Diaz

    For me,groin is more better than gabions for shore protections.When i will go on vacation and have time to visit aparri, i will try to contact you sir arnold.

    percival feril

  341. Arnold Diaz says:

    Sir/Madam unannybee, Saan met ket nga dakes ti agsurat wenno agsao iti English ta iti pakaammok ket nayun met iti nagadalan tayo, so whether you like it or not, English is a Universal Language which almost civilized human being uses in any type of communication and believe me you can’t go out and apply for a job abroad if you don’t know the said Language. Ita giyem dayta darat ta baybay nga imbagam nga adda nangisit nga elemento na ket idi pay laeng dayta, ket ania met kano nga mina iti adda kadayta nga elemento? agpayso dayta imbagam nga adda pay laeng iti hueteng dita uray drugs ammom no sinno ti akinbasol kadayta? mabalin nga irugimon iti agpabasol iti nakatugaw nga Mayor dagita konsehales na dagita barangay kapitan dayta chief of police no siasino ti nakatugaw agsaltek kan nga agpabasol dita recom-2 ania ngay iti kukuaen da dagita police? kotong cops ti labas da itan no kasta, back to the kotong days nga everybody happy dayta ti labanan ita ditan ngem giyem daytay agpatpatay nga konam adda kad met la ti kapudnuanna? narigat iti agibbet iti sao no awan iti ebidensiya. Ngem giyem makapaladingit nga talaga daytoy pina-bettak mo nga damag ditoy kakaasi ngarud dagitay kailian tayo ditan. dispensaremon kabsat no dimi ammo iti inkam sina-sau ditoy blog ni MR. Constantin, suggestion lang kadagitoy nga naamuam apay nga dimo email iti abs-cbn siguro makatulong da met ngata kadaytoy nga pakirot iti ili tayo nga Aparri, God Bless.

  342. unannybee says:

    Tama na ang inglisan ! Makitak nga dakayo amin nga agsursurat ditoy a website ket nabaybayagen a di nagawid idiay Aparri. No ammoyo la koma ti nagdakkel a problema ita nga inaramid ti ipatpateg yo a mayor. Idi naminsan nga aldaw nag protest rally dagit taga Aparri gapu ta madama ti quarrying iti bayabay. Adda naka ankla nga 25 nga foreign ships nga agkalli iti minas kano. Indauluan ni Archbishop Talamayan ken dagiti papadi ti protest rally ngamin ket lumned ti APARRI no di mapasardeng dagitoy nga gamrud . Ken saan a tsismis ti imbaga ni concerned citizen. Idi saan a natuloy ti port delineation ( pagtalawenda amin a balbalay nga adda iti 500 to 600 square meters iti pier nga awan man la bayad dagiti balbalay a madadael ) ta nagreklamo dagiti papadi ken ni Arroyo idi bimmisita diyay Tuguegarao, ti insublat ti munisipyo nga aramiden ket pakalida ti darat ti bayabay ta adda kano minas na. Adu ngamin ti nangisit a particles ti darat ti baybay. Dayta ita ti kadakkelan a problema dagiti taga Aparri. Ania a hot line ti mayor’s office ket no isuna ti mangidadaulo kadagitoy a problema. Apay ,awan pamilyayo nga adda pay la idiyay Aparri a mabalinyo pagsaludsudan? Siak 2 years ko pay la nga pimmanaw Aparri isu nga ammok ti mapaspasamak ita, ken inaldaw nga maki chat nak iti inernet kadagiti pamilya ken gagayyemko a nabati idiyay Aparri. Awanene ti denggen ti mayor a pakaasi. Isun ti linteg ti Aparri. Ken agpayso a very rampant ti illegal drugs ken hueteng, ken agtatakaw, agpatpatay, ngamin adda proteksyonda. Isu nga dakayo amin nga nagsurat ditoy, saankayo nga sao a sao no diyo ammo ti sasawenyo maipapan ti pudno ken agdama a kasasaad ita ti Aparri.

  343. Arnold Diaz-San Antonio Kid says:

    Mr. Perci Feril Sir! if you mean shore protection from Punta(pier) down to San Antonio I think the detailed study you mentioned is not needed already because I know that they have been studying this protection ever since I was a small kid but they have failed WHY? well we have to ask from our beloved politicos’ and the Engineers of the DPH. I still remember that a prominent politician (kaarubam daytoy nga politico giyem) promised to re-built the pier in Punta but that was just an illusion. Just a suggestion they can put gabions on the existing retaining wall along San Antonio but the best way is to re-built the Pier in Punta a stronger structure and a little bit longer.

  344. percival r.feril says:

    To construct any structure for shore protection, a detailed study is a must- Coastal Engineering.(To be able to design the appropriate structure ) SPSA 77

  345. Arnold Diaz says:

    Whoever is Mr. Luis or wherever is Mr. Luis it is clear that he is not from Aparri. Giyem you have to ask first what’s the meaning of a certain word that you cannot understand before you open you’re big mouth, it’s not a mortal sin to ask like Kofun said this is not a private blog anyone can contribute or comment on it. And HEY! nobody is a parasite here. Grow up Boy!

  346. Thanks KOFUN for that great comments…Aparri is soaring with great strides.

  347. KOFUN says:

    On behalf of all our Kofun Aparrianos, we would like expressed our sincere thanks and gratitude to the owner and initiator of this nice blog. We all feel belong to this imaginary space since we are hailed and once a part of our beloved Aparri. In the era of internet world, any publicized space and open to the digital society such as this blog is everybody’s business.Unless otherwise secured and private where readers and participants needed to be a member. That is the beauty of the Internet/IP technology that delivers the internet access anytime anywhere without any constraints. Giving new freedom to enjoy the digital life of anybody, not bound by time and space. ITU approved the Internet global standandard: IEEE 802.16, 802.3,8.02.15 in order to let everyone enjoy it for as long as you are being connected with the Internet. The more users, the more your site become popular which makes it more special to the world wide web society.

  348. Arlen P. Palijo says:

    The last picture “Ricemill” I used to lived just around the bend from there, just past what used to be Rural Bank. The ricemill is it still owned by Mr. Julio(Tana) Edralin.

  349. Arlen P. Palijo says:

    ALOHA to all Aparrianos,
    I attended elementary school @ St. Paul from 1974-1980. Went on to high school @ ASAT. Left in 1982. I have not been back for awhile, really miss the place. To all my friends from St. Paul and ASAT Wassup!!! If anyboy know my favorite teacher in ASAT Ms. Rebecca Tangan, please tell her Arlen says hi. To my best friend Rodolfo(Bong) Pablo What’s up buddy, miss you. Can somebody hook me up with some pics from our hometown please.


  350. It appears that you are not from Aparri a simple word like ” Kofun” is a foreign word for you. Kofun is an Ibanag word for a FRIEND… God bless.

  351. Luis says:

    I beg to differ on that assumption, my friend and I do not know the meaning of your last word, nevertheless I won’t respond to that be it be a degrading namecalling or what not.. You see, you made this thread your own when it is not suppose to be. Why can’t you make your own blog and link it and voice or chat all as much as you want on that blog and instead of squandering all the precious space of the owner of this blog. Don’t be a parasite like living on somebody else’s life/body..

    Just my .02 cents..


  352. Luis says:

    This thread had been hijacked long time ago..Too bad, this takes out the fun of participating.. Torn need to do something about it..

  353. ARNOLD DIAZ says:

    That’s nice to know Jun that Gen. Damian is based in Camp Adduru so I think there are no more excuses now. And I really hope that one day he can read all the blogs in here. Thanks a lot Constantin and more power!

  354. Gen. Damian is currently the Head of PR02 based in Camp Adduru, Tuguegarao City. Rest assured General that we though we are away from our beloved Cagayan will party and support you all of your efforts to rid all these pests from sowing harm to our people. Aparri is proud of you. Diyos y Manoran nikaw. Mabbalo.

  355. ARNOLD DIAZ says:

    GENERALS DAMIAN & GATAN might not be of any help. because in the first place if they are not assigned within the perimeters of Aparri then that’s what they call it out of jurisdiction, this will be the sure answer of this two gallant men product of PMA but of course I am proud of what they achieved mga Sir! hindi po tulong kundi konting concern lang po para sa nakakarami nating kababayan. I know you can help our Mayor in cleaning up the mess these Druglords/Gambling Lords can be stop if everybody cooperates and with proper coordination and surveilance this bad image will be erase immediately. IF THERE’S A WILL, THERE’S A WAY NGA KUNKUNADA…..

  356. MittuDeRivera says:

    Hi Sally:
    Welcome to the site (Constantine, please accept my apologies). Your suggestion to approach Robert (Mr. Damian) or Monching (Mr. Gatan) is a good idea. However, I believe that both men may not be available to help 100% because they are assigned somewhere else. Perhaps, they could help but how? I truly believe that the Mayor must and should spearhead the clean-up. If he is not reading our blogs, the more reason for Mr. Mabbun to go tell him(the mayor) of these concerns. Afterall, they are blood relatives anyway!…
    Anyhow, thank you for sharing your thoughts. “Sally, kasali ka na!….” By the way, waht is your last name? Will you be able to identify your old house by going to http://www.wikimapia.org? Visit the site and search for Aparri. There you can find your old Alma Mater. (Is it St Paul or still SHOMI then?)Dosvidanya!…

  357. Sally says:

    My apologies for the unedited comments I recently sent. My computer was so fast, I did not have a chance to c orrect the repeats of my statements. But, anyway, I salute you, all!

  358. Sally says:

    Hello Mittu / Mr. Mabbun / Mr. Diaz / and the rest of the Concerned Aparrianos:

    I was reading all your comments about the situation/condition of our hometown (my family left the place in 1971 and not been back, since) and could not believe this is happening. Really. Is there no hotline to the Mayor’s Office? Or maybe, bring these concerns to the attention of the municipal agency/unit handling such issues. Or, seek the assistance of Gen. Robert Damian or Gen. (? -not sure of his rank, my apologies, if h) Ramon Gatan (also, one of my classmates in HS). I know these are major issues and need funds and manpower to resolve them. Resolution will surely be a lengthy one. How about a help from Gen. Robert Damian (he was one of my classmates in the grade school)? I do not think, the current mayor of Aparri would have the time to read these blogs. Concerns should be directed to the proper channels. Chatting about it helps a bit, but, all these would come down to auhtorities having to try, at least, to solve the problems. Greatly appreciate your concerns; I do too. Is the current president of the Philippines, doing something to improve the current situation in all areas of the country?

  359. ARNOLD DIAZ says:

    I really hope that the data above was being actually accomplished by our gallant police officers, mga SIR! suggestion lang po, specifically police officers and MIs’/NISF be more vigilant kasi po nalulusutan kayo ng mga DRUG Lords. Back to square one like before monitoring the entry/exit points, Lastly mga buds bawal ang Lagay do your homework well. that’s how to SERVE and PROTECT!

  360. Forifyer says:

    Mahal Kong Kababayan,
    Please find below the declassified data “SANTINIG” in which the PNP activities been informed to all concern that may affect the development of the people’s trust and confidence in the Philippine National Police. Evidently, the Police Regional Office 02, the Provincial, City and Municipal Offices and other sectors of the community have worked dynamically. This is another way to instill harmony among the members of the media and to enhance the public information campaign on the programs, accomplishments and activities of various PNP Units.The data has been collated, conducted and prepared for public dissemination. However, the data per municipality (inclusive Aparri) specially on the cirme rate and trends was not included which is vital to most of our concerns. Mabbalo kamu!

    Republic of the Philippines
    P O L I C E R E G I O N A L O F F I C E 2 Camp Adduru, Tuguegarao City

    FOR: The Director for Police Community Relations NHQ, PNP Camp Crame, Quezon City (Attn: Chief, PID)
    FROM: Regional Director Police Regional Office 2
    SUBJECT: SANTINIG Accomplishment and Matrix Report for January 2008
    DATE: January 31, 2008

    1.Reference: PCR Reporting System.
    2.Respectfully submitted are reports on Police Information Division (PID) concerning SANTINIG (O.N.E. PNP Action Plan) Accomplishments for the month of January 2008 of the Police Regional Office 02.


    1. Conduct of. . .
    a. Community Dialogue 99 110 11
    b. Ugnayan /Pulong-pulong 99 110 11
    2. Conduct of media scan/analysis 99 230 131
    3. Production of IEC materials
    a. Newsletters/brochures 99 120 21
    b. Posters/flyers/leaflets 99 120 21
    4. Display of informative
    a. Signage/Billboards 99 215 116
    b. Event-based Streamers 99 205 106
    5. Conduct of Information and 99 250 151

    Continuing Education
    6 Conduct of crime Prevention and Community Awareness Lectures
    a Anti-criminality 99 103 4
    b. Public Safety 99 104 5
    c. Family women, and children 99 103 4
    7. Conduct of ISO related lectures
    a. Anti -terrorism 99 115 16
    b. Anti- insurgency 99 120 21
    c. Human Rights 99 115 16
    8. Multi-media related Activities
    a. Maintenance of regular Television or Radio Programs 99 120 21
    b. Radio interviews 99 275 176
    c. Television appearances/interviews 99 170 71
    d. Publication of News items,
    feature stories, press releases,
    column feeds etc.. 99 210 111
    e. Development of internet blogs
    / website 99 135 36
    f. Short messaging system (Texting) 99 150 51
    9. Formulation and dissemination of
    information operation lines 99 210 111


    Police Senior Superintendent
    DSC Chief, Regional Police Community Relations Division
    We serve and protect Rehiyon Dos Kumikilos …..Ayos!

  361. ARNOLD DIAZ says:

    I’am aware of that Jun, I agree Aparri has change a lot ngem tay kunada ti Ilocano nga iti kabakiran ket adda latta iti karras-saen. We really hope that these awanan ti bain (awan tu passiran) nga tattao dita nanumo nga lugar tayo ket agtalnada koma metten. If you know the wife of Ramon Jr, manang Cristy is a distant relative of mine give my regards to them. Put into consideration Jun na ang tsismis ay maaring maging totoo ito, so to begin with? I guess begin cleaning the premises of the municipal hall it will be more effective if the Mayor has close coordination with the heads of all Law enforcement agencies stationed within the municipality, well it’s just a suggestion anyway bahala na po kayo.

  362. Please give our good Mayor the break to curtail all these pests around the town. Rest assured sirs/ma’ams that eversince my childhood I know Uncle Mayor very well – with his firmness in going after these scalawags. This values of fair play would go along with the Mayor as his great father Lolo Ramon imbibed on them. Since 1992 when he became our mayor malayong malayo na po ang narating at nakamit ng Aparri even in the national level. Mabbalo.

  363. ARNOLD DIAZ says:

    I’m still hoping Mr. Mabbun that all the queries above must be taken seriously and carefully relayed to our beloved Mayor, take note wala sanang palakasan kung sinong may sala dapat parusahan. God Bless Aparri

  364. I am very thankful that through this page, I have found a long lost friend in College, Engineer Laguipo. I could still remember those days pre that we even tried to work at our Professor’s house just to have a baon. Anyway I will just contact you trough your email add. Kumusta ka na rin and God Bless.

  365. Deogracias P. Laguipo, Jr. says:

    This may not be the right place to post this message but I find it to be only way I could say HI! to ENGR. FRANCISCO MABBUN, JR. – my former classmate in Mechanical Engineering at the University of the East in 1984.
    Mabbun, kumusta? Hinahanap ko dati nating classmates dito sa internet like Arnel Cruz, Nelson Sy, Jose Mortel, di ko mahanap pati sa friendster wala! Mabuti nakita kita! In case mabasa mo ito, email me at boylaguipo@yahoo.com

  366. Cesar Kalata Martinez says:

    Cesar Kalata Martinez
    Doha, Qatar
    June 7, 2008

    Hi guys! I’ve read between the lines all your emails and comments about the beauty of Aparri Beach, Maura, Paddaya, San Antonio, Punta, Minanga, Macanaya, Apaggonan River (where it used to be the septic tank of Aparri, pardon my pun!), ASAT (is this the former Aparri Vocation School located just beside the Catholic cemetery?), CVI (little mention of this respectable school) and Aparri Central School, and our good mayor and his better half. Well, there’s no doubt that all of us Aparrianos love our hometown with its pristine beauty. But, it hurts to note that we don’t even know our karruba and kavitta (particularly our women) who have curved niches and laurels not only for themselves, their families but have also elevated Aparri from a town of Gacca, Qusimay, Ludung, Aramang and Ar-aru but a town of talented and world-class beautiful women. To note some of them: Purita Valera Quisumbing (daughter of the late CVI Dean) is the present Chairwoman of Human Rights Commission; Irma Donato (daughter of the late Judge Fred Donato) – first Filipina to win the Miss Asia Cover Girl in Hong Kong; Marsha de Rivera – the last National Grand Champion of Tawag Ng Tanghalan; and Elinor Martinez Meram – the granddaughter of the late Mayor Doroteo Meram and daughter of the late Atty. Eligio Meram and Nora Kalata Martinez) – first Aparriana ever to win the prestigious Binibining Pilipinas (Metro Manila) Title to name a few of our women. By the way guys, sorry to tell you that I haven’t seen Aparri since 1991 and spent most of my life abroad but to tell you honestly, I miss my friends and relatives down there – to name a few: Jimmy Siriban (my nephew), BG Meram, Rudy del Rosario, Ted Malana, Mila Sotto, Baby Alilam, the twins Henry & Duffo Avinan, Bong Isaguirre, Willy, Manuel & Angel Balao, Peter Rapadas, Sammy Tajon & Erning Ferry (my neighbors) and Tyrone Paragua. If you come across my message guys please do not hesistate to contact me at: julescezar_sr@yahoo.com. Mabbalo.

  367. Mittu DeRivera says:

    MrMabbun!.. it is a majority vote!. Everyone agrees that you are our representative.
    We thank you in advance. I also sincerely thanks Fortifyer, Mr. Diaz and Concerned Citizen for their inputs and participation. I also hope that others, children of Aparri, who became successful in their field of endevours; socially, financially and professionally, will participate for the welfare of Aparri that we all love. Perhaps, the members from this site -http://www.fil-am.50megs.com/aparri01.htm, share their thoughts too. Merci beaucoup!…

  368. Fortifyer says:

    We hope the above concerns by the respected concerned of Aparri loving citizens around the world (aka: Msdm/Messrs. De Rivera,Diaz et al.) has been heard constructively by the good Municipal Council Officials including Barangay Councils and Peace and Order units stationed in Aparri. No matter how parochial the problem is, still the menace inflicted by it is immeasurable to our next generations and not to mention the reflection of what kind of society do we perpetuate now. We have yet to see the results then. Mr. Jun Mabbun, we commend your initiative on this matter. please.If there is any project the good Mayor is thinking this is a good start.

  369. ARNOLD DIAZ says:

    Very well said Mittu the ball now is in the hands of Mr. Mabbun I don’t see any reason how and why these things are happening now. In fact Law enforcement agencies in Aparri are almost everywhere within the town proper. Nagkalat nga diyan ang mga military-intel bakit naging inutil na ba sila ngayon? I still hope that Mayor Tumaru would do something about this and I don’t question his ability in doing so because I still believe that Dr. Tumaru is the best Mayor Aparri have ever had.

  370. Mittu DeRivera says:

    I agree 100% with Fortifyer. We need these information to apprise us of what is truly going on in our hometown. I am voting for Mr. Mabbun to take the lead and make the Mayor become aware of these concerns. It may be true that some “gossips” may just be over-magnified but just the same, I would feel appeased if I can get a stastical data that I can rely on to ensure my safety if I so decide to go back to the town. It would be truly helpful to everyone if the “good” Mayor, (as Mr. Mabbun fondly refers him to) could put his input to these concerns. Do I say more? Mr. Mabbun you are the chosen one!… may the force be with you!… Merci Poppu!…

  371. ARNOLD DIAZ says:

    I really hope that all of the above would really reach the good Mayor, Jun I know you’re close to the Mayor so maybe you could do something about it. Nalungkot ako sa mga nasabi ng mga kababayan natin yeah! it’s not a simple robbery already it’s a high tech. and worst DRUGS! of course the Mayor could really coordinate with the Local Enforcers to do their job well, ang problema diyan kung yung C.O. ay inutil at tamad saka isa pa baka kasabwat din or protector, then our beloved Aparri won’t be safe anymore to anyone. SAYANG,,,

  372. Fortifyer says:

    To erase some doubts about the issues raised by some concerned citizens of Aparri on safety & security, drugs, illicit vices, theft and other illegal activities maybe the municipal officials together with the civic organizations like Rotary/Lions Club, Masonry, CWL or Chinese community group should update us on the crime trends and statistics of this destructive subjects in a yearly or quarterly basis. This data should also be posted in this blog for further information dissemination. The resources of the above civic organization may also be solicited if possible for this transperency issues. Thank you very much.

  373. It seems that gossip like this and that being circulated by the concerned citizen would never elicit the beauty of Aparri but on the contrary. Let us be more objective please… to promote Aparri and not to scare away investors/tourists because of these tsismis.. Please note that the good mayor is doing his best to curtail all these problems. I went home last March in Paddaya marami pa namang isda. Baka naman maalon lang po kaya walang huli…Mabbalo.

  374. concerned citizen says:

    well the problems are not really exclusive to aparri but what im saying is, aparri which used to be a peaceful provincial town, is no longer exempted from these menace. nakakalungkot lang. whenever i go home, my parents would always say that now, most of our produce are no longer available for locals. ang isda, galing na ng manila kasi wala ng nakukuhang isda sa aparri. its just saddening. i grew up in aparri and ive experienced moments when the market would be so full of fresh catch from the river/sea. ngayon wala na. drugs is rampant. robbery is sophisticated. i remember when i went home once, there was this robbery incident and based from the gossip, tinunaw daw yung vault. isnt that a manifestation na hindi na simpleng nakawan lang nangyayari dun? hay…
    and yeah, maybe the mayor could do something about this. nakakalungkot pag nasira ang aparri.

  375. Mittu DeRivera says:

    I believe Mr Mabbun totally missed Concerned Citizen’s comment. If I read it correctly, these problems are prevalent in Aparri only. There was no mention of other towns. If so, then it’s not a provincial or of national levels. Who else then is directly responsible in addressing these problems? Law enforcing agencies within the municipality is at the direction of the Mayor. Therefore, the Mayor, with all the anointments and accolades written herein, should see to it that these problems are addressed and corrected. Afterall, if we are to go back to Aparri, whether retirement or just temporary visit, we need to be re-assured that we are in a safety environment. Does this make sense? I also share the thought Jolibee’s presence does any good. There are so many starving residents of Aparri mostly living along the shoreline. Jolibee will just be another “stab in their hearts” because the cost of foods is something they can never afford. As I can see, we all love Aparri. Wouldn’t it be nice if we can do something to promote the welfare of the town? Mr. Mabbun, you seems to be closed to the Mayor, perhaps, you can serve as a fountain head. Be the catalyst to reach the Mayor and mention the concerns contained herein. Thank you.

  376. I guess the problems that you were saying should be addressed to the law enforcing agencies and not to the good mayor. Thanks…

  377. concerned citizen says:

    its nice to hear good things about aparri but sometimes these sound so surreal. i hope the glorified mayor can do something about the not-so-good things that are happening there like drugs, organized theft, poaching, river quarrying, etc drugs is so rampant there now. the festivals and the presence of jollibee there seem like a smokescreen of the more pressing concerns that need to be addressed.

  378. Ma’am Marissa can you give the email address of Audie? Is he settling for good in Syria with his family? Actually last time we even visited your home in Pattao but your mom can’t remember his address in Pampanga. I hope you can send it to us since we are planning for our 30th anniversary next year.
    Thanks again.

  379. Marissa Marcos Soriano says:

    Jun, thank you very much for the info. Please give my warm regards to Marilyn. Audie is my brother and he is now working in Syria from Dubai for 16 yrs already.

  380. Ma’am Marissa, Marilyn is a cousin of mine. your family name is very familiar because of Audie Marcos. He was our class valedictorian (boys) in high school. Are you related to Audie? Okey ma’am I willsend the pics trhu your email address.

  381. Marissa Marcos Soriano says:

    I hope the Aparrianos had a great town fiesta!!! My commendations “CONSTANTINE”!!! You deserve the best for bringing us back to Aparri, our Alma Mater! I would love to have those pictures. My e-mail address: sorianomarissa@hotmail.com.
    By the way, are you the brother of Marilyn Mabbun from ASAT also? Keep me informed. Thanks!!!

  382. Hello Asatians, I have some pictures taken during the 80th anniverssary celebration of our school. Provide me your email adds and I am more willing to send you some of the pics. God bless Aparri and Mabbalo.

  383. Marissa Marcos Soriano says:

    I am also an ASAT graduate and had visited the school 10 years ago. My batchmate Eleazar Rabaja was one of the faculties there and it was worth reminiscing our high school days. Hello batchmates Carol Yoma, Teresita Gorospe, Danny our valedictorian from Dalaya, Buguey; Eduardo Torrado and Dra. Jessica Romero! I missed you all!

  384. ARNOLD DIAZ says:

    Mrs. Herminia Bayad is married to Leonardo Bayad, Herminia was the former Herminia Badajos am I right Irene?

  385. Elanoy says:

    Nice blog :), I left my heart in Aparri lol

  386. irene capal says:

    i have my childhood friends there namely Ricardo Badajos , Regino Badajos , Mrs Herminia Bayad if u guys read this messages just call me up 09152581822

  387. irene capal says:

    i am also from aparri i grew up in aparri particularly in macanaya disttrict i love the place and i love it so much to go there again, i hope someday i can have my feet back in aparri ……

  388. ARNOLD DIAZ says:

    Joy I hope Mr. Microsound can give you some photos of our town the same photos he gave to me which was taken during our town fiesta “fluvial parade” I really hope that Mr. Microsound could post all the pictures he have.

  389. joy says:

    please send me latest photos of our town aparri,,..

  390. Report was that Aparri is experiencing a heavy downpour this early.

  391. Arnold Diaz says:

    The much awaited town fiesta has began today May 1, 2008

  392. HMA says:

    tnx constantine! it makes us proud Aparrianos. Its an eye opener for us.

  393. carlo abbatuan dizon says:

    Hi, Carlo here i was born and grew up here in manila………….the first and the last time i saw Aparri was during my high school years, the reason why we went home mainly because of my grandma……im already 37 now but i can still recall the beauty of Aparri i miss my hometown so much..thanks for the wonderful memories, i love you Aparri.. i really love the pictures it brings back happy memories

  394. Arnold Diaz says:

    Mr. Microsound you can just upload the pictures in here but of course we have to ask the permission from the captain of this ship we are into. I was suprised by that spill because I haven’t been to our beloved home town for quite too long already, by the way I am familiar with the name microsound it was the days of then Mayor Say who was then the owner of microsound “local band” if I am not mistaken the crooner before was Vito Ignacio who then migrated to the U.S. God Bless and I hope somebody out there must be held responsible for that spill it’s a really freak accident.

  395. Microsound says:

    Hi Ramil,
    I have some pictures taken in 2005 showing the fluvial parade taken in baybay.
    It shows the tranquil and serene water that reminds you of the times you spent swimming over there. Unfortunately, the sea is no longer as prolific as you probably remembers. Due to huge gasoline spill a few years back, (Shell’s pipeline broke and gasoline oozed to the open sea) gone are the Carabuyos, Kusimays, gaccas and usu-os. Even the Krills (aramang) that used to be in abundance, have disappeared. The spill was truly an ecological disaster and I am not sure if anything was done to go after Shell. Such disaster robbed the only means of livehood for most people in Punta, San Antonio and Maura.
    Having lived in the US for the past 24 years, Aparri is still a big big part of my heart.
    Like you, the Ludung is always in my mind especially whenever rainy days comes. I also miss the bulung-unas, fresh and shiny, and mmmmm so good to broil and eat with sinangag.
    If you want, I can email you these pictures.

  396. Ramil Manguba says:

    I attended St. Paul Aparri from elementary(1973-79) until high school(1979-83).Of course I will never forget Aparri coz’ this is where I grew up.I miss the famous and expensive fish “ludung”….
    I also miss my teachers like ma’am carol pajarillo. and Mrs.Retotal…….
    How I wish I could visit Aparri again. And also my piano teacher, Mrs Josie Pablo.

    Kindly post more pictures of Aparri .

    Thank you

  397. Dodan and Fuga says:

    I have not seen the real stuff yet. Where?????? show us the development where the tax money spent….

  398. Camalaniugan says:

    Very nice view.. i miss the place..

  399. Noted sir…Its really a failure when these representatives do not really perform their homeworks and could not tranlates to actions their plans. Good evening and more popwer.

  400. Arnold Diaz says:

    Jun I didn’t mentioned the good Mayor of our town but to be more specific right now it should be the work or responsibility of the Provincial Government of Cagayan what are the Representa(thieves) and the (tong)ressman doing? yan ang sinasabi kong tulog sa pansitan puro daldal lang even our Mayor will make a million times recommendation to build such Structures as the pier and a dream come true of mr. songwriter a towering lighthouse nothing will be done unless these two will will work together I really don’t know what they will do but its really up to them. I still remember one time during our town fiesta that the good senator Enrile pledge to re-built the Gymnasium and at that time Miguel Say was the town mayor I guess the gymnasium stayed for a very long wait until even the reinforcement bars became rusty. I don’t blame the Mayor in fact he is the best Mayor Aparri ever had. I can give what ever I can share to our beloved town and Jun my feet stays on the ground no matter what. I still remember the words written on our shop before in ASAT it reads like this “PLAN YOUR WORK, WORK YOUR PLAN” yan para sa mga pulitiko na dada lang ng dada.

  401. Sir Arnold/Mr. Songwriter, Please come home and you will see for yourselves the big turnaround in whatever aspect your Aparri have now. I have seen and witnessed the dedication of our good Mayopr when I was there last Holy Week. Imagine right after the Godd Friday,traditional procession the Mayor and his wife conducted the on-going beautification of the Punta Pier down to San Antonio shoreline. I was with them in the car. Thats how active they are in doing their mandate for the people of Aparri. Walang tulog sa pansitan please…. Lasdtly I just would like to give this advise to you out there particularly to those of you whoe have already reached the peak of your lives… Awan tu umune ta uton ng ari umuluk ta davvun.
    (Nobody goes up who does not come down) Lets help Aparri give youir share please. Good Morning and God Bless.

  402. Arnold Diaz says:

    Sir, with all due respect this towering lighthouse you are saying should be a Government project what we can contribute is just a plain working drawings or just a suggestion because I guess some Government Officials out there are “TULOG LANG SA PANSITAN” its just very easy to say but its more harder to implement look at the pier in Punta can you imagine how long it took to just reinforced it? how much more if you want to re-construct it! a 100 years?

  403. Fortifyer says:

    Honestly, I have been given my fair share to Aparri in my private way. Mr. Songwriter, its nice to know your ulterior motives which was not define at the beginning of your website in the fist place. Thank you for your nice website and wishing you a successful project in Aparri.

  404. Songwriter1 says:

    I am getting tired of reading notes from the same people over and over!. using this site to talk about their this and that when they are supposed to be talking what they can do to promote the beautiful town where they grew up. Stop “ideating” and start acting. If you truly love your hometown, start doing something. Your wealth, talent or stature in life could benefit the town. Let’s start doing something for Aparri. Let’s organize a group design to help the people of Aparri, government officials, who seems determined to keep power within the family. One good project would be to erect a towering lighthouse in Punta where the old pier was.

    A visit to nostalgia is good but then again, let’s stop that part and start working together .

    Robert Damian. I owe you another round of beer when I visit the country again.
    I still can sing “I gotta Get Message To you ” better than you do.

  405. Arnold Diaz says:

    Well Ka Edong we didn’t know at that time the impact of all of those things we did on our diet I can say that I too belong on the poverty line and of course as you have mentioned we used to take on bagoong that was the cheapest we could have or the “daing” with a lots of course of sodium chloride. I take Teveten as my maintenance every morning and Amlor 5 in the evening and I also take Forever Living products-food supplements like the Artic Sea (omega 3 & 9) Gingko and Absorbent C still I take some coffe but its also a herbal formulated here in my place its always summer temperature can even go as high as 49 degrees centigrade, God Bless

  406. Ka Edong says:

    You have a mighty heart Ka Arnold. Your account makes me feel and think how fragile our life that God has given on us. I say Amen too that God is really really Great! Now we realized that “Health is Wealth” indeed! I have been to the emergency theatre before due to my polycystic kidney disease and accumulation of unwanted stone in my urethra and gall bladder that lead to damage of my urethra linings which inhibit my urination for almost 24 hours. I have stayed in the hospital for 3 days too with a catheter in implantation or artificial tubes from my kidney to the damage urethra in order to aid in the release of body urine. I have to stay in the hospital alone since my wife at that time has been busy making a living too and besides I don’t like to bother her for unnecessary tension. In 6 weeks I was back to almost normal. Thanks God. All this is due to the fact of poor diet in my early days and salty foods like bagu-ung or fermented fish/fish paste. “Mahirap talaga ang buhay noon”. Now I have to regulate my diet too and do daily early morning exercise if possible. Till now I am taking a daily dossage for my blood pressure maintenance (5-10 mg Prenolol) , uric acid (Zyloric 300mg) lowering drugs and small tablet of aspirin. Once in a while if I feel that I have taken much protein, I have to clean my kidneys too by drinking a lot of water and a uric acid dissolving agent. In Buddhism, they believe that our body is just a rented place for our soul and spirit. So. if the body has been destroyed by elements (our actions and diseases) its time to leave the earthy things and may reborn again to any living organism. We should therefore maintain well our body in order to stay longer and enjoy life to the fullest. Enjoy the Summer breeze if you can.

  407. Arnold Diaz says:

    Well Ka Edong I have hypertension (high blood) and Smoking and drinking made it more worst until some blood veins that connects to my kidney gave way, the blood then that must go and circulate to the kidney was directly accumulated in the the stomach for which causes me a lot of stomach pain at that time I even don’t know what’s happening until I was rushed to the hospital and have a CT scan and MRI thanks to the new technology or else I might be 6ft below the ground now. It was so very difficult because no one can even help me so I was all alone at that time until I made a request from our company to at least assign one guy who can take care of me or assist me in getting up and going to the comfort room, you know when I was at the operating room the only word that I said was “Apo Dios tulungannak dinak kadi nga baybay-an” then it happened GOD is great! really great. And thanks also to my sponsor and owner of the company because he shouldered all the expenses. So mga kabayan dahan-dahan sa pag-inom at paninigarilyo because nobody could help you except yourself. That was an experienced between life and death.

  408. Ka Edong says:

    Ka Arnold, I am sorry to learn that you have your surgery already. If you don’t mind, please maybe you could kindly share the cause of it for our sake and learning experience in the future specially us (OFW) since we are away from our loved ones and our kind-hearted kababayans. Thanks.

  409. Yes Sir, he lived at northside of ASAT and most of the time used to make his way in/out thru that wall. But they are now based in Cabanatuan City. Definiotely it will be again a big celebration for the Aparri Patronal Fiesta. Hopefully will find atime to support their activities… Good Morning again and more power to you.

  410. Arnold Diaz says:

    Sorry Jun I am not related to Mr. Alberto Diaz but probably I knew him or even their house correct me if I am wrong their house is somewhere located at the northern part of ASAT outside the OVAL so he used to come to school by just jumping over the fence. Enjoy our town fiesta 25 days more to go.

  411. Sir Arnold I had a batchmates named Alberto Diaz are you related with him? Thanks and good day to you.

  412. ARNOLD DIAZ says:

    Oh! the binarayang (wine) an Ibanag term well I quit all of these and even smoking after I underwent surgery all these things went off! we usually call it the “Gin Bulag” or Lambanitog we do have bulong unas also here but its with different taste maybe its due to the difference of water salinity. Jun this type of anti-erosion is widely used in Europe (Macaferi Gabions) Nothing is impossible Ka Edong “tulong-tulong lang talaga” COOPERATION AND DISCIPLINE the key to more progressive Aparri and I am proud to be one!

  413. Ka Edong says:

    Hhmm..hmm, tsk- tsk- I am really glad that there are kababaayan’s thinking dearly towards the development of Aparri. There should be problem then as the Honourable Mayor already in his vision to have the airport soon. I suppose they already started having a public hearing to local population residents, tourism operators, local officials and businessmen in the locality for the proposal to re-build the airport which is a pre-requisite to prepare for an environmental impact assessment EIA for the airport project. You may probably expect about land expropriation, noise pollution and sudden wind shear effect as some opponents complaints. The municipality officials may probably contacted already the the Philippines’ Air Transportation Office which is an agency of the Philippine government under the Department of Transportation and Communications responsible for implementing policies on civil aviation to assure safe, economic and efficient air travel. Of course the objectives of this airport are to ease transportation of local products as a part of the segment of the farm to market road flagship projects of PGMA. We may also focus on tourism with little concern for the ecology. Another option is to allow air cargo operators to fly farm and fishery produce out of airports including those from nearby islands. They should be offered a discount or airport charges as an incentive inorder for the airport to stay afloat. There are scores of work to think about it then like installing the navigation system, expansion of the runways, hiring more staff inorder to meet the commercial safety standards, asphalting the surfaces of runways which need to be repaved every five years for a standard 2.1 kilometer-long runway. For your information, I tried the bulung-unas this morning found in the local market after my morning exercise but not such as sweet as the one caught in Aparri estuary area of the Babuyan and Cagayan river. It maybe because i don’t have the green calamansi and small glass of binarayang. Have a good day…and thanks…

  414. Yuo really have a profound understanding on the effective protection against the incessant ramming of the sea water against the embankment. Hope mga kabayan you can help really in the design of how to cope with this very destructive natural force. I am sure you should also consider the global warming hence the continued rising of water level around the globe. You guys are really the persons to be sourced out to help our dear Aparri to rise again. Mabbalo ni kamu…

  415. Arnold Diaz says:

    ka Edong That’s the main problem along the coastline from the edge of the Pier in Punta to maura “EROSION” I have suggested before that they use a Macaferi Gabions Style of protecting this area well they did but at that time these Oil companies only did to protect their Bulk Fuel Oil Tanks meaning it ends in M.H. del Pilar St. in San Antonio, but right now I have seen that they have constructed a new concrete retaining wall which will not last long so I would suggest that they should make some gabions below the inclined retaining wall. The main big problem before was people along these areas kept on stealing the aluminium nets, due to this irresponsible character of some of our kababayans the boulders/stone gone in disarray,,,hmm I like bulong unas nga kilawin. I really hope that they could go back to the negotiating table with the Muniz Clan regarding on the revival of our dear Airport, Dagitay bartek dita apo easy laeng,,,

  416. Ka Edong says:

    I tip my hat to Mayor Mael Tumaru. He is really a man of action. I hope Atty Ramon Tumaru jr. his brother could assist him expropriate the land of Vicente Muniz if not properly use and pay their dues to the municipal government with a condition of lot improvement and protection from the sea and river intrusions on the norther and eastern side of it. Or maybe we could sound off our alarm to the politicians who are now sitting in the Congress and Senate which hailed from Aparri or Cagayan for that matter. There is one impediment though, since Aparri is 1 meter below sea level, it needs a lotof lots of water break protection and fillings. The area also characterize as a migratory coastline. Meaning there is a movement of the coastline along with the prevailing season. There is also a limit in the expansion considering the new sizes of advance airplane technologies. Before the BAC-11 is just right but not being used anymore. I happened to visit Maldives recently and I was amazed how they were able to coped with the recent tsunami. Their airport is also highly vulnerable to global warming and the natural sea disasters. They used a lot of dead corals in the fillings and water control infrastructure with the help of WB and other Islamic friendly countries. For as long as the government can guarantee the counterpart loan, we have a good chance of getting support from the international financial institutions. What we need though is the EIA and further studies on its payback period and return of investment. Ka Arnold suggestion of relocating it might a better option since the location in Toran or Tallungan is a stable one… Sayang I cannot visit Aparri to partake in the kasiyahan this time…probably munamun would be easy to find this time of the year or taburkit or bilis… its summer time.. unless you like to have the kinurog nga aramang..Enjoy kabayan. Modaration is the key word in are abou to do or planning to do this festive season…mabbalo.

  417. Arnold Diaz says:

    Hmmm quite impressive Jun the Mayor can do that why not! I think all Aparrianos would be happy to have an Airport again the thing is WHERE? there is no other good location than it’s former place the Muniz land because it’s within the vicinity of the Municipality well they can find an airstrip in Toran or maybe Tallungan but all these land are rice land. So I hope one day Vicente Muniz will be convince to sell or lease his land again, clearing the surroundings of the airport again will be more difficult thing to do. I can’t attend our town fiesta so long just enjoy the “kinilaw nga aramang with kalamansi and siling labuyo” God Bless!

  418. The good mayor averred in his speech during our homecoming that one major thing that he will work-out before his teneure ends is to build / put up an Airport in the heart of Aparri again. This will bring for sure the good old days of Aparri particularly in the generation of revenues as well as making a tourist destination. I am pretty sure he can do it as long as Aparrianos will help one another since if we only let Mayor does this alone well it would be very difficult.
    Thanks alot sir Arnold for the plans and programs you published for the 2008 Aparri Patronal Town Fiesta. This event is really something to attend with. Tayo na…..Good night and more power Aparri.

  419. Arnold Diaz says:

    I know Godo because one time I made a letter for his girlfriend and I didn’t even knew that they are married now thanks for that update. Well ka Edong that was more even worst when people are squatting along the former Airport, Actually that land is a private property it belongs to Vicente Muniz so the Local Government cannot do anything if Muniz will put people in the former Airport then it would be his right as a Land owner but the Local Government can always do something about it they can always make another lease infact more revenues will be made out of that agreement or they can buy the land if Muniz will agree. The problem is the people who are staying there right now are all from different places in Cagayan Valley, Well Mayor! what can you say about this?

  420. Arnold Diaz says:


    Republic of the Philippines
    Province of Cagayan

    March 19, 2008

    The much awaited Patronal Town Fiesta of the Municipality of Aparri, Cagayan, Philippines is fast approaching. This once a year celebration is an opportune time for the townspeople to thank God Almighty for the abundant graces and blessings He has generously showered upon us through the intercession of St. Peter Thelmo – the town’s patron saint. This special occasion is, likewise, an excellent opportunity to reminisce with friends and acquaintances the good old days and the same time a chance to meet new ones.
    Aside from the traditional daily novena masses culminated by the concelebrated Eucharistic celebration on the feast day of our patron saint on the 11th of May, the Municipality of Aparri has lined-up various meaningful activities throughout the duration of this grandiose occasion.
    The 11-day festivities will be kicked-off by launching of the “1st Aramang Festival” on May 1, 2008, a fitting tribute to God for uniquely endowing this soft-shelled shrimp delicacy which thrives and found only in our beloved Aparri.
    We wish to share our joy and be with someone like you during this glorious and momentous occasion. We would highly appreciate if you could join us during the weeklong fiesta celebrations.
    Attached is the program of activities for your guidance and perusal.
    Anticipating your presence on this memorable occasion.
    Thank you and God bless.

    Very truly yours,

    Encls.: A/S

    Telephone No.: (078)822-8752 Telefax: (078)888-2001 Email Add: lguaparriphil@yahoo.com

    The 1st Aramang Festival
    May 1-11, 2008
    Theme: “Yamang Dagat Ating Ingatan, Kalikasan Ating Pangalagaan”


    Morning Activity – Launching of the 1st Aramang Festival

    Evening Activity – LABOR NIGHT CELEBRATION
    – A Tribute to our Outstanding and Dedicated Workers

    – Sayawan Para Sa Kabataan

    -Live Band featuring Lolita Carbon of ASIN, Various Artists &
    Other Surprise Guests

    May 4, 2008 -LITTLE MR. & MS. APARRI
    – Coronation Night of Little Mr. & Ms. Aparri

    -170-Pounder and Above Healthy Ladies in Their Finest Form

    May 6, 2008 -SEARCH FOR MISS GAY
    – A Woman’s Heart Trapped in a Man’s Body…The Search for
    the Most “Bong-gay-cious” Gay in Town

    – Presentation of Miss Aparri Candidates and Pre-Judging for the Best in Talent
    MAY 8, 2008 -WOMEN’S NIGHT
    – A Night of Fashion: Featuring… “Kawes ti Kallabes”

    -Cultural Presentation in honor of the Balik-Aparri Balikbayans and Awarding of the Outstanding Teachers

    Morning Activity – Fluvial Procession along the coastal water in Honor of St. Peter Thelmo featuring 200 artistically decorated boats

    Evening Activity -SEARCH FOR MISS APARRI 2008
    – The Pageant and Coronation Night for Miss Aparri 2008
    May 11, 2008 -GABI NG PARANGAL
    – Awards Night for the Outstanding Achievers

  421. Ka Edong says:

    I am positive to those persons you have mentioned above. In fact when I was elected President of Student Supreme Council of the University I have to know them by heart since they have supported me a lot in my school days activism. I love Bataan too since I have s batchmate from the same province before when I did my advance training at Sangley Point in Cavite. We usually go there for a furlough along the Pulang bato beach coast till Sexmoan in Pampanga. In fairness, I think the local government in Aparri is trying their really best to respond to the needs of the local population. However, the municipality should focus its development interms of the income gains of the town business activities and other forms of local taxes plus any support from the national appropriation fund. The local government social activities if there are any would translate it to the upliftment of the poverty level of the people. The social, religious and civic activism by the people is also needed to supplement whatever lacking from the local leaders. We have to think in terms of our social consiousness to assist if not to rally for them for the greater benefit of the town. Nevertheless, we became quite passive sometimes and let the ugly things got its own course. Aparri used to be a first class town with airport, shipping port and excellent land transport network. How we wish we could return back the clock of yesteryears. The airport would be much to tbe envy of any town in Cagayan since it brings a lot of investment, tourism revenue and center of commerce and industry in this part of the Philippines. But instead, there were now squatters in the former airport areas, mushrooming of unregistered houses along the seashore, cleanliness and sanitation has been compromised due to uncontrolled population and multi-layer bureacracy in the local as well as the provincial level much to the like of the trapos. Some social services are also needed to refurbish if not to reorganize. Even the educational set-up has been mirred with intrigues and unnecessary debacles. I really hope that we should start building our infrastructures for the expansion of the town and accommodation of the globalization era which we are experiencing…

  422. Yes it was Godofredo Palmea who is a good friend and batchmates of mine. And his beeter wife is former Milagros Frando also a batchmate. They are now settled succesfully in San Pedro, Laguna. Godo is now a successful businessman with a plant he manages in Cavite (Rosario). He used to be an OFW. Well you jhave mentioned Gorospe you may be referrring to Rico Gorospe. Rico’s family/ roots were from Paddaya actually he is a distant relative of mine. Yes I know Bubut Gorospe from Zone-4 of Paddaya.
    Good day…

  423. Arnold Diaz says:

    just want to ask from you Jun the name mentioned in your batch Godo is it Godofredo Palmea? I think I am familiar with some of your batchmates like family name of Frando I dont know her first name, Alias or even Caguragan? sorry I don’t remember their first names

  424. Arnold Diaz says:

    I know for one a good friend of mine the Gorospe Family from paddaya I really dont know now what had happen to him we call him by his nickname “bubut” his sister is a teacher of AIT I really cannot recall all of them “ikanga barkada-barkada” one is I guess a fire marshall now, I still know his family name Tumaru of course Jun you might be related to him a couple of beauty’s also I knew but to this date I cannot really remember either their names. I had a lot of friends along Maura the Gozes, Fuggaban’s, the Penols the same Gorospe their house is near a cinema if I am not mistaken is it RYAN2? where the CARMAN’s motel was located before? well it’s just a reminisce of the good old days.

  425. Ka Edong I would assume that you know some of my kababaryo in the persons of Gilbert De Leon and my dear cousin Maxima Tolvo-Sanchez whoe were alumni of AIT.
    And many more Paddayanos that made a name in their high and college days at AIT A happy summer to all.

  426. Ka Edong says:

    Hello Ka Arnold and Jun, Thank you very much for your undying love to Aparri and ASAT as well which augurs well being an Aparriano. No matter where we are now, we still look back where we came from. Actually, I graduated in 1980 at AIT and did my college until 1984 at CSU Aparri, I was hired as an Instructor at the same University till I finished my Master of Science (Physical Oceanography) at UP Diliman campus after that I did my post graduate courses abroad. That’s the reason why I have always indebted to all good Aparrianos until now. We hope we could continue our Bayanihan Spirit in order to reached out our fellow Aparrianos and build a bigger Spirited Team with the same mission in mind in the near future.

  427. Thanks ka Edong for your sympathy… We are not really confrontational in fact my two of my sisters were also a graduate of ASF/AIT. I have seen the tremendous evolvement of AIT after it was the main seat of CSU in the Cagayan North.. And I congartulate the good administrator at that time Mr. Cortes. God bless and more power to all of us Aparrianos.

  428. Arnold Diaz says:

    Just a little bit funny to reach-out a Government Official regarding the plight of our Dear Alma Mater ASAT it might be more even rude to discuss such things regarding the school, in fact the trend of government officials now are eluding everything afterall what would they take from dicussing such things as our school? it’s just disgusting the way things are happening, because as far as I know we have the biggest quadrangle. part of our campus was even used to hold a barangay fiesta (Maura) thanks ka Edong for the sympathy. eventhough you’re not an alumnus I know very well your school it was called first The Aparri School of Fisheries which is located in Minanga or rather Centro? along the Apagonan River well until now still along Apagonan River but in barangay Maura now and more wider than the Old Site as they call it. I knew a lot of people in Apaari Institute of Technology (formerly Aparri College of Fisheries) I just don’t have any idea what year did you graduated from AIT because I have a lot of friends before in AIT and mind you I experience the same experienced you have from selling ice candy to shoe shine boy then to a tricycle boy, convento boy that was a struggle for existence whatever it takes “huwag lang magnakaw” a happy summer to everybody

  429. Ka Edong says:

    Dearest Kabayang Arnold and Jun:

    I am sorry to hear that ASAT compound is now in a sorrow state. It’s definitely not good news after celebrating your 80th Anniversary indeed. ASATIANS then deserve a more challenging, creative, non-confrontational strategy to reach out the Government unit concern about this. I sympathize with you though I was not an alumna but we are good neighbors. I saw your campus every now and then before during ROTC ,CAT drill contest and Athletic school intrmurals. It is a a place to be reckoned with really. I wish you all the best and good luck. Maybe Aparri nor ASAT has become too small for your brilliance and big heart wherever you are now. Have a a happy summer vacation too in case you visit Aparri soon.

  430. Sir Arnold, it appeared that ASAT was used in the expense for the creation of this TESDA without even realizing the gradual death that it will cause for ASAT by these people. In my own inkling, eversince the establishment of ASAT in 1928 and after 50 years of its existence of producing high caliber, efficient and technical graduates, this law that provides for the creation of TESDA and its eventual takeover of the ASAT campus has been the worst nightmare our beloved ASAT have ever experienced. That many of us who’ve attended that recent affair felt so very distressing by the atate of the premises. Ang hirap palng maglakbay pabalik na iniisip mo di mo na pala maipagmamalaki ang dating ASAT… I hope all ASATIANS kumilos tayo to bring back the old glory of our alma mater. Its not yet the end of the world for us….

  431. Arnold Diaz says:

    I have heard about TESDA but in our time this branch or whatever you may call it to the corrupt Govenment of The Republic of the Philippines never exist. I know ka Edong what is the history of CSU all of these Presidential Blah!blah! beacause even it is clearly shown on the website of Cagayan State University, Actually Aparri Institute of Technology was the former Aparri College of Fisheries and at that time Mr. Armando Cortes was the Superintendent anf later named College Dean correct me if I am wrong. It’s just really awful what had happened to ASAT because before our time it was our campus wherein almost inter-Trade school atheletics was held, well that was the good old days anyway I or we cannot do anything to these corrupt officials whatever they wish to do they will do it even at the expense of Educating the younger generation.

  432. Ka Edong says:

    Dear Kabayan,

    TESDA means Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (www.tesda.gov.ph/). In the beginning ASAT was part of the Cagayan State University. The Cagayan State University was established on June 11, 1978 by virtue of Presidential Decree 1436 merging the Cagayan Valley College of Arts and Trades and The Northern Luzon State College of Agriculture and Transferring the tertiary level courses of the Cagayan Valley Agricultural College, Aparri Institute of Technology, Aparri School of Arts and Trades, Bukig National Agricultural and Technical School, Gonzaga National Agricultural and Technical School, Sanchez Mira Rural and Vocational School and Western Cagayan School of Arts and Trades. These schools are strategically located in the Province of Cagayan.

    The Cagayan State University is mandated by its charter to provide better services in professional and technical training in the arts, sciences, humanities and technology. The main missions are academic, instruction, research, extension and production. The purpose of the university is to provide advanced education in the arts and sciences, give professional and technical training; encourage and undertake research, conduct training and extension services; and encourage the application of knowledge.

    Through a presidential approval dated March 17, 1983, the secondary level programs of CSU-Aparri, Lal-lo, Gonzaga, Sanchez Mira, were fully integrated into the university while CSU at Lasam and Bukig were maintained as extension campuses. Until recently, ASAT has been under TESDA by law. Maybe further explanation from TESDA can be obtain why such policy has been tolerated in maintaining ASAT premises.

    By the way, my congratulation to your 80th Anniversary. The way forward for Aparri!

  433. Yes Sir Arnold I am very sure you would surely feel bad and curse these people who destroyed the image of our School. I happened to peek the oval since as you have said its quite remembering the incessant huirrays and clappings of the people whenever the CAT/PMT exercises. There you can see tall grasses and it was abandoned for nothing. I am sure an ASATIANs would not reliazed if its really an oval or just an empty plot of no use. I hope Mr. Paguila would take a budge on the request of General Damian to turnopver the oval to ASAT for a meaningful usage.
    ASAT…. in a sorry state tsk. tsk. tsk.

  434. Arnold Diaz says:

    That was a disgusting scenario of our Alma Mater, so where is our Oval now? did the school lost also the Oval? where we used to drill during the military trainings? or is known before as PMT and then was change to CAT, well I thought he was a Class 72 I don’t really know what could we do to restore the whole quadrangle did they sold part of the land? or did they do something stupid? I really dont have any idea about this TESDA who are these stupid people anyway? as you said I remain as an ASAT boy and that will liveon forever till the end of our time. kawawa naman pala kayo di ang sikip na ang eskwelahan natin ngayon. damn this people

  435. Its a mixed emotion when I stepped again on the soil of our alma mater. It was a sad experience that ASAT is no longer the same school as excellent to be reckoned with during our time and in the past. Imagine the school had been divided by a wall so that when you get there you will surely dont knopw where is the office of the school. Its like a Berlin wall as General Damian said in his speech… ASAT was only apportioned with a small lot at eastern side of the campus. This is exactly the place where we used to overhaul the old engines with Mr. Seredon, Drew our plates under Mr. Molina, Used to hear the cyclic knocks of the machines under Mr. Arreola. Ang liit na ng ASAT… ang pangit. We were really all disgusted for seeing the campus in total disarray. Nawala ang tunay na mayari ng Campus the caretaker (TESDA) became the master. For all of us who came down from far away place just to take a glimpse (From as far as Houston ,Texas, UK,and some came from the south of the Philippines) of the Alumni homecoming were all disappointed seeing the wreckage of our most bneloved Alma Mater… I van not really blame the present administrator of TESDA for this but there should be re-consideration for this matter. Callling all of you ASAT graduates especially those who are in the academe. Please speak out your voice to re-establish the lost glory of ASAT. All ASATIANS must do now is to align ourselves with the theme of this years Alumni Homecoming. ” Bonding the Gradutes, A Catalyst to Restore its Identity and the Days of its Glory…
    Sir Arnold, General Damian was a member of Class 71. I still could not forget Mtr Silicio Flores when he chanced upon us under a tree (Talisay) and he captured our IDs and he only retuirned them after showing a pailful of garbage we picked up from around the school quadrangle.
    Anyway even my heart is still aching until this minute, I still love ASAT my beloved alma mater and of course Aparri my # 1 hometown.

  436. Arnold Diaz says:

    Well Mr. Ike I don’t even have any idea about the rank of Robert Damian the last thing I’ved known is when he was still a Lt. Colonel I have to correct you he is ASAT “CLASS 72” because as far as I can remember they were seniors and we were the juniors at that time I still remember his batch mates to the likes of Blandina Yague, Wilfredo Callagan, Desiderio Alauig I really dont know if you know these guys but of course we are really proud of our Alma Mater and thankful too, Wilfredo Cabatan at that time was only in his first year of teaching when we graduated because our Physics teacher was Mrs. Angelina Tajon if you still knew her our principal before was Mr. Gregorio then came Mr. Selecio Flores the new Superintendent that’s the time when they called ASAT into Agalwad kayo ni Selecio Agtagbat Tao its funny but we have to live with it at that time. Sad to say I cannot attend that remarkable affair well I wish you all the best guys so just enjoy the party.

  437. Sir Arnold, it is nice to know that you are also a product of ASAT. Just for trivia our alma mater is celebrating its 80th anniversary on March 23, 2008 and I learned that the distinguished guest to grace the affair is no less than Gen. Robert Damian of Class 75. He is the son of the late Mr. Conrado Damian our former Principal. How I wished that those great timbers of the Technical subjects are still around such as Mr. Seredon, Mr. Bangalan, Doniego, Fontanilla , Marantan, and of course my most favorite teacher in Physics Mr, Wilfredo Cabatan are still around to personally thank them for all the learnings that they shared to us. That really transformed us one of the best in our jobs now. Ah … that was ASAT then tinitingala… sana it lives on forever.

  438. Arnold Diaz says:

    Well Francisco you don’t have to think or even guess that Dr. Tumaru is the best Town Mayor Aparri have ever had instead “Par Excellence” kumbaga yung mga nagawa na niya. There is always something good when a politician takes serious things in serving his people and not mainly on his/her family, relatives or make herself/himself more rich at the expense of the people. Dr. Tumaru has transformed the town particularly along San Antonio into a much more pleasing environment. Mabuhay ka Mayor! I am an alumnus too of ASAT “Class-73” as of now I really don’t know where are my batchmates these days, Guys by the way you can always give some updates or pictures about anything to our beloved Alma Mater here’s my web-ad gj993@yahoo.com

  439. I am really amazed that more and more people are now quite aware of this website… Aparri More than a Song. I can not wait to see Aparri again after a year of absence. I am planning to grace our ASAT alumni homecoming this 23rd of March and sure many things have come changed again particularly the town, our dear classmates and of course our mga mapuputing Teachers from the high school. Mapuputi na ang buhok…. Of course I would surely enjoy again the beautiful, serene and ever clean beach of Paddaya. Its the place where my humble beginnings started…We used to be dubbed Paddaya bulok (exactly because of our ever durable jitneys) but I would always very proud being raised from the eastside barrio, the Paddaya Aparri. I am again promoting my Idol, Uncle and Ninong Mayor Ismael Tumaru. I think he is the best Mayor Aparri ever had… I love you Aparri! As the saying goes:Mammula ka ta mapia, gataban nu noka.
    (He who sows goodness, reaps gratitude.) Mabbalo ni kamu ngamin…

  440. Pingback: Anonymous

  441. Arnold Diaz says:

    I hope you could feature more photos of Aparri

  442. Arnold Diaz says:

    You might be mistaken Lei for saying that you can see the boundary of the Pacific Ocean and the Cagayan River in fact it should be the Babuyan Channel which crosses San Vicente from the East and Ilocos Norte on the West, wherein the rest eastern of San Vicente is the Pacific Ocean and on the other hand on the west is the China Sea I can tell you exactly even the location of the pag-asa observatory it is located in Caaggaman which is called Aparri-District 2 FYI.

  443. lei says:

    just to add… you can also see the boundary of the pacific ocean and the cagayan river. you can really tell wheres the division between the two. it just across the pag-asa observatory

  444. Robledo "Edong" Salvador says:

    Since I did my study on mesoscale modelling on the physical parameters of the Babuyan Channel right adjacent to the Aparri seashore, the place is totally submerged in my mind. If anyone doing interesting study parallel on this subject, I could also be contacted at dlasdovar@yahoo.com. Thank you again kabayan! -Ka Edong.

    If anyone interested in

    • aida casilian says:

      hey buddy,
      we were schoolmate.is there any chance to happen to know where eleanor “nong” Salvador is?she is catherine salvador sister .I’m Arlene casilian younger sister one of your classmates @ CSU before.i’m really desperate to know where is nong now.. its been 15 years living here in canada. i’m planning to go for a vacation by next year.please e-mail me aida_1027@yahoo.ca
      thanks buddy..

  445. Robledo "Edong" Salvador says:

    I stand straight and salute all the proud Aparrianos. As I gaze the cool website and browsing down to read the sweet words left by the bloggers my heart rate beat faster and faster with nostalgia. Before anything else my highest respect possible goes to my beloved teachers from my Elementary (Punta Community School) High School (Aparri Institute of Technology) and College (Cagayan State University- Aparri Campus) with out them I may be still a beach bump in Aparri seashore or Apagunan river waiting for the low and high tide to fishing out the Usu-os, Kurapo or Bakulao. Some of my teachers already passed away as I understood from my SMS expert Sister still leaving in Aparri. My self has never been to Aparri for almost two decades now. I am a native of Aparri in San Antonio in fact. My humble beginning started when I was a kid selling ice candy/ice drop from Munez family during summer days and morning selling baduya and puto/kutchinta from our neighbor. Basically I have to sell to every tiny nook part of Aparri from Minanga-Macanaya-Centro-Maura-San Antonio and Punta. But I did not allow poverty to trample my ambitions and going forward to take higher education. Through perseverance, hard work and fear to God, I passed all this test and landed in a much better situation from my beginnings. Of course along my hard way, so many Aparrianos also assisted and guided me to a better judgement. To all my beloved benefactors, old friends and syblings and my mother my heart always goes out with you forever. You are always my inspiration. My dreams recur to me always that someday I’ll be back to assist Aparri for its glorious development. God Bless You All. Mabuhay and Aparri sa Pilipinas. Diyos to ag-ngina kadakayo amin. Mabbalo!

    • Ricky Caluen says:

      Hi, Edong. I chanced upon your blogs while surfing the net on any information about my forebears from Aparri….the Lampitoc and Salvador families.

      I don’t know how old you are but you might just be familiar with some names that I hope could connect me to you.

      My greatgrandmother was Cristina Salvador…who married a Lampitoc (forget the name of my Lampitoc greatgrandfather). Lola Cristina had 3 husbands: Lampitoc, Tejano, and Rivero.

      Lola Cristina’s daughter, Maria Lampitoc, was my father’s mother. Lola Maria got hitched to a former parish priest of Aparri at the turn of the 20th century (1900). His name was Father Pablo Caluen (sometimes spelled Callueng).

      You being a Salvador could perhaps shed some light on the Salvador side of my family.

      I have been to Aparri twice already in the past 5 years or so. I grew up in Iligan City, Mindanao, where my father, the late Dr. Godofredo Lampitoc Caluen, migrated before WWII.



      • cristy lampitoc says:

        Hi, Ricky, I think may connect tayo, my late father is Ronald Rivera Lampitoc, Sr., I remember when I was young we lived at Guadalupe, Makati City, and I remember your Lola Maria Lampitoc, I was then maybe around 7 years old, she is the auntie of my father. If I am not mistaken, the name of her daughter is Lydia. Let’s see…..

    • ralph azurin says:

      hi Edong

      How are you related with Maja Salvador, the actress . She claims she’s from Aparri. I remember the Lampitoc.s house is in centro near the cine Fair later became cine Monina.

  446. Arnold Diaz says:

    I terribly missed this wonderful place, it is where I was born learn a lot of things especially San Antonio beach wherein our younger years we used to go fishing using “GACCA” as a bait we didn’t cared about being sunburned we enjoyed fishing the whole day almost every day especially summer. I saw the pictures posted I was surprised how San Antonio Looks nowadays, well probably the Municipality got a more serious Local officials more responsible thanks for the general re-face of the place where I’ve grown. I would really suggest that at the lower portion of the retaining wall a netted aluminum filled with boulders/stone just to suppress the wave force of the Great Babuyan Channel and my regards to the Taguba Family, Guillermo Family, Felicisimo Family, Basilio Family the Alapan Family, Lampitoc family and Alias Family send some pictures of yours you guys send it through gj9973@yahoo.com GOD BLESS!

    • Emma Guillermo Kniese says:

      Hi!As I was searching something abt. Aparri,then I landed here.Thanks for your greetings to the Guillermo Family. I am living here in Germany for 23 years now. I am also from Aparri and excited to go home in the Phils.on Dec. 9-30,2009.I will spent most of my days in Aparri. Do I know you? My father is Mariano Miramonte Guillermo from Caagaman, and my mother is Flora Tugade Guillermo from Minanga, Centro Aparri. Mailiw nakon iti naimas nga presko nga sidsida diay tiendaan. Regards Emma

      • Dear Ms.Emma Kniese,
        It was by accident that I got entangled in this website and as I scrolled down, your name caught my attention.
        I think we are related to each other.
        My father was the late Jose Guillermo Abinan. His brother, the late Moises Guillermo Abinan is my uncle.I presume that their names are familiar to you.Also, David Pagaduan and Danny Pagaduan are my cousins. Also, Odelon Ventura.
        All of my brothers were born in Bukig, which is just adjacent to Caagaman. I am the youngest among my parent’s children and I was born in Aparri but after High School(ASAT),we all migrated to Manila.
        I have some little memories of Bukig and Caagaman when I was young, and together with my cousins James Abinan,the late Jesse Abinan and also the late Gil Flores,we used to ride in a “taculi”. Indeed, this is one the memories that I treasure.
        My family and I are living in Manila and sometimes, I visit Aparri and go to Caagaman, but very seldom.
        The last time I visited Aparri was when we had a Class Reunion. Most of my classmates living in the Philippines were there and I was glad. Among them are Gen. George Piano, Genoveva Maximo, Elizabeth Mendoza,Plaridel V. Deza, Roseller Arce, Joseph Abuyuan, Rolando Liberato and many more.
        I could write long letters but I have to end it here, till I will visit this site again.
        I would be glad to receive a response from you. I am proud of you.God has blessed you richly.
        Before I go, do you know somebody in Caagaman by the name of “Angcuan” Pones?
        They are the tenant of our land.
        Thank you for your time.
        Best regards and God bless you.

  447. Nannette Balboa-Sale says:

    I have been to many places, in our own country and abroad, but nothing compares to the feeling of being “at home” when I am back at my hometown Aparri for a vacation. how short it may be. I was born and raised in Centro 1, attended Aparri elementary School and graduated HS in St. Paul batch 84. We are temporarily residing here in Japan until my husband’s duty tour is over and will be retiring to the States. It is our plan to go home this year hopefully on summertime so the kids can enjoy the great beach we have in Aparri. Hats off to our Ninong sa kasal Dr/Mayor Tumaru and his wife Dra, for the great improvement they did.

    Thanks for sharing the nice views we have there. Some people I meet always ask where is Aparri at, and I start to sing the jingle from Eat Bulaga. For some, they say, “oh, sa dulo ng Pilipinas”. If they could only see these pictures that showed how beautiful our town is and go there and see for themselves…they’ll have second thoughts of being sarcastic about the place.

    Regards to all Aparrianos..wanted so much to attend the Reunion last July in Vegas but didn’t make it. I’ll go to the next one for sure.

    I am a proud Aparriano!

    • Ramil says:

      My heart belongs to Aparri. This is where I was born and grew up. And it’s so great to see Aparri again with so much improvements done by Mayor Tumaru. Last visit was on May 2012 and had a great reunion with my batch ’83.

  448. I just would like to make an announcement through this site so that all of our batchmates from the ASAT Class 79 will become aware of the fast approaching 30th anniversary since we left our beloved Alma Mater. Where are you now after those long years of incommunicado… Get yourself ready for 2009… We will all get there at ASAT quadrangle and recall the best of our high school life. Ang saya saya.

  449. Ron Blancaflor says:

    WoW…I grew up there and all my beloved cousins, uncles and aunts are still there. I haven’t visited Aparri since 1980!!! Hopefully I will make it there next year. It’s great to see these photos on this site, it definitely brings back a lot of good memories!!!

  450. It is really great to discover this page about ou beloved Aparri. As others shared, I am indeed honored that I was raised from this very serene town from the north of the PI. I was born from Paddaya, Aparri, Cagayan. Had studied in ASAT batch 1979 still remember our batchmates; audie, jose, pedro, sammy, obe, godo, george, noel, jaime, sandra, jane, mila, reyma, elvira, agnes and others from the high schoo. Its really very momentous high school days. Like others who started from a humble beginnins I took my college studies seriously and carved a niche at University of the East and graduated in 1984 and eventually became a Mechanical Engineer in 1985. I am now working with the biggest and one of the most modern refinery in the far east, the Petron Bataan Refinery, Limay, Bataan.
    I am equally proud of our Uncle mayor Dr. Ismael V. Tumaru who is also raised and had his elementary education from Paddaya Elemnetary School. He has been a blessing to Aparri for his numerous projects he spearheaded to help the upliftment of his townmates and of course to Aunt Shalimar for her unparralled support to Uncle in rearing the town..
    I am again planning our vacation there next summer to enjoy the beautiful and clean beach at Paddaya.
    Taas noo Aparriano.

    Francisco A. Mabbun Jr.

    • roland of U.P. Manila says:

      hello friend i hope ask or tell him if there’s a possibility for the improvement of the road from Maura to Paddaya or Maura to Sto Thomas (sitio of Maura).Kegavu nikami especially nu mappasa y takay ta diyam mi. The worst is flies. I hope you will. Anyway im proud of our beloved Mayor Dr. Ismael Tumaru.

      • Roland,

        Medyo mariga gare ta y improvement na dalan nga mappa-Paddaya anna ta Sto Tomas ay under the DPWH since its category is a national road. So we should knock on the doors of our Congressman Jack Enrile and his Father Senate President Johnny to fulfill the promise to provide us a better linking road to Aparri Town and Buguey.

  451. vincedayag says:

    great place to live,brings a lot of sweet memories from my childhood,especially when my old folks were still alive.i treasure this sleepy town for the rest of my life, proud to be a aparriano,,my kindof place when i retire.

  452. Sally says:

    With all of the beautiful pictues and comments about Aparri and Cagayan, I am prouder than ever to be among those born from this town/city. Although, we have left the place in 1971 and currently living abroad, members of my family talk about memories we have of our hometown, everyday. Aparri Central School, St. Paul’s HS, CVI, College of Fisheries and all the other educational institutions have been very successful towards their goals of educating Aparrianos, from generation to generations. We salute you all!

  453. July 7, 2007 Melbourne Australia- 6:45 pm. I was born and raise in Aparri Cagayan and has always been and will always be proud of Aparri, finish elementary education at
    Maura Elementary School and highschool at Aparri Institute of Technology formerly called Aparri College of Fisheries.Move to Manila in 1978 to join my family and to pursue my college education,sucessfully passed my licensure (board exam) in 1985 as Pharmacist and was a branch Pharmacist of Mercury Drug Corporation in Quezon City in Manila.Lucky enough to be given the opportunity to go abroad with the help of my big sister Marivic, and of course my other siblings.Now enjoying the beauty and the good life of my adapted country Australia but……….. “there’s no place like home” No matter how successful I am and what I have achieved, Aparri is always in my heart, that’s why everytime I come home for holidays I always see to it that Aparri is always included in my many iteneraries. I and my other sisters enjoyed our last visit in May of 2006 during the town fiesta which was mostly spent by invites to the fiesta functions, luncheons and dinner by our uncle town mayor Dr Ismael Tumaru.
    We are so proud of what Aparri have become, but so sad to say that people of no jobs are finding it hard to live a daily life most especially sending their children to get a good education wherein this is the only way out of a better future.
    Hoping that Aparrianos, most especially those abroad, anywhere around the globe will look into our hometown and not forget to help the less fortunate.
    Thank you to the publisher of this page, continue on with the fantastic job.

    • Kirk says:

      Hello Lala We were in Aparri several years ago ( a group of 28 ) we help on a project at the high school and with Doctora Romaros?
      We are going again with a smaller group to do some work on a community project in partnership with John Parsons at the YWAM base. DO you know of it, or any of these people? Is there any good places to stay , for a group of about 15?

  454. Juliet Guzman-Galeno says:

    06/22/0, 9:45pm in Guam. I am proud to be born and raise in Aparri, Cagayan especially in Barrio Macanaya. I obtained my basic education – elementary at Aparri Central School – high school at Aparri College of Fisheries – BS Business Administration major in Accounting (I’m a CPA) at St. Paul College of Tuguegarao, Cagayan. People that live around Barrio Macanaya knows my humble beginning, from a small girl helping her mother sell fish in the market while going to school and helping her siblings at the same time. I learned to value education as my ladder in where I am now. I was one of the many educated Filipinos that were lucky enough to go abroad and find their niche in the many foreign places to seek for greener pastures. In my daily prayers, I never forget the very crystal clear picture of my home town. Guamenians often asked me where I came from the Phils. and I will always tell them of the many beautiful places we have up North. To all those aspiring Filipinos, may this constantly reminds you – appreciate where you came from and be the best in where your journey may leads you. I am taking my vacation to the Phils. from 07/07-28/07 and visit Aparri for the first seven days. I am meeting with my college classmates from St. Paul College of Tuguegarao circa 1981. I am proud to be a classmate of your Dept. of Budget and Management Regional Director Isabel Taguinod. I am proud to be a student of Mr. Arnulfo Villania, General Manager of LWUA and Mrs. Maria Fe Villania, Development Offier of Cagayan. And to my other classmates from St. Paul College, who are with the various government agencies in Tuguegarao. And my saludo to Roger P. Rumpon, our Valedictorian from high school, who is the current Regent of the Faculty of Cagayan State University whose ideals inspire me to return someday in my retiring years to help promote education and literacy especially to the less fortunate children of Aparri. In parting, I invoke you Aparrianos and Cagayanos to be humble when you reach the pinnacle of success since it is in being humble that people will respect and appreciate of what you become. Excited to see my family soon.

    • Kirk says:

      Hello Juliet We were in Aparri several years ago ( a group of 28 ) we help on a project at the high school and with Doctora Romaros?
      We are going again with a smaller group to do some work on a community project in partnership with John Parsons at the YWAM base. DO you know of it, or any of these people? Is there any good places to stay , for a group of about 15?

      • ann says:

        i just found this site and i hope my reply is not too late,.. i am residing in aparri,.. been here since birth,.. i went to college in manila and bagiuo but there’s no place like home,.. isuggest you stay at tesda hotel where it is cheap but clean and in return you help the students of asat-tesda hrm student-trainees.

  455. Juliet Guzman-Galeno says:

    06/22/0, 9:45pm in Guam

  456. diana says:

    hi, i’m from aparri. nice site and nice photos. i particularly like how you captured the cotages at the beach. it is indeed “where young couples meet”. i’m going back there this holy week, i’ll try to get some photos too. god bless on your future trips!

  457. este—written about pala! he he—am really excited

  458. such a wonderful and helpful website! my husband and i and our 3 kids (13,8 and 6) are travelling for the first time to all these wonderful places you’ve wrote abt. thanks so much

  459. Keb says:

    I lived in Aparri for 6 months as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have to say out of all the places I lived in the Philippines Aparri was and will always be my favorite. There is something magic about Aparri. I remember when I was preparing to go to the Philippines and looking at a map of where I would go. I saw the name Aparri on the map and thought it would be great to go there. I was so happy that Aparri was my last area. Thanks for the pictures, these streets and buildings I would walk by everyday. The Balut is especially good there too!

  460. Torn says:

    Hi Trixia! Thx for coming by. I have visited your site and great vission you have there. Sure, you can have some of my images. Btw, I am using the name TORN AGUSTIN photographer and I hope you can also LINK my site if at all, possible. If not, it’s fine, really 🙂

    I am grateful to have provided you with images coming from this place, afterall, it’s my objective to share the “beauty” on this side of the country. More power!

  461. the pictures taken were very beautiful, i wonder if i could borrow two of them and use it in our gui application. We, our company, is doing the computerization project for the Municipal government of Aparri we need pictures like this to incorporate for the gui interface for municipality theme. I would like to pay respect and ask for permission with regards to this. In return i would acknowledge the photographer for this.

  462. Constantine says:

    Thx for your kind words guyz!–>

  463. Anonymous says:

    I commend thispost.It’s like travelling on your own.the blogger has put so much effort in waking up one’s stream of consciousness. And the thing is,it’s working…

  464. Anonymous says:

    thanks for featuring Aparri. though limited, it brought back memories of the place…the beach is fabulous during summer.

    it is the only place i know where the town fiesta is celebrated for 12 days (May 1-12)!

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