Too Sexy II – Sarrat

This is a follow up to a previous post of the same title See it here.) There was this lady who was going to every cottage in the river resort in Sarrat (ilocos Norte) which we have visited recently, sporting the invulnerable talent of Ilocanos, balancing weight on their head, but her case was with a plus: a pot on her right hand and a shoulder bag on her left.

“She came with one hand…”


I was suppose to press the shutter of my camera while she was approaching our cottage but her shock meter might suddenly go up which may cause whatever was on top of her head to fall and spoil an amazing display of balance and dexterity! That left me with an image at her exit which I thought was more expressive and fuller in character.

“…and left handsfree!”


She was selling grilled catfish which may have hatched and catched somewhere along this river. Wondering what’s in that pot on her right hand? Cooked rice! Just in case we decided to get some, we already had a complete meal! Water should not have been a problem at all because we should have taken from this “Bubon.”(“Bubon”- a shallow dig hole on the riverbank where they get cleaner water; I wish I explained that well, hehe!)

“Fetching water from a “Bubon”


But take a look at this – is this not the same spot where the lad above was fetching (his drinking) water from? I hope there was no cow’s feet on the “bubon” huh!


On a more serious note, the images above reflects the culture of Ilocanos being hardworking. In almost the same spot, I have captured various images of Ilocanos’ resiliency to life (add to that the “manong” building a cottage at the background of the image immediately above)! That’s one thing I’m truly proud of…

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5 Responses to Too Sexy II – Sarrat

  1. sha says:

    i really love this blog! 🙂
    the photos are very well shot
    they are very soulful
    looking at them makes me miss la union so much
    simple nga biag nga napunno ti ayat!
    i am inspired
    thank you constantine!!! 🙂

  2. Constantine says:

    To AmY: Yeah, it brings back good old memories of the province. Try doing that in one of the lakes in Calgary and let me know, hehe!

  3. Constantine says:

    To Anonymous: I never presumed that! But it could be possible, hehe!

  4. amy says:

    I can remember when I was younger and there’s no water supply fr a few days-we’d go to the river and get water from a bubon. Actually,it was rather fun because the rest of the neighborhood is there too!

  5. Anonymous says:

    These photos are really very expressive. The lady with a purse-that really amuse me.I thought maybe her heels are in the palanggana?

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