Body scrub all you can – Sarrat

In my recent visit to Ilocos (Norte), I visited a river resort in Sarrat with a friend from Manila, where the scenes in the previous two posts were taken. He prefers fresh water over salt water, thus, I decided to bring him to a mountain river resort in Solsona called “Karingking.” It was already quite late when we finally decided to go and my family begged us not to go because they didn’t want us to stay even later in that place for whatever reason they may have (Hmm, a little bit of concern for grown ups there!). We obliged, hence, we settled in the lowland at a river resort in Sarrat.



In the province, the word resort becomes a misnomer because there is seldom a high end resort here in the truest sense of the word. As long as there it is a place to picnic and entrance fee or cottage fee is collected, it’s already a resort.



The place was quite. There were only two cottages occupied, including ours. Except for the karaoke singing from the other cottage, the place was very relaxed and serene. The Sierra Madre Mountain Range served as a perfect backdrop to the warm blue-green water which made the place appear even more secluded that it seemed.

The scene and some rural activities within the vicinity made me busy with my shutter. In the water, my friend (image below) was preoccupied with something which interested me and tried myself later!

“Scrub all you can!”


That prompted me to take more images before he washed it out. For the longest time, I never knew of someone who body scrubbed in the resort using the “fine silted sand” on the river bed. Because he told me that is was good and it was for free, I tried it myself and in fact, it was smooth on the skin which made us scrub for some more…!!!

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4 Responses to Body scrub all you can – Sarrat

  1. Constantine says:

    Memories, yup, it’s in the same place, however, the cottage has no “name” when we visited hehe. Baka “lungkot-lungkot” na sya!

  2. memories says:

    Where is that “Ang Saya Saya” cottage? One vacation I had-me and some members of my family went there in early evening;it was fun most especially for my nephew. He could not get enough of the water.I did not try the sand scrub but in Canada-i have tried the mud pack. You get feeling tight after a while!I remember,we use to use rocks (is-iso) to exfoliate and you come out all red and still rough!

  3. Constantine says:

    di naman pero sinubukan ko…:)

  4. akala ko ikaw nayang nagkukuskos e…hehe

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