Structures not to be missed – Paoay!

A trip to Ilocos Norte would never be complete without visiting the world renowned Roman Catholic Church of St. Agustine, commonly referred to as the Paoay Church, declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1993.

Paoay Church is one structure that never fails to provide a perfect backdrop for every press of the shutter. Truly, you have not been to Ilocos if you have have not seen Paoay Church. For so many years, many have been said and lots of photos have been taken of the church but everytime I go to Paoay, I cannot help but to admire, and never ceases, the beauty and grandeur of the structure as if it’s always the first time.


You may also try going up the belltower and the “kampanero” would readily oblige to accompany you upon request.

A block away to the left of the church is a white octagonal house known as the “Duque House.” If you like architecture, you should not miss this:


Unfortunately, you may only admire the architecture from the outside. You may not be able to get in because it is (still) a private residence. Noticeable though, even from the outside is it’s deteriorating condition and it may soon become a mere part of the town’s history if not rehabilitated in due time. Click here for more info about the house.

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7 Responses to Structures not to be missed – Paoay!

  1. jojie says:

    one time, they even used this house for the tumba-tumba, a custom that we paoayeños observe during halloween. super saya! 🙂

  2. Constantine says:

    Jojie: Thx for coming by. Is it scary? It does not look like it from the outside. 🙂

  3. jojie says:

    i used to be scared just looking at that house when i was a kid. if i remember it correctly, some pobre family used to lived there. ngem diak met makitkita idan. well, it kinda look like a haunted house to me still. tss, freaky…

  4. Constantine says:

    Any, yup, everybody who visits the church must always have their photos taken for posterity 🙂

  5. Constantine says:

    JFI, I have no idea but if Reynaldo’s patriach is Constancio Duque, you may be right.

  6. jfi says:

    DUQUE HOUSE – is this the ancestral house of the famous writer Reynaldo Duque?

  7. amy says:

    My late father,my brother and his friend and me had a photograph taken infront of this church, which I look at every now and then.

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