Ceramics Manufacturer – Paoay

Still in Paoay, there’s this small-backyard manufacturing business that sells fine and good quality ceramics in teracotta and antique finish, owned by a couple with background in ceramic making. Their shop is called Veronica Ceramics, named not after them but after the street where their residence/factory/shop is located, No. 18 Veronica Street, Paoay, one of the streets in front of the Paoay church. They sell various novelty items such as ash trays, candle holders, lamp shades, chimes, bracelets, key chains, among so many others. Here are some of the pictures I have taken of their products:




This is the chime that Bongbong Marcos ordered for his beach house in Suba Beach, Laoag City, which, by the way only costs P300:


One thing (my) visitors to Ilocos (Norte) made me realized is that there is not much souvenir shops and items they can choose from. They always end up bringing home food products such as longanisa, bagnet and “kornik,” which after eating are gone. If there was, the items are not from Ilocos because the items on sale are the same as those you see in Manila. It’s human nature for a visitor to bring home something which would always remind them of the place aside from the photos. This shop may just satisfy your longing for an Ilocos-made souvenir. (You may also check Museo Iloko in Laoag City, beside the Provincial Capitol for more souvenir items.)By the way, the price is very reasonable and they accept made-to-orders based on your own designs.

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4 Responses to Ceramics Manufacturer – Paoay

  1. Constantine says:

    Juan R: Great suggestion, I will do that whenever I can. I was thinking that if someone was interested, they would ask for contact infos and I will readily oblige. I don’t want the blog to appear as “selective advertising”. Stay well 🙂

  2. jfi says:

    The product of the north is categorize as one of the best in the country.

    The problem is sometimes on the people they don’t know how to patronize. And gov’t doesn’t even have any initiative (to help Small and Medium Enterprises)to promote it to other parts of the world. After all it’s a mutual benefit for the gov’t (to collect tax hehehe) and to help people and solve unemployment in the country.

  3. Juan R. says:


    It would greatly help the establishments mentioned in your blog entries if you post their contact information. 😉

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