Coral Rock Formations – Currimao

Along the coastline of Currimao, just very near the town proper, is an impressive display of coral rock formations which the town is known for. The formation is enormous and it is as if the coral rocks have been cut at almost the same height. It spans to more or less 2 kms along the coastline. They have been described as “almost miraculously rising from the crystal clear waters; reaching heights of more than 12 feet (they can provide shades at noontime); and these jagged monuments are of the same material that has been used to build massive baroque churches in the region” (Ilocos Norte: A travel guide book; II Ed; 2005).


Photo enthusiasts may instantly fall in love with the place not only for the perfect backdrop of rolling rock formations but also because it provides a natural and one of a kind pedestal for their subject, utilizing the sea as the background or the mountain at the opposite.

You may stay a while for photo shoots or a little longer for a picnic. Bamboo kiosks are provided but you can stay in your car in you wish. You may also try dipping in the water but do not take off your slippers because the corals may be sharp (though you may try looking for an area where it’s a little sandy). It may not be the perfect place to swim but it’s good for sight seeing and photo ops. The place is perfect at sunset, by the way.

The road is well paved which provides for an easy access to the place.

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One Response to Coral Rock Formations – Currimao

  1. tanya says:

    We have a house just near here and we love to frequent here alot! You’re right about the fact that it’s good for pictorials! 🙂 Nice blog! I hope you feature more about Ilocos towns and must-see places!

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