Ruins of a Watchtower – Currimao

On both sides of the coastline (see/read previous post) are ruins of two watchtowers. The one below is the watchtower on the southern end. The one on the north is barely discernible except for its rubbles.


The watchtower stands on a circular floor plan with rectangular portholes. It is believed that the tower did not have an entrance door, instead, the portholes on the second floor, which looked like more of windows, served as the entrance and exit to and from the tower, such as the one you see at the center. Timber beams were placed in the holes on the walls (you can see in the image) which supported the second and top floors of the tower.

This structure appears to have been neglected. It is a monument of local history and culture, dumped in an isolated shore. Half of it is gone, and the remaining half may soon vanish if something is not done to save this significant edifice.

By the way, I never knew of its existence until my last visit to Ilocos Norte two months ago. When I saw it, it appreciated it more and how I wish I can do something to save the tower preserve the history and culture of the people…:)

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5 Responses to Ruins of a Watchtower – Currimao

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  2. dhezsa RN says:

    sa likod nila daddy ko toh hehhe…

  3. Victoria says:

    I agree. these ruins should be restored and parks constructed to watchtowers like these. there is also another similar watchtower in better shape but starting to deteriorate and is now hidden by houses constructed around it along the roadside in Ilocos Sur (past Paraiso ni Juan going to Vigan) which is also crumbling but at least it has a place to park.

    attention Unesco and/or Ilocandia officials.

  4. Constantine says:

    JFI, up to now, there is not much research on the watchtower and as you suggested, it’s a good idea if there is a hitorian that would document its existence…who knows baka adda talaga balitok, hehe!

  5. jfi says:

    amangan met no maysa dayta kadagiti kastilyo idi nagkakauna. Awan kadi ti historian a makapaneknek no kaano ket apay a naipatakder dayta?

    Wenno adda pay basement na dayta a pakatakuatan iti naun-uneg a sungbat. Amangan no adda balitok hehehe.

    Yamasita Treasure?

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