The Red Lions are roaring hot!


Yesterday, the San Beda Red Lions roared in what may have been their loudest and played as if there’s no tomorrow, beating the defending champion Letran Knights in a 57-49 hell of a thriller game, in the jampacked Rizal Memorial Coliseum, sharing the lead with the latter in the first round of this season’s NCAA.

In what seem to be a preview of the finals, the game confirmed the Red Lions’ strong campaign to regain the championship crown which was last won by San Beda in 1978! (Trivia: some players of San Beda of the 1979 NCAA Games gave a prep talk to the present cagers before the game and reminded them of the heartbreaking loss to Letran which could have given them a threepeat!) I was one of thousands of the Red Lions’ supporters cheering “umpa umpa umpa… beda beda beda fight fight fight…mey-u-kim kum kawa! I had to content myself with watching the game on TV because tickets have been sold out days before the scheduled game. Even then, watching it on TV was just as exciting as live, which brought back good memories of the NCAA Games. San Beda never won a championship during my time and everytime our team was losing, our cheers turned to “Pataasan nalang ng tuition fee!” No need for that now especially that the Red Lions are doing perfectly well under coach Koy Banal who also handed FEU Tamaraws one of their championship crowns against La Salle at the UAAP Games three seasons ago.

Could Samuel Ekwe, the 6-foot-8 exchange student from Nigeria who used to play soccer and the frontrunner in the MVP race be the “king lion” that San Beda have been waiting for 28 years?

Go San Beda Fight, 3X!!!

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17 Responses to The Red Lions are roaring hot!

  1. Constantine says:

    Ares: Hey! Mustah! This only proves one thing, Bedans all over the world unite for the glory of our alma mater and God!

    Good we found each other here…Keep in touch…take care and stay well!!!

    By the way, blogs of Jonjon(Canada) and Paul(Japan) have links here…

  2. Ares Gutierrez says:

    hi Boy

    I was searching for resources on the Red Lions and I found your blog

    I’m now based in Dubai and it pains me so much that I was not there to witness the Red Lions lording the NCAA den. Actually, I cried a river after I heard the Bedan hymn being sung at the Araneta — I was following the games on internet radio. DZBB’s announcer was giving periodic updates on the games and when the Chorale came in to sing, the station aired their performance.

    We were in Grade 2 when San Beda last won the NCAA. I was still in the campus when the Bedan motorcade from the Araneta arrived and we had a bonfire at the junior football field. Everytime I look at the 78 champion photo at the trophy room, I’d be nostalgic.

    Grabe ang following ng overseas Bedans kanina. Jonjon Barros who is in Canada, Abet Molina in Florida were monitoring the shoutbox of Bedista dotcom. I lost my access to the shoutbox so Abet would re-echo the updates through Yahoo Messenger

    Jojo Amparado (CAS 90) was watching the game at Pinoy Central (TFC). Tinatawagan rin ako for updates. He taped the game and we’re meeting in 15 minutes to celebrate our victory.

    Mabuhay ka Boy! Good to see your blog. Nice pictures.


  3. Constantine says:

    Sistah, you know that’s a big joke!

  4. Constantine says:

    Ei, bong, what is important is now, past is past yah know! Hehe

  5. Constantine says:

    Ei, bong, what is important is now, past is past yah know! Hehe

  6. sistah says:

    i did not even know you play basketball! or,shall i say joke to this…
    still waiting for the new please upload.

  7. bong says:

    Bakit, mga body-builder ba talaga ang kasali sa squad ng Beda? Sensya na ha, UAAP kasi ako e (4-peat champs nung panahon namin, wag na lang nating pag-usapan yung ngayon). hehe

  8. Constantine says:

    Ang hu-humble natin noh!!! Haha! 🙂

  9. katawang pang umpa umpa kaming tatlo ni john n boie..

    manalo matalo..pogi kami..

    tuition namen..baon niyo..

    umpa umpa! HAHAHA..


  10. John Rana says:

    Wala problema, Bong. Tamang-tama nga ang hulma kako para bumida kami sa squad ng Beda.

  11. bong says:

    bakit john? anong problema sa katawan nyo ni boie? 🙂

  12. sistah says:

    FLYT For TODOS? give me the dates- going and coming back.

  13. John Rana says:

    Ha-ya kalma
    Kalma poli-wara
    San Beda, rah-rah!

    Tamang-tama katawan nating tatlo nila Jonjon. Puro pang red indians ang dating! hehehehe

    Manalo-matalo, bugbog kayo!

  14. hmmm…aba basketbolista ka pala sir!

    sana manalo beda! ANIMO SANBEDa!

  15. bong says:

    boie, i remember very well that you were once a basketball player during your teaching years. i can only imagine how excited you are that your alma mater’s doing good after two decades of disappointment. 🙂

  16. Constantine says:

    Ei, once a bedan always a bedan, huh! I hope they win this time!!!


    Atty.. meron akong mga video postings sa vlogs ko..courtesy of our fellow Bedans..

    Malayo man ako..ramdam ko parin ang excitement ng NCAA! Waaah!


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