Ernie’s Response!

I have received a private e-mail from Ernie (whom I referred to as Eddie in my previous post, now duly corrected with apologies)in response to my quotation of a phrase in one of his previous e-mails which (I thought) was referring to my “lame attempt to present raw imagery,” in general.

I am posting herein, en toto his e-mail because I thought it must be done, if only to demonstrate that I did not take offense but treated it as a constructive criticism; that I do not harbor bad feelings against Ernie but always wish the best for him; that he did not give me reasons not to communicate, but instead encouraged me further to continue posting…

To Ernie, my apologies, likewise, for construing your (previous)e-mail the way I did, and thank you for making me realize what you meant from your end. I recall what I have learned in my philosophy class back in college that “communication, in whatever language, is the best tool for understaning…”

Hereunder is Ernie’s e-mail:

“First off, I wish to apologize if I ever unintentionally “pricked” your sensibility with my last email by my inadvertent use of four words: lame, attempt, raw, imagery! Secondly, I wish to qualify what was in my mind behind these words. These four words, if you still have the email saved, were not alluding to the way you presented your short descriptions/stories, much less the sights and sceneries. In fact, if you recall, I had appreciated and been regaled by the simple, sincere and almost “tactile” way of your story presentation. There’s that uniqueness to it. Those famous four words were referring to that picture you had taken of your friend while bathing in an Ilocos Norte river where he was using fine silt as a body scrub! Raw imagery is the picture itself (you know, a tame reference to the anatomy) and “lame attempt” because it is not a full-blown exposure, you know what I mean. So in effect, I just wanted to tease you or urge you to feature some more of it (which of course you will not and which, in all honesty, I will not even support as a feature of your blogs. I would not want a friend (or that’s how I regarded you) like you to get in trouble! I can vividly recall that there’s even a ha! ha! ha! in that part of my sentence. Anyway, applied to the beautiful sceneries you are capturing through your camera, those are unarguably “raw” beauty, if there’s such a thing. Raw because the scenes and sights, mostly of them, are pristine, untouched and uncommercialized. Is that the reason why I never heard anymore from you for a while? Not that I would have expected you to reply that soon, knowing your preoccupation with other things (work-related, for one) but I am just trying to backtrack and kind of rationalizing the sanity or insanity of what I may have said. Again, “I did not mean to mean what you thought I meant” by those tricky words, Constantine. Having explained my position, this I have to say: I will be one of those disappointed if you do stop posting your blogs. You may not do it or be able to do it regularly as you may want, but do your followers a favor, please continue it. You are doing great. There’s just so much of Ilocos to be discovered. Your article on the “dragonfly” is so appropriate to your final decision to continue on… fly you must like the dragonfly! My best of regards. Eddie… I mean, Ernie!!! Oh, by the way, my last submissions for Ilocos Times are found on the current one on line and on the last four (or is it five) previous issues, if you decide to browse through them. Be hearing from you soon?”

Postcript: See the body scrubbing image here.

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16 Responses to Ernie’s Response!

  1. Constantine says:

    Bong: You know your influence over me…pagbibigyan kita…wala namang masama sa gagawin natin dibah? 🙂

    Body Scrubber: Hmm…looking sa sky? Parang for now, you just have to take what hapenin’ a, haha!

  2. body scrubber says:

    naknamputcha! yung ‘angelina jolie’ lips ko na ang napagdiskitahan.

    can’t we move on, guys? nu-ni-nu-ni-nu. hehehehehe

  3. bong says:

    korek! hanggang lips nga okay na. send me the pix constantine so i can edit it. let’s blur the entire face and put emphasis on his lips.

  4. body scrubber says:

    Hey Ernie! What “masculine-oozing chest” are you talking about? It looked more to me as mammary glands! BWAHAHAHAHA!

    Constantine & Bong: *&%^%$%# kilala ko buong pamilya nyo! Magkakaubusan tayo ng lahi pag inilabas nyo yung mga malalaswang litrato ko! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  5. D. Lokesh says:

    Wow! Tamang bold star! Hehe!

  6. Constantine says:

    Ei, Mr. Body Scrubber, Ernie has something for you sent through private email. He did so thinking that I might want to edit. However, there’s no need to. So, here it is:

    “This is for Body Scrubber: I do appreciate your light-hearted humor and approach to my response. It erased some of the remaining traces of guilt (eventually, everything will go away, I hope) brought about by my use of those 4 tricky words. Thanks to our friend, Constantine, for seeing my side. Did you say that, the one picture that appeared on the blog is nothing as compared to the censored others? Wow! You really have a way of heightening interest, especially from our hot babes! And by the way, just what did you mean by pointing to the “pendant” as the culprit of and precursor to this enjoyable twist? What pendant? Is it the one that is “visibly seen” on Mr. Scrubber’s masculine-oozing chest, or maybe the one dangling freely under the water! Joke only!”

  7. Constantine says:

    Body Scrubber: cge hanggang lips lang (Joke!) Hehe!

    Bong: Cge pah, konting persuasion na lang, 22loy ko na eto! Haha!

  8. bong says:

    boie, go! full blog entry to reveal “????” aka mr.bodyscrubber! bwahaha

    • Tawny says:

      Duke has settled for an unidlcsosed sum with the coach and team.It is being reported in the local paper that a federal civil rights lawsuit against Durham is being prepared.

    • 12cI agree with you. The big thing is it’s free so why not utilize it. I know without a doubt I’ve sold book because of Facebook, so it’s worth it. I’ll have more on why it’s so powerful in future posts. Thanks for your comment.

  9. body srubber says:

    Lokesh! Kahit nga namesung ko wit ko reveal ditesh eh, full-body aroma pa!

    Wa na! =)

  10. Constantine says:

    Body Scrubber: kahit edited and face ‘yaw mo pa din? 🙂

    Bong: yun na nga siya! 🙂

  11. bong says:

    hey, i know mr.bodyscrubber! that pendant (as if i didn’t recognize his body) gave him away! hehe blog on constantine! blog on!

  12. body srubber says:

    I’ve got two words for you: URUK MO! =)

  13. Constantine says:

    Tuloy na tuloy! That “body scrub” pix merits to be my next logo! Hehe. I am even thinking of publishing the rest of the series…:)

  14. Body Scrubber says:

    Whoa! That picture is truly “scandalous”! Never knew it created quite a stir to the point of this blog closing down! hahahaha!

    Ernie, I’ve seen that series of ‘body-scub-by-the-river’ pics and trust me, the one displayed here is the only one good enough for public consumption. =)

    But thanks for the critique on my friend’s work. I guess that made him value his blog/shots more.

    If he did stop just because of the opinion you’ve imparted, then he failed himself. Good thing he decided to go on.


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