The Dragonfly!

It has been over two weeks since I last posted and it’s quite difficult to take off where I have left. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I was not able to post as regularly as I did for the last four months. When I started this blog, there was nothing on my mind except to present my home province, its sights and culture, through raw display of imagery (that I take whenever I have the chance to go back home) which have been described in a private e-mail as “lame attempt!” (Ouch!- Ernie of Canada, that’s fine, it’s always better to be honest that to be nice! 🙂 ). There are some other places and events that I have published but only for the purpose of realizing that Ilocos and its people are comparable to wherever, whoever.

Lately, I was confronted with a dilemma (the word!) of whether to continue or end this blog. I wanted to continue because Ilocos would never run out of good features; to end because I may not always have the luxury of time to do so (even if I really wanted to!). Last night, I finally thought of drafting my concluding article and made a list of people to thank. This morning, when I was about to draft my “bye-bye” post, I found myself pressing keys on the keyboard, wishing to continue. However I came to my 180-degrees decision, I don’t know, but one thing is for sure, I wish to continue…

For the image of this article, I am uploading a shot I have taken of a dragonfly that landed in the branch of a plant beside the main door of my apartment. I thought of catching as I did as a small child in the province but I decided to leave it and give it the freedom to fly… in its time…


“Fly when you can…”

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8 Responses to The Dragonfly!

  1. Constantine says:

    Jon, ayos lang naman sa’kin basta mukha mo ulo nga isa sa mga butterflies, okei sa’yo? Hehe…:)–>

  2. john..very mariah carey ang dating ng blog ni boie..kung re-lay out ang dating with matching..butterflies..bwehehehe

  3. Constantine says:

    John: a..e…okei…buti you did not! 🙂

  4. John Rana says:

    Look at the pix again. Kung ni-describe ko na ikaw yung dragonfly at kung saan ka nakakapit, yon ang laglagan! BWAHAHAAHHA!

  5. Constantine says:

    John, ok observation mo ha, laglaggan ba eto?! Hehe. Original yan, cge maghanap ako ng maayos-ayos sa image ng dragonfly, yung “tutubing tsina”! 🙂

  6. John Rana says:

    Very Mariah! Dragonfly nga lang instead of Butterfly.

    Very Rustom! Dragonfly instead of Mariposa… hahahaha

    hmmm… Ayos yang dragonfly na yan. Symbolic. Another good design idea if you want us to re-layout your blog. =)

  7. Constantine says:

    Thx Jake! I appreciate that. 🙂

  8. jfi says:

    kabsat apayen koma a putdem ti narugianam? Panunotem lattan a kasla duty daytoy. Uray kaskasano nakatulongka a namgi-promote iti Ilocondia.

    Uray kaniak napanunotko met dayta ngem kas maysa a blog writer sapsapulen ti bagi no ania ti nakannawidanen.

    Keep sharing kabsat! Maysaak kadagiti agyamyaman iti panangitantandudom iti Ilocandia.

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