Yehey, it’s holiday today!

He died a very honorable man and his death defeated an equally great one!


(Image taken at Nagtahan Bridge, Manila
August 21, 2006, 7:00 o’clock A.M.)

Today is a “special non-working holiday” all over the country, to commemorate the 23rd Death Anniversary of Ninoy Aquino. He was assassinated at the former Manila International Airport, later re-named in his honor, upon arrival from several years of exile in the U.S.

He was the leading oppositionist to the famous Ilokano President of the Republic for 20-years, Ferdinand Marcos, and his death eventually catapulted his widow, Cory Aquino to the Presidency three years later, ousting Ferdinand Marcos through EDSA Revolution of 1986.

Ninoy is larger than any establishment or public place named after him, bigger than his face in the 500 peso bill, greater than his famous black and white portrait with his trademark eyeglasses and larger than the father of Kris Aquino…He is a hero!

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6 Responses to Yehey, it’s holiday today!

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  2. Constantine says:

    Anonymous: Hey, I know who you are, you really want me to make “nakaw” ha…bad…:(

  3. Anonymous says:

    i agree with john! ka match pa naman ng bahay natin–warm colors!

  4. Constantine says:

    John: oo nga no, I’ll go back kung andun pa…

    Bong: oo naman, open-minded naman mga Ilokanos…

  5. bong says:

    coming from a true-blue ilocano … that’s touching. 🙂

  6. John Rana says:

    Nakaw ka ng isang banner. Magandang i-display sa bahay yan! =)

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