Awan Laeng!

Wala lang! That’s what the title means in Ilokano…


Here are some macro shots of a flower called “giant ginger.” The plant (with emphasis on the plant not its flower) looks like ginger but it can grow to more than 6-feet, thus, its name. Its flower, which is very unique and so vivid in color grows not from its trunk but sprouts from the ground.


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5 Responses to Awan Laeng!

  1. Constantine says:

    Sayote Queen: Hello, wen Ilokano ak, and nice of you to have come and thx for the kind words. I visited your photoblog and your shots are great for a phone camera. You’re from Baguio, right? Obvious in your name…nice…:)

  2. Sayote Queen says:

    Hello… Ilokano ka niya? Anyway, what a fantastic shot! 🙂 I also have a photoblog pero nothing compares to your work. Ganda 🙂 Ingatz laengen.

  3. Constantine says:

    Sistah: Is it? The “glow” is great that’s why I like it…

    John: I will do that, I’ll complete the images because there’s a new one…

  4. John Rana says:

    Hi sistah!

    off-topic but thanks to you & Ron for the kite intarsia you gave us.

    I was telling Constantine to blog about the several art pieces that Ron made and sent here in ‘Pinas. =)

  5. sistah says:

    I remember this flower. Somehow,it’s rather amusing and I’d say-kinda eerie ewith all the “glow” around it.mamaw!

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