Venue for learning and more…

The Meralco Management and Leadership Development Center(MMLDC), located along Sumulong Highway in Antipolo City, opened its doors to the public for corporate training seminars five years ago. Today, it has expanded its service to social functions which includes but not limited to weddings, debuts and baptismals.


(One of several shuttels of the same kind)

Before it was acquired by Meralco in 1999, the 9-hectare property used to be a private residence and orchard of a local resident and the terrain is barely untouched notwitstanding construction of several buildings after acquisition, to host and suit the needs of clients, according to a news article.


(Lobby of the Residence Hall
where walls are adorned with black and white blown-up images
of “old” Meralco in Manila and Ortigas; old Meralco ads,
including the old Manila tranvia which captured my interest.
I never thought that there existed such a thing in Manila!)

Aside from being promoted for learning and functions, it has several other attractions such as the bird sanctuary, which I spent most time taking images that I will share in my next posts.


By the way, when I was there, a member of “The Platters” was also there to sing in a wedding reception. Some employees wanted their pictures to be taken but there was no available camera, so I obliged. I hope they will one time find their way to this site to check out their photo.


To know more about MMLDC, check their website here.

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