A Symbol of Fidelity – the Peacock!

At MMLDC’s Bird Sanctuary, they have a white peacock, among ordinary peacocks we know and usually see in zoo’s and in pictures. The white peacock stands out among the rest because of its immaculate color. I was amused because I never thought there was until I saw one.


I found a website dedicated to the mystery behind the gorgeous and magnificient feathers of the peacock and some ancient and religious attributes, symbols and meanings to the peacock’s train. See it here.


According to feng-shui, “Peacocks are a symbol of beauty reminding us to take pleasure in the finer things in life. The Peacock is pure of heart, loyal and faithful to their partners. The male Peacock (sic) goes to great lengths to attract his hearts desire. Display the image of the peacock in the relationship area of your home to symbolize fidelity in your relationship encouraging a lasting and loving partnership.”

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13 Responses to A Symbol of Fidelity – the Peacock!

  1. Isaac Gente - Opium Mar says:

    Hi my family member! I wish to say that this post is awesome, great written and include approximately all vital infos. I’d like to look more posts like this .

  2. Renae curtis says:

    There is a white peacock that lives a a house near me. I have seen it. Very real, very beautiful!

  3. Grandmother says:

    I’ve seen a white peacock at a nearby park. However, the peacock has 4 or 5 “wives” so I don’t know about putting a feather in the relationship part of my room.

  4. Ultramaly says:

    according to the dr phil the urine from a white peacock cure kidney stones.

  5. Narcissa says:

    Lucius likes white peacocks

  6. joy says:

    wen, mayat. tattak lang nga naamwan nga kina-emma gayan ti simbolo ti peacock. kinak la nu pride.

    maayatanak nga makabasa ti ilocano ditoy…

  7. tokunbo says:

    i just love the white peacock, it’s so beautiful and peaceful

  8. terri says:

    What a beautiful peacock!

  9. j. samuel tipton says:

    I really love the peafowl. We raise the white and india blue peafowl on our farm at this time. They are beautiful creatures, and I am always interested in the lore behind them, such as mythology and symbology. Facinating 🙂

  10. jack mehoff says:

    yall are wack an shoot that aint real it just some dude is good at photoshop its is clearly a miniscus in other words a hoax that is was i belive to be this picture. but if it was real that would be Sweeeeeeeta!!!!!!!!!! i dont belive it for one gosh darn minuto si es . back in mexico we would pop a fool just fo dat shoot.

    • Heather says:

      Actually, there IS such a thing as a white peacock. My parents have one and it is just as beautiful as the one pictured above.

  11. Constantine says:

    JFI: Wen! I agree with you…:)

  12. jfi says:

    maysa a simbolo ni kina-EMMA.

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