Flamingos and Swans

Why do flamingo’s stand on one foot?


“Flamingos frequently stand on one leg. Being able to curl the leg under the body, American flamingo keeps the foot warm and conserves body heat. Flamingo stand on one leg in both cool and warm environments.”

“A flamingo indicates that a shy but good looking stranger will soon make an entrance into your life.” See it here.


(Flamingos and the black and white swan)

“A swan predicts contentment and may symbolise love that has a strange appearance.” Check it here.


(The black swan)

This is the last entry for MMLDC. Images taken at the same place.

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3 Responses to Flamingos and Swans

  1. Constantine says:

    JFI: You’re right! They exactly look like our “kannaway!” Re your question, di ammo dagiti lallakay, siak pay! Hehe…:)

  2. jfi says:

    kannaway in iluko. one of my question. “Where do flamingo lay eggs?”

    kuna dagiti lallakay awan kano pay ti nakitada nga itlog ti kannaway.

  3. SISTER says:


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