Car Blessing in Antipolo City

Few months ago, my “couple friends” acquired their brand new SUV, replacing their 9-year old “pick-up” which was two years older than their (only) daughter (well, for now) when it was finally disposed to its new owner. What better way to start the service of a new car than have it blessed, and where else but at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage in Antipolo City, for obvious reasons.


(The Shrine)

Having your car blessed at the Shrine is very simple. Go there during office hours (at anytime before 4:30 P.M.), proceed to the parish office and request for car blessing services. There is no fixed fee but you will be asked to make a “donation” in money which will be duly receipted. A hundred or two may do, but you can donate more for generosity. A lay minister shall be provided to administer the blessing. You will be asked to start the engine and open the hood of the car, as well as the car doors as soon as the minister goes around the car. To end, owners of the car shall have a special blessing by putting their hands together, palms up, and the lay minister shall recite a prayer while pouring holy water into their palms – to bless those hands that will control the steering wheel perhaps? (Update 2014: For confirmation and other queries, as things may have changed since this post was published, please check the Shrine’s FB Page here; contacts are provided – Thanks! )


(The Blessing)

Before we reached the Shrine, some few blocks away, there was this boy (in the picture) making a sign as if he knew that we were going to the Shrine, so we followed him until we were led to the parking area of the Shrine. He did not ask for money. Instead, he requested us to buy some native delicacies at his mother’s store which we did.


(Native Delicacies)

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13 Responses to Car Blessing in Antipolo City

  1. Reyna says:

    Is this procedure same if it’s for motorcycles? Thank you for the reply.

  2. Jana says:

    Thanks for this post. Kagatgatang ko ti lugan ko and I happened to come across your post ta diak ammo mano ited no agpa-bless. Tas nakita ko ilocano pala kayo. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

  3. kurnia balqis says:

    i love it..

  4. Constantine says:

    Elghee: It’s nice you have come by gain. I see you in INOL. Inoler ak met ket…:)

  5. elghee says:

    yay yay… anonymous ak metten.. hehe… garampang ta INOL daytoy apoh…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Idta met nagpabunyagak tay sinsinan karison ko idi… luma ngamin ngem nakaya na met immuli diay Antipolo… hehehe….

    love that place.. aglalo tay kasoy ken kalamay da..

  7. Constantine says:

    Jonjon: Yeaz! Nakaka-miss ang tamis! 🙂

  8. SUMAN…wow…nakakamis…

  9. me says:

    I would love to stuff my face with the delicacies!Until agboksit amin a bakrang!

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