Colored “Human (Form) Candles”

On sale in almost every church (catholic, that is) in Metro Manila are colored candles. There is the ordinary “stick” colored candles and there is also the more interesting “human form” colored candles. I have seen candles of this nature and have heard so much about it, but it was only in Antipolo, just recently, that I have lighted some.


Every color has a corresponding meaning, explained more extensively by Mystical Vision. However, it may vary, locally, though not very significant.


Notable is the “black candle” which symbolizes “conscience” here. Not exactly the same as stated in Mystical Vision but close though.

Try lighting your colored “human candles” sometime…

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2 Responses to Colored “Human (Form) Candles”

  1. Constantine says:

    Sistah: These candles are really interesting. I will light one for you, what do you wish? 🙂

    Re candle making, that was centuries ago but I still know how to…:)–>

  2. sistah says:

    Those candles are really eye catching. To me,they look more like candies ready to be hund in a pinata than candles.By the way,are you still taking the candle making class,or that’s a done deal! (JOKE!)

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