Laoag City is in Monopoly, Philippine Edition

The Monopoly by Parker Brothers, claimed to be the world’s most popular boardgame, distributed by Hasbro, has its Philippine Edition. It costs about Php 800.00 at National Bookstore, almost half the price on e-Bay.


What makes the boardgame more exciting especially for an Ilocano like me is the fact that Laoag City is featured, alongside Manila, Cebu and Davao cities. For Laoag, the realties are the Laoag Airport, Siazon Road and Albano Avenue which are very familiar to someone like me.


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9 Responses to Laoag City is in Monopoly, Philippine Edition

  1. Brel says:

    If you are interested in board games, card games and the like kindly checkout 🙂 It’s a pinoy community for hobby games.

  2. Constantine says:

    Panga Zar: Azar ka talaga! Boardgame ka jan! ‘D nga kaya! Haha

    Anonymous: Ewan ko ba kay Bong, siya nagsimula ng dslr kase…:)

    Sistah: Get me the “L” Hehe!

    Jonjon: Not just a camera Jon, it’s a dslr! Hehe!

    Dom Lawrence: It’s good you came by, my pleasure. Let’s keep in touch. Sure you can link me, I’ll do just the same…God Bless!

  3. Anonymous says:

    hey boy,
    salamat sa pagdalaw mo sa blog ko-ngayon ko lang nakita when i logged in- it’s bee a while since i last posted in there-
    i also learned from henry when he came over the monastery for my Solemn Vows in Aug 15th-that you have your blog linked to his blogpage-kaya naisipan kong dumalaw sa kanya at dito sa iyo…
    unfortunately hindi ako makapag publish ng comment dito using my beta blogger username- kaya i have to post as anonymous….i am glad that we are once again reconnected–yeah, life has so many surprises—that we never expect will happen to us in the future of our lives— ganun ata ang nangyari sa buhay ko–

    let’s keep in touch often- hey can i link your web blog in my blogpage?..

    dom lawrence, OSB A.K.A.-Albert pilarca

  4. wow..ok na ok ang pang xmas gift mo..boie..dream come true…monopoly..este camera pala…hehe

  5. sistah says:

    Anong size ba yang dlsr na ‘yan? S M L ba? LOL!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ano ba yang dslr?May buy one take one ba? laugh ! more laugh!!! at laugh pa!!!

  7. Panga Zar says:

    wushoo! kunyari ka pa. Sistah, mas gusto niya ang boardgame. Nahihiya lang magsabi.


  8. Constantine says:

    Sistah: Whichever is more expensive! Hahaha! Ofcourse the dslr. Good na yan ha..hehe!Huge Thx!!!

    Ayan Bong, meron na ako! 🙂

  9. sistah says:

    There bro! you just gave me an idea of your Xmas present…the Monopoly or dslr…

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