Ilokano’s in Pinoy Dream Academy!

I have always been a viewer of Pinoy Big Brother since it started last year, even if it has evolved into what is now known as Pinoy Dream Academy. I was always amazed with the diversity of personalities confined in one house; the unfolding of different characters as days pass; and the confirmation of a time honored principle that in the end, it’s who you are that matter’s most to win.

For the first season of Pinoy Dream Academy, there are five Ilokano’s: GEOFF from Cagayan Valley;ROSITA from Isabela; IVAN and DAVEY both from Baguio City; and IYA from Pangasinan. I thought the last three are not Ilacano’s because there are other dialects spoken where they come from until I saw a (delayed) feed by Studio 23 where Ivan, Davey and Iya are speaking Ilocano. I have yet to see (or is it hear?) Geoff and Rosita speak the same dialect.

Being five of the chosen twenty finalists (Davey, however is a wild card finalist) from among thousands of Filipinos all over the world who auditioned, I have nothing but admiration for their talent and determination. I hope they hold on to their dreams while inside the academy and just in case none of them wins, they surely will come out of the Academy as celebrities!

Postcript: In the first nomination night last Saturday, Rosita was one of four nominee’s for expulsion this coming Saturday. Out of the four nominee’s, one will be saved by text votes, another will be saved by their mentors, and the last one shall be decided by the other scholars who are not nominated by voting live on Saturday.

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6 Responses to Ilokano’s in Pinoy Dream Academy!

  1. lionmla says:

    adijaydijay !!! your right and abolutely right , hindi sila magpapatalo kahit mali ayan ang ilocano heehe like some famous politics ayaw mag patalo ayan ang ilocano wise sa lahat nang bagay kaya maraming kaaway mga palaban pati ugali so sobrang sama like in QC banned ang mga ilocano sa mga Bourding hus doon hehehh

  2. constantine says:

    Adijaydijay: Ei, thx for coming by and thx for your demonstration of what we call at ‘freedom of expression.’ Afterall, that’s the true essence of democracy, right? 🙂

  3. adijaydijay says:

    ilocano mga kuripot hahaha kaya binagyo ni paeng hahaha sama pa ugali nang ilocano

  4. Constantine says:

    Dinko: Hi! Dinko, You know Ninoy Aquino? He said during his time that Filipinos are great immitators! It was true then, it’s still true now…:) In fairness to local tv, there are also original formats except that they are unable to go global…:)

    Sistah: You can watch it on TFC (that is if you have). You’re right on the noontime show. You might just catch it soon in your place, they just did Las Vegas last week…:)

  5. sistah says:

    I wish I could watch it.What was that show we used to watch at lunchtime evrytime I come home? Wowoweee!!! LOL!

  6. Dinko says:

    Hooray Pinoys! You’ve done it again!Come on,get original. All those Big Brother, American Idol,etc.There’s always a Pinoy version!

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