Ilocos at Market Market!

In Market Market, there are various stalls showcasing food products of almost all regions in the Philippines, and Ilocos is not an exception.


The food stall is called “Manang Biday ti Ilocos” and it sells almost all the more popular foods of Ilocos whether processed or not. Ilocos garlic, vinegar, bagnet, chichacorn (the crispier version of the “cornic”) and even “inabel”, name it, they might just have it. It actually gave me the idea of telling somebody that I will go to Ilocos without actually being there and just buy “pasalubong” from Manang Biday huh!


There’s also another food stall of the famous Ilocos “empanada” in Market Market (Open Market Area) called “Taco Empanada.”

By the way, I almost had a bad experience taking the images here. I asked permission from the storekeepers if I can take some pictures of the store and they said, yes. After several shots, however, I noticed that one of them went away only to find out that she called the attention of a guard, maybe to tell that I was taking pictures or whatever. Taking my queue from other bloggers how difficult it is to take pictures in malls for whatever reasons the owners may have, I stopped taking pictures and went away. I said my thanks anyway.

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8 Responses to Ilocos at Market Market!

  1. where in manila can i buy chichacorn?

  2. Constantine says:

    Sistah: I should better start drinking red wine then…:)

    JFI: Kasta kadi?

  3. jfi says:

    adda nagatangko a sangabayengyeng idiay Sina-it idi nagbakasionnak dua lawasen ti napalabas. Nalaka man ketdi ta sangagasut laeng.

    “rhum” sa ti klasipikasion ti basi. Haan nga red wine.

  4. sistah says:

    Reed wine really is good for the heart. In fact,our family doctor advised us to drink a glass daily- no joke! And we do. Look at the French and Italians- they drink red wine all the time and they have the lowest rate of heart attack. So plant the unas!

  5. Constantine says:

    Sistah: Wen, kunadaman! Ket nag-ngina ti red wine, agbasi ak latta ngaruden ah, good for the heart pay, hehe!

  6. sistah says:

    Bro,amom gayam ti basi ket red wine! Di ba dilpat dilpatak diyay basi ni dad idi ket malagip ko ti ramanna. Red wine ah!

  7. Constantine says:

    JFI: Padasek to man met, makaramramanen nak ti naimas a basi.

  8. jfi says:

    naimas ti lakoda a basi dita. gimmatangak naminsan ket ama urayko la naitanguap ti maysa a bote

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