Yabang Pinoy!

In recent years, Baller ID Bands have become a symbol of many things. It started with NBA players as sports apparel made by Nike, Adidas and Reebok, among others, until it became part of youth fashion. It has then evolved into campaign materials for personal and social causes until the idea came into a Filipino mind but with a twist. Instead of using rubber, the brain behind “yabang pinoy band” made use of “abacca,” a native material which is abundant in the Philippines.


The “yabang pinoy band” it is not only a campaign to make use of “abacca” as a raw material but it is a part of a larger campaign to promote, patronize and use “Filipino” with the end purpose of being proud to be Pinoys!

I got mine a year ago and I am “yabang pinoy number 977.” I have been wearing it since then (it goes well with my barong!) and I had pleasure of explaining what it means every time someone notices it.

To know more about the yabang pinoy band, check their site at “Yabang Pinoy.”

Ipag yabang ang pagiging Pinoy!

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6 Responses to Yabang Pinoy!

  1. cliff says:

    nice blog and shots. Just wonderful to know that you are from Ilocos. Ilokano ak met, family root is from Ilocos Sur. keep it up.

  2. sistah says:

    wen kano kuna ni ron!(but for every hit is 100 pesos kano!) joke.
    dandani kasla tenngeden ah! L)L

  3. Constantine says:

    Dom Lawrence: You can check their website at the bottom of my entry. Btw, if you wish, give me your address and I can send you one 🙂

    Sistah: I hope Ron can visit us again. Btw, ask permission to feature his intarsia’s…soon…:)

    Anonymous: Awan sa pay eh. Kas-ano kallukmeg ta ankle mo aya? Kasla tennged mo? Kwentas nokuan a ti masapul mo! Hehe, joke laeng wen…:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Awan Yabang Pinoy nga anklet? medyou nalukmeg ti ankle ko a!

  5. sistah says:

    That would be a good ad for the Philippines. When my husband came there, he thought Philippines is a country worth seeing but advertising the country is down low. He had a lot to say about the country.

  6. Anonymous says:

    from dom lawrence,OSB:
    hey, gusto ko din magkaroon ng yabang band na yan- sana pag uwi ko sa january diyan sa manila ay magkaroon ako nyan- i would love to wear that-ipagyabang ko nga yan dito sa loob ng monasteryo hah!…saan ng ba ulit makakakuha nyan?.
    dom lawrence , OSB…

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