Iba ang Pusong Bedista!

From the success of the video I have uploaded on youtube, “San Beda Red Lions NCAA Champs’ Victory!”, I have uploaded another one; exactly the same clips but I have added some text clips, which I called “Iba Talaga and Pusong Bedista!”. I also added a sound clip by Johann Sebastian Bach; very amateur but I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Postcript: Immediately after the San Beda Red Lions won the NCAA Championship on 22 September 2006, I uploaded on youtube, the video I called “San Beda Red Lions NCAA 2006 Champs’ Victory”) that I have recorded from Studio 23. The purpose was to share it with (few) Bedans that I know, who did not have the luxury of time to witness the rare moments of victory. I never thought the response was so tremendous especially from the Bedan community. As of this writing, the video have already garnered four (4) honors on youtube (sports category) TODAY, (with emphasis on “today” because the turnover at youtube is very quick) is for most discussed,top-rated, most-viewed and top favorites, in less than two days after upload.

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4 Responses to Iba ang Pusong Bedista!

  1. Constantine says:

    Jonjon: Yan ang magic ng pagiging champion after 28 years! Hehe! Me mga susunod pa…Nawili?!

  2. Constantine says:

    Bong: Galing mo “online tutor” eh! Oo nga, usong-uso yata ONE POINT na talo or panal lately! Hehe!

  3. Boie..salamat talaga..kakatuwa..daming nag-aantay ng post niyan e..ikaw ang nauna..ayos..

    eto lasingan kahapon..sarap uminom..ginawa kong victory party celebration..hahaha..

    Bong- di bale..sa sususunod..im sure..kayo naman mananalo

  4. bong says:

    uy, me editing ng involved a … mukang pinag-aralan mo moviemaker a. nice! talo kami game 1, a real heartbreaker. huhuhu

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