Indian Yell: Bedistas’ Long Tradition

The original and raw video clip I have uploaded on youtube of the “San Beda Indian Yell” at halftime during the championship match of the NCAA is slowly picking up in hits.

I have uploaded three other edited versions of the video:
1. Edited with raw sound clip;
2. Edited with sound clip by The Dawn; and
3. Edited with sound clip by The Planets/Classical Graffiti.

I am uploading here my personal pick, the third one. Definitely not pro but hope you’ll enjoy it. Watch on:

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5 Responses to Indian Yell: Bedistas’ Long Tradition

  1. korinna korinna says:

    Hockey season is just about to start! go redlions go! mayat lattan ah! LOL

  2. Constantine says:

    Sistah: go red lions go! hehe!

  3. sistah says:

    though i was not there,i know the feeling.the excitement,the rush,the suspense! that’s exactly how i felt when my favorite hockey team was in the play offs…go Flames go!

  4. Constantine says:

    Earl: Thx for coming by. Bedans rock…ulit!!! Hehe!

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