UST Growling Tigers Wins UAAP 2006 in Overtime!

In this year’s season of the UAAP, there is no contention that the Ateneo Blue Eagle’s are, no doubt, the most formidable team in the league. From the start, they seemed to be very invincible and poised to become the next UAAP Champions until last night when the UST Growling Tiger’s played with all their hearts, and eventually proved many, including me, wrong. The Tigers won 76-74 in overtime!

I have recorded videos of the the last seconds of play in the “main game” and in “overtime” direct from a TV screen, which I have uploaded on Youtube. You may want to see it but be patient with the black streakes in the monitor; can’t do so much about it. Click link below to see the last actions before overtime and watch the “victory video” I have uploaded here.

“Last 24-seconds to Overtime!”

8:45 P.M./Today:

I posted my main entry (above) at 3:31 a.m. today, but as of this writing, (8:45 p.m.), the video I have uploaded on Youtube, “Last Minute to UST’s Victory” is slowly becoming a favorite.Here it is:

A heartbreaking loss for Ateneo Blue Eagles, but it’s over. There is another UAAP next season!

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5 Responses to UST Growling Tigers Wins UAAP 2006 in Overtime!

  1. Constantine says:

    Couldn’t have done without us? Talaga? 🙂 Ganyan sumuporta mga Bedista! Sagad! Hehe…:)–>

  2. bong says:

    thanks cons and jonjon for your support! couldn’t have done it without you! yehey! go lions and tigers!

  3. Constantine says:

    Oo nga e! Let’s see what happens next at the upcoming Champions League. Ateneo seeded first; second Beda; third Uste; fourth PCU.

  4. ito ang taon ng mga meow meow!


  5. korina korrina says:

    wo hoo!!! somebody won!

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